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his earlier its Linda and I asking if you're new to my channel it's the later on in today's video I will share my favorite childhood books of all times I was going through my shelves and I was like oh my god I want something light maybe there's some books for my childhood that I absolutely love I was like when I make a video about the favorites of all times the books that got me into reading the books that made me read even more and are still with me today so I will share them with you if you have them subscribe to my channel and please feel free to do so and if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up and now let's get on to the books so I read this woman her books mostly from the library so the book that I picked up is from Carrie say this is not the book that was my favorite dishes happened to be a book by her I got also a new book but you will see that I booked her that is coming up but I love this woman it is Clarice Leigh and she brought so many childhood books about kids who grow up with issues parents who are gonna separate problems at home alcoholism she about so many books with children who actually had issues that was the first time when I realized like whoa life is not just all fun and games like there is serious business out there and some kids might be smiling in class and then have this whole baggage of garbage going on on it harm it is something deaf been loving from her ever since I started reading her books she was so spot-on to make like grown-up issues understandable for young readers this year she turned 70 and that's why she's celebrating and all of her books that came out are now like being sold with a discount and I just absolutely love it I won't pick up any of the books because I picked up another book by her and we'll see it but I just really happy with her I know she said that authors but if you have a translated book from her I think it is amazing if you will pick it up especially for kids it is amazing her writing stuff is so easy to grasp on she does a fantastic job of taking you on the journey and just go through the book without even putting it down then I got wrote with the Big Friendly Giant in English but I got the Dutch version and we call it the shea fair you're probably like yeah yeah sure okay whatever but yes this book to me was just like this whole magical world that I stepped into and I was saying ah there are giant of course there are not Giants but my little self really believed it I absolutely love this I mean my mom read it to me when I went to bed but I also read it by myself because I was like I want to read it again I think I'm read this like four times I absolutely love this story and I love the movies they did inspired and based on his book next to this one I think like The Witches is one of my favorite Oh aunt Matilda is also by him right like yes when I was seven years old I also had to read this to our class because we had like the squatter before we went home for our lunch and then new I loved reading the new I love writing stories I was six when I wrote thriller story so don't ask me where I got it from but I always wanted to be an author and I loved to read out loud and they always choose me and be like uh you need to read so I read every single day and mostly it was wrong dog that I had to read to our class that another one of my favorites and he was at Comic Con but I was too scared to go to watch him because I had no books with me but we have powerful own and this is an author that really drawn me into like the scary part of books like it was about werewolves a guy who turned in a werewolf and I was super exciting at such a young age to be like oh my god that was like my first thing kind of weight like fantasy to read about someone who turns into something else and then they just have adventures that that even though they also I had to go to school to me was really intriguing and I absolutely loved it because I was like I have to go to school but I'll turn into a world overnight but I also want to escape this world because me are my problems I just we're still done in this world and just when I think about it weekends are so dramatic but I love every aspect of it and today like one of my great friends it first to a little girl and I'm just like so so happy and I'm gonna read her all the stories that I absolutely love and I can't wait I'm gonna take my books whenever she's ready to meet us I'm gonna spoil this new Torres in stories that I absolutely love sorry honey I'm gonna read all the stories third oh my god my heart is like melting for you and I picked up a book by Tina Caspari it's Romana and laughable it is about a girl who is getting a horse and she's goes on your knees and I just absolutely love stories about horses and pinky feet she's just I even brought on it like I wrote my name on it like why do you like I think this is something that I would still read to this day but it was about horses and a girl and I love everything about it even on Netflix when I just wanna watch something but I don't really want to be focused that's when I was like Heartland and all the other horse TV shows that I could just click on it just I loved it so much but I always thought don't get me wrong that riding horse was like such a white thing even though I wasn't raised my white parents like I was always like but I've never seen a colored girl why would I even try what would I bother but so my sister moved and where she lives they have horses and when I was younger I wasn't allowed to go into horses so I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna ask hey I always wrote here when I was a little girl am I going to be allowed to do that as a grownup as well because the people that live there have disabilities but they're also grownups so I see no reason or no way why they won't let me especially since I was always there when I was a little girl every freaking weekend we were there and I would always try and go at least see the horses or you asked if I couldn't write so I'm gonna ask them if I could do it again because it was a gold me in 2018 and I didn't do it I didn't I just absolutely think those animals are so magical and I really chose one they don't know words and you're right it then I'm not a one of my face it's or else that and we have bees and these are so amazing it is called goosebumps the Goosebumps series but we also have these little pockets and they're now like being sold for like 30 cent it is RL Stein he has the same initials as I do I just absolutely love his books every weekend there was a movie based on one of his books I absolutely loved it I was scared to death especially the one with the dog but I have so many of these pockets and I have like six of these goosebump books and my brother always read them and I was just like I want to read them I'm more like no probably just scary for you and I was like no I'm gonna read it and then I would you know and the crime you learn oh my god I wasn't scared because of the things I have any stories but I just I absolutely loved trill as when I was younger and especially because my mom was like no I think that's a really good idea I was like it is a really good idea so maybe that's one of the reasons why I got back into it because because of these little pockets I'm back into reading trailers and I'm loving trailers right now it's one of my favorite genre ever he's just one of my faith and if you haven't even met any of these books why are you even here you really should check out or else tiny it's just oh he's my favorite then we got Louise Rennison her book was also made into a movie with one of my favs of all time mr. Aaron he's just like so hot too bad he's married Angus thongs and full frontal snogging that one's the name of the movie and what this book is about this it's a diary form but it is so funny I get a book with these kids dramas that she's like wow this is not that big of a deal but then when you were this age you were like piss it's a big deal kasi talking about boys getting bad grades I just yeah I have such a big love for this series because she would always make me laugh it didn't matter where I was even in my bed boom my parents like you need to go to bed and I was like yeah sure I don't want to go to bed and I was like super excited to go to bed because I was like then I can read and I will be reading under the covers and laughing and then I would hear my parents stumble upon the stairs and be pretending to be sleeping what I always did by the way was like I had this Pluto on like this lease and then I would throw my Pluto over the bed like oh my god my stuffed animal fell when I was sleeping I'm pretending to be sleeping so my parents will tuck me in again and they always knew that I was not sleeping but they didn't say anything but when we when I got older I talked about it I was like did you guys know that I was like fake sleeping they were like are you being serious right now of course we do we we heard you're laughing and giggling all by yourself you think Ben you're sleeping in two seconds no girl we knew yeah I don't know the Cuba that's so many amazing surrounded by books connected to the books so yeah and I said it wrong in the beginning but this is basically like my favorite childhood authors that are the favorite books for my childhood because they wrote many different books but I'm all talking about the other two so this is my favorite author so I'm so sorry disclaimer and then affords the fame of all the face JK by laying with the Harry Potter series this woman is phenomenal she's amazing books are amazing I already told you in one of my videos what that world meant to me and how I brought into it in one of my reading flux but yeah I just have such an amazing experience with this book with the things around it with the people that I talk about it around it the things that I got to see an experience just because of this series it's just amazing and it will always have a special place in my heart I'm still a big fan to this day so yeah I just I don't know about you but I absolutely love this world and I won't be ever a moment in my life where Mike okay I'm done so yeah these were my favorite authors of my childhood and I'm just super curious what your favorite authors or books were from your childhood I know some of you will read it and I know some of you were not and you got into reading later on but if you were intervening when you were younger or maybe you've read one of the childhood books right now then please share it with me in a comment box down below some of you also do that through Instagram committee and that's also fine it doesn't matter I absolutely love interacting with you guys so share whatever you want to share with me the way you want to share it I hope you enjoyed if you liked it and please give it a thumbs up and I will see you in my next check it out

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  1. Horses are extraordinary animals. They are very special creatures. Your preferred authors during your childhood are a very interesting choice. Thank you for sharing this info. I always enjoy watching your vids!

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