Feasting By Joseph O. Legaspi

feasting by Joseph Oh Legaspi be tog ce qui or Philippines three women dragged the spiky bulky mass onto a bamboo table on the side of an island road a raised hunting knife glinted in the sunlight then plunged with a breathless gasp slicing into the unseen to a passerby they were a curious wall a swarm of onlookers barrio children and younger woman buzzing with a rising gleeful cadence as a mother busied herself with the butchering surprisingly a citrusy sugary scent sweet in the strangers face when offered the yellow flesh like thickened petals licorice to the touch he stood odd at the monstrous jackfruit bloodless armadillo halved quartered sectioned off for feasting his tongue tingle dryly this country is foreign to me he continued but I'm not foreign to it

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