Favorite novels

hello everyone now I would like to tell you about five my favorite novels from winter do you know it back when that is an online application in our writers and readers in it they are various writings ranging from short story Syria as the following our recommendation for bestseller books for adaptation that are created to be storage that will make you sad or happy and extra the first times and social sites Java is the work of a young writer named Azara Harriet Oh science and social science tells the life of miniature Indian River in different high school majors whether it's a myth or fact the nature of children science and social science is considered very oppisite they do not want to work with each other and really get along but not so missile and different student and student in this department are even involved in in romance not only River environment their love story was also interested in the presence of knowing more one of the most popular in ser a TV this novel tells about a love story that is so painful the beginning of reading this novel is a little confused and worried but after all the players are short character one by one then this novel is so adroitly and mixed it annoying for its profile it is a simple story with very smartly disparaging edges clipper fighting and also adept at hurting woman is to solve your excluded explanation of who they were product lattice but his arrogance is why pilita who always respond to her episode with a smile on managing her life without realizing the consequence then Mike hurt himself they were started to him to cut cut where police are confirming that because the door is to win a bet and her expectancy so guess very extraordinary nature well if that is prison as the name suggests they were in Regency confuse with the meaning of perfection efficiently so this novel is very recommended thank you I think it's all and thank you for watching

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