Fear | Spoken Word Poetry

I'm afraid of a lot of things I'm afraid of the dark of public speaking of dying alone of those awkward greetings where he goes for a handshake and I go for a knuckle bump and I end up looking like an absolute chump I'm afraid of looking dumb there's so much to overcome I'm afraid of being mugged but I'll never find she loves coming friends of my wife will wake up one morning and say she's had enough and that would be like one of those bombs that you find on the street corner disaster workers bare quarters you see no matter how old I get I can't seem to loosen the grip of fear for my lips I used to have a setter and a lisp my s's would sound like this you know so embarrassing even now the remnants of my stuttering lips play a much bigger emphasis on my life than I care to admit I can't thank you forget the nephew silent disc from the kids in middle school saying silly michael spit it out sounding like porky the pig with a sponge in his mouth so he have all the s syllables i would stumble over my word until I was just stop speaking so my stutter wouldn't be heard and I know that may sound absurd but I used to think that this this little dude bro swelled up the interviews for fear that stuttering what winners do I should tell girls that they can see some bigger you you can converse over dinner food without something foolish like mr. Magoo but one day guys that Michael's in your weakness my glory will shine through and I really know what happens it was definitely not for many of my actions by the holy spirit chemical reaction my centre would soon overcome this is for the one to see that no one notices these days are filled with hopelessness I make you perfect because the money's illusion is what is on the surface to the side is a David a little shepherd boy and make him King with no electronic Dorothy if you can you call a man a visitor the unbelieving ambassador of the gospel of nicodemus disciples then you are something we're not good enough to become the foundation of the tournament he's in your view but don't give up and don't count yourself out don't sell yourself short when you have the Spirit of the Lord because there's no one who can break you no one who can take you no one you can shake you good the one who created you it's bigger than all of that he's bigger than all your fears from all of those years ago tears are crying on your pillows from those years of wanting to be normal but God doesn't use those who are normal he uses those who are willing willing to be themselves to be you the individual not being you Pete the other from magazine models or Nicholas Sparks novels see you but uniquely dated doctor infected individual use one with experiences opinion to believe things that make you unique or share them your broken hearts wear them so what other critical remarks appear to in the arms like blogs where they hold is that from being you this truth to being you no matter what others might do stay true to being you because in your weakness God glory will shine through stay true to being you the world

38 thoughts on “Fear | Spoken Word Poetry

  1. This was great until religion got dragged into it once again… Shame…

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  3. Hey man loved your slam poetry!!! What camera did you use, I love the quality! Thanks:)

  4. the spoken poetry is superb ….though the background music makes it sound like a rap

  5. https://youtu.be/GWYn6Q0eR7E
    STAND OUT || spoken word
    Check out the vid and sub!!

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  7. I absolutely loved this. I know this is really unrelated, but did u do something to get rid of your stutter and lisp or did they go away naturally? I have both and I absolutely hate them.

  8. This is awesome!! You've earned a new subscriber. I too write poetry, I've got a bit of my writing on my channel. Slightly different in presentation, you're really inspiring me, this is great work brother. Thank you, you are a gift to this world. 💜

  9. Great work. I am inspired to be there the way only i can for complete strangers, but knowing "its supposed to feel like an unsettling risk" thats how i know this moment is carved out to live through like no one else can.

  10. Y’all should check out Clayton Jennings. He’s inspirational.

  11. I posted my first spoken word poem video on my channel.
    It is about the Greek Gods. Check it out if you're interested. ;D

  12. Can I get the scipt of this spoken poetry for our school project

  13. Check out POET LAVOTIONS latest poem my black is mine here https://youtu.be/JTvfJzaXzw0

  14. hi Micheal! Your poetry has moved me and inspired me somehow. keep on being the magnificent person you are!
    love from Malaysia!

  15. Hey, Amazing, I too make such creative videos, Can't wait to see your feedback on it 😀 much love …

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