Female author for The Good Men Project leads men astray with terrible relationship advice

sup guys its remand on 'van sharp and welcome to the 470 third edition of TSR live your daily dose of red felt truth wisdom and awareness it is Monday June 24th 2019 it's good to have you guys in we are streaming live to YouTube Facebook and Twitter so wherever you are watching however you are accessing the show thank you for making the sharp reality live a part of your daily routine let's get right to it here guys so I found an article on the good men project and of course anyone who's familiar with the good men project know knows that that's exactly what it is the good men project it turns men's into what Rollo Tomassi likes to call betas in waiting they give advice to men had on how to be more attractive to women how to how to get more women how to be a better partner which we all know absolutely does the opposite if here's what it comes down to if you take advice from websites like the good men project you will most assuredly fail and one of the main reasons why the good men project is not really a good website for men is because they have female authors right there's also another website called The Art of Manliness and I think that's run by a guy and his wife same thing I mean I don't know I just don't understand how it is that women think that they can tell men how to be men when in actuality they know that we it's almost like guys guys putting on like a seminar all right women how to get through pregnancy we're not qualified to tell women how to get through pregnancy now men on the other hand we are we are very capable of telling women how to be women because as we all know nobody should take relationship advice from women not even women so let's just go ahead and get right to this let me let me go ahead and bring up the article and of course we're going to do this in the customary Donovan Sharpe way I'm gonna read the article that I'm going to give my commentary so this particular article is written by Colleen Thomas so again the good men project author Colleen Thomas the article is entitled 8 things to remember if you are looking for a loyal woman let me jump down here and get this started trying to get rid of all these ads here I hate when they do this so she says quote as a single woman in her 30s the dynamics of dating in the new urban scene are confusing by mid to late 30s most of us who date and live in diverse urban cities are pretty self-aware and financially independent yet we continue to date casually while insisting we are genuinely looking for a partner who is marriage material the truth is she says we find refuge from vulnerability in casual undefined relationships that boast no expectations yet and our deeper desire to known and be known by another we unfairly apply rules of commitment to casual romances we want honesty without making promises we want respect without integrity and we want loyalty without commitment no sweetheart women want honesty without making promises women want respect without integrity women want soil tea without commitment as men we want women we we want to be honest with our women we really do we want to respect our women and we want our women to be loyal but we given that up for free y'all men of value men with options require women to show that they are the ones that are we require women to prove themselves first we require women to show that they are honest first we require women to show that they are worthy of respect we require women to show that they can be loyal women expect these things for free just because they're women and it does not work that way as men we never want something for nothing at least not real men anyway if you're a man you want something for nothing then you're not a real man we understand the simple concept of sequence and consequence if we want something we understand that there is a price to be paid but not women oh no uh-huh women want us to be honest with them while they lie to us they want ours Beck while not being worthy of our respect and they want us to be loyal even though they're sleeping with five other guys so she continued so she says to our credit at least we know what we want having a clear understanding of what you're looking for in a partner is a good foundation for for building a relationship but assessing important characteristics of a person while casually dating is almost impossible even Chris Brown is struggling to make sense of it what he wants loyalty in a woman but is but is disappointed to find these hoes ain't loyal his frustration sets the stage for a much deeper conversation about how we go on about how we go finding qualities and a person that can ultimately sustain a relationship because why should a ho be loyal when there's no commitment first of all what's this woman's name first of all miss Thomas Chris Brown Chris Brown has never been accused of wanting a long-term relationship with a woman like for serious you're gonna compare the moderate you're you're gonna compare a man who is looking for a relationship of consequence with Chris Brown Chris Brown ain't looking for a relationship he's not looking for a long-term relationship now that being said yeah he's right these hoes ain't loyal but let me go back to what she said earlier and to our credit at least we know what we want what so because you owned the fact that you want something for nothing we were just supposed to be okay with that well she said she wants a man of value without having to do anything for it but at least she owns it no sweetie owning your baggage doesn't magically make the baggage disappear wanting a good relationship with a man of value without having to prove yourself doesn't mean you're not the typical freeloading woman who thinks she deserves the best of everything because she has two x-chromosomes then she asked well why should a ho be loyal because why should a ho be loyal if there is no commitment ah let me answer that question because women need commitment a hell of a lot more than men do you see this is where females go wrong with their mindsets and I see this all the time men just because a man wants to sleep with you doesn't mean he wants to commit to you he really wants to sleep with me does not equal he really wants to commit to me at least not with men who are worth a damn basic dudes low-value guys sure right listen those guys get the they get a little bit of booty they're ready to put a ring on it but those guys those low value guys they're not used to having many options so they jump at the chance to commit to anything that lets it have sex with him but men with options aren't thinking about commitment just because she opens her legs women need men more than men need women we need each other there's no question about that but women need us a hell of a lot more than we need them than we need them but they're too dumb to figure it out even though high-value men are passing them around leaving them wondering why don't these guys commit so to answer her question why should a woman who sleeps around be loyal and there's no commitment he's because she needs that commitment a lot more than he needs her and she needs to prove that she can be loyal in order to get that commitment that's how it works we T the sooner women understand that or rather the sooner women understand that they have to prove themselves to men with options first the better off they will be let's continue she says by definition loyalty is is quote to be faithful or devoted to someone or something casual dating then can't possibly provide a healthy framework for a woman to be loyal to a man or vice versa loyalty implies that some commitment to being faithful or devoted has been established she says loyalty has different implications in our new urban context this is it's so funny I love it when black women compare black they think black love is different from white love or but they think that black love is somehow different or special no again the hardware is all different we all come in different colors shapes races and sizes the software is all the same just because listen okay oh okay there are cultural differences you know in a relationship between a white man and a white woman then there are between a black man in a black woman guess what white women black women both hi pergamus white men and black women lower white wynt white men and black men like women who are fit and beautiful anyway anyway in our new is so she continues it has synonymous with quote having somebody's back in the early 2000s when Beyonce dropped her first solo single crazy and love featuring her now husband jay-z they became the prototype for the new urban love story and her album aptly entitled Dangerously in Love redefined our ideas about what it means for a woman to have a man's back in urban culture Beyonce Beyonce was America's pop sweetheart who fell for the king of the streets and has become the ultimate ride-or-die chick she was strong independent and proved that now even good suburban berhad girls could or should have been loyal to the game hip-hop introduced inner-city culture to the dating game let's go back to having someone's back here here's she's trying to blur the definitions loyalty in the streets is not the same as loyalty in a relationship she's trying to what she's what she's trying to do she's trying to muddy the waters here with hip with with a hip-hop analogy and men who know what's up they're not buying that then of course she talks about against you like you know defending people you know no sweetheart loyalty in a relationship is not having sex with people who are not your boyfriend or husband it is as simple as that that's it females always try to make black they always try to make black and white definitions nebulous so they so that they can get away with bad behavior well you slept with Kevin in sales right or you say you slept with Kevin and sales I thought you were loyal I am loyal but I can show loyalty in so many different ways she says you know um let me go back to she okay so she's talking about jay-z and Beyonce i jay-z and Beyonce she see this is the problem with black women they're using an atypical relationship as the standard no jay-z and Beyonce's relationship is not is unlike any other relationship out there they have a combined net worth of almost one and a half billion dollars that relationship is going to be a little bit different from the everyday brother in the everyday sister something we should all strive to be like jay-z and Beyonce okay fine but you got to have a net worth of at least a billion and a half first get out of here with that that's dude these are unrealistic expectations and this is where black women fall short as they compare their relationships there you got a you got a lot of black women who are a good solid relationships with good black men but they're continually confused can get continuously dissatisfied because they're comparing their relationship to jay-z and Beyonce jay-z and Beyonce do not have a typical relationship they have an atypical relationship it's ridiculous she continues even if the streets didn't quote make you if you're in your 30s today hip-hop music most certainly shaped you the quote new Urbanus very is very often much like Beyonce never having seen the streets a day in her life but influenced by their values nonetheless nevertheless the realities and conditions of urban dating in your 30s are tough and you didn't have to grow up in the inner city to feel the burden there's a scarcity always the threat of insecurity loyalty isn't just about being devoted to someone it's about somebody being there for you when everyone and everything is seemingly against you the new urban man wants loyalty and Trust the way new urban women wants love and affection we withhold one from a nut we withhold from one another the very things we desire the most so she says we want a woman who has his back okay listen she's 100 percent correct there except for one thing we only want commitment if a female is worth committing to only men of low value only men who are marginal commit right away only men who have few to no options need a woman's commitment men with options we want commitment to but we want it we don't need it a woman's commitment is like a Lamborghini it elevates our lives but it's not necessary miss Thomas here is characterizing a woman's commitment as a man's Holy Grail when in actuality it is the females Holy Grail again this is inverse projection guys she knows women need commitment to validate their entire existence so she assumes that men do too and she's wrong about that she doesn't know she's wrong and that's why she's single and childless well how do you know she's single and childless I'm glad you asked let me show these pictures here of MS Colleen Thomas this is what Colleen Thomas looks like you see that absolutely single and childless and let's take a look at her I actually found her on Twitter so she's at kalim a classic mystic gypsy woman translations single childless unstable female this chick tries to come off as some mystical enlightened Sade sage of Zen wisdom and peace dude this chick is as basic as a box of Oreo cookies and not the Double Stuf kind listen this is what the good man project or the good men project has writing for them their slogan is the conversation no one else is having no no this is the conversation everybody is happening is having their the typical feminist inspired social justice warrior blog masquerading as the one beacon of truth and masculinity look at this about Colleen Thomas this is so funny this is so try-hard I love it when women try to just they think that they're just so much more they try to come off as spiritually above everybody Colleen Thomas is a theologian singer television producer and general lover of souls she lives in Venice Beach California because she thinks it's easier to see God when the Sun sets over the ocean oh my god like are you serious like this again this chick is his bait this chick is as basic as a cardboard box there's nothing mystical or or or or magical about you Jesus Christ all right so let's hit the she actually has eight of these particulars so again the article is eight eight things to remember when looking for a loyal female when looking for a loyalty and a woman forgive me for this snafu here we go here we go I'm just gonna get them and get through all the nonsense number one let's go ahead and get to it number one retires a phrase these hoes ain't loyal you cannot make a case for or against a woman's display of loyalty towards you unless you've asked for her loyalty no self-respecting woman of honor or substance should ever pledge her loyalty and allegiance to a man exclusively hasn't asked her to what she says what she just said there gentleman has a positively nothing to do with the title of number one we ain't retire in that phrase because these hoes ain't loyal that's what this is listen they never have been and they never will be what she is at what she is advising men to do here is ask for commitment and loyalty first on its face it seems pretty harmless right I mean if you want a woman's loyalty just ask for it here's the problem and I've talked about this before when you angle for commitment first meaning you ask a woman for commitment before she asked you you lose the ability to set boundaries and expectations when you ask a woman for commitment and loyalty you are telling her in no uncertain terms that she has done enough to warrant your commitment you're telling her that there is no more she needs to do to earn your commitment and loyalty Miz Thomas knows this and so do women don't get it twisted they know this this is why they try to wait you out because when you say hey would you like to be my girl they jump on it they're like sure and they're all excited about it because they know you can't set expectations or boundaries and here's how this goes he's a hey Giovanna I want you to be my girl she says okay then you say awesome no texting your ex no girls night out and no social media she's gonna be like huh you asked me to be your girl not the other way around and Giovanna would be right you committed first which means you relinquish the right to make any demands and if you're still confused think of it this way when an athlete is negotiating a contract he says okay mr. owner I will play for I will play for you for 20 million a year if the owner says okay player you've got a deal you can't say okay great I also want used to the penthouse a new Lamborghini and an extra five million dollar roster bonus the owners gonna say wait you already said you'd play for us at 20 million per I agree to that you can't just add things and the owner would be right when the athletes said I will play for you at 20 million dollars a year that was a commitment and commitments are static meaning they can't be changed once you make it when you ask a woman for her commitment first and she accepts you are no longer in position to make demands because you've told her that she has met all of the requirements necessary for your commitment this is what you wait for her to ask for yours first so you can tell her well here's what's required for my commitment and then you can tell her what your requirements are Miss Thomas knows this and that's why she's telling men that no woman of substance should ever pledge loyalty and allegiance to a man who hasn't asked it for who who hasn't asked it who hasn't asked for it first she is literally advising men to relinquish their leverage so that women can relax get fat and stop putting out nice try sweetie if you like my content like comment subscribe and share my channel does not grow without you guys sharing my videos so text your friends your buddies bless us on Facebook Twitter Instagram get the word out guys make sure you sign up for my newsletter to stay in the know on all things Donovan Sharpe and if you have a show 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woman to be loyal to you is an expectation and if you have expectations of woman she's going to have expectations of you and you have to be willing to honor her expectations in return she's actually onto something here without really knowing it she's right women absolutely have expectations of us they expect us to be strong they expect us to be masculine they expect us to take care of ourselves they expect us to protect them from their selves they expect us to be men men of value are easy to spot and women know this and when they do they know we need all of their expectations they don't have to tell us they don't have to tell us what their expectations are we already know if a woman has to tell you what she expects then you're not a man of value period so to be honest I don't really have any argument with this one I don't know what that has to do with playing fair but whatever number three look for the other ways your potential partner exhibits loyalty in her life oh here we go is she faithful to God family friends work which means you actually have to get to know her outside of a bed outside of a bed and outside of just the two of you going out together in your world you have to enter into her world she says and see how she functions in other relationships and settings if you want her loyalty someday at least commit to making your presence in her life known some times first off women ain't faithful to God they are faithful to whatever the strongest men are faithful to look at Charlie Manson David Koresh the the the Jonestown guy right secondly women are not faithful to their friends women are faithful to themselves now this doesn't make them good or bad it makes them women this is who they are third as a man you ain't entering into any woman's world to see a damn thing she needs to enter your world to show you that she can be faithful to you in your world just because she appears to be faithful to God or faithful to her friends or faithful to her family or work or or or work cohorts does not mean she'll be faithful to you Oh trust and believe oh look Shelly's a god-fearing women she's loyal to her friends and family so she must be a loyal she must be a loyal woman that's a negative ghostrider a woman is only as faithful as her mission dictate never forget that this is why she needs to show you that she can be faithful to you in your world Gladys Knight said it best in midnight train to Georgia I'd rather live in his world than live without him in mind and every woman without exception feels exactly the same way number four oh this is a funny one this is a funny one no testing oh I love this this is great she says quote if you're withholding commitment and keeping a woman under an evaluation period until she proves her word to you that's called a test and if you aren't clear with her about what you're testing her on that's actually more like a pop quiz nobody like pop quizzes in high school she says nobody needs them in dating uh yeah that's exactly why it's called a test if you aren't clear with her about what you're testing her on uh yeah sweetie that's how it works what she's doing here guys it's the equivalent of telling a girl what the right answer is and then asking the question okay Laura I'm gonna try to sleep with you tonight but if you want me to ask you out on a second date if you want me to take you seriously that's a pension as a potential long-term mate don't let it happen don't let me sleep with you the reason for this Laura is because if you let me have sex with you on the first date it automatically disqualifies you for a long-term relationship with me because I don't know that you are promiscuous and have done this many times before so make sure you just say no when I try okay get outta here with that are you serious with this no testing so I guess this goes both ways then right so so so women aren't gonna test us either right so when we walk up and approach a woman they're gonna tell us okay I'm gonna tell you I have a boyfriend that I really don't I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that he is not invited then hand me your phone and say save my number is Rachel so your boyfriend doesn't find out because if you don't I will no you're just a fake pick-up artist and not really the confident man you've presented yourself to be so be ready so girls are gonna do that for us right nobody likes pop quizzes in high school in high school but uh Colleen dating ain't like high school at least it's not for men and the fact that she compared this to high school shows that women never grow women grow old they never go up women prove to us all the time they never grow up women are stuck in high school I'll say this all the time women stop listen female stop maturing when they learned that men want to have sex with them the maturation process restarts itself when those same men start to turn their turn their attention elsewhere that's how this goes then she says pop quizzes are wait a minute oh so here's the deal right pop quizzes and dating with real-life consequences miss Thomas are two very different things and trying to conflate the two it's typical female logic which isn't logic at all Colleen is she listen Colleen is trying to discourage men from testing women you want to know why because she knows most women will fail miserably I guess I'd say the same thing if I were a woman do number-5 she says no wait a minute she says dating for love or loyalty is not a street game no quote one wrong move and she gets whacked this isn't Scarface you can't expect unconditional love from a woman without practicing it yourself your mistakes don't make you a failure hers don't either unconditional love of course check this out man miss Thomas here knows that women are utterly incapable of loving a man unconditionally she knows that she knows that women can't even reciprocate what they believe to be unconditional love from a man yet here she is telling men that he needs to love her unconditionally to get the Holy Grail that is female loyalty this is what women are doing to Men guys they're telling you that if you do something for a woman she will reciprocate in kind and they know damn well that ain't true they know it's not true unconditional love is both a myth and a dangerous expectation it is bad for both men and women with regards to the mistakes making you a failure this again is her conflating men and women men and women are different guys I say this all the time women seem to not want to admit that sexual attraction is asymmetrical it is not symmetrical the things that make us attractive to women are not the same things that make women attractive to us in the same vein a man's mistakes are not equal to a woman's mistakes and I'll give you a few examples cheating let's just hit the big one cheating a man who cheats is forgiven by his woman much more frequently than a woman who cheats on him and we see this all the time if a girl is out with a guy and she finds out he cheated on her last boyfriend she's not turned off by that that's a mistake yeah but she's not worried about that you flip the script if a man finds out a woman cheated on her last boyfriend he's like whoa uh-huh don't want that to happen to me here's another one a man who has two baby mamas is not as unattractive as a woman who's got two baby daddies a man who has a criminal record is more arousing than a female who has a criminal record guys I could go on forever but a man's mistakes don't hurt him nearly as much on the dating market as a woman's now legally in the real world men we pay for our mistakes a lot more and a lot more severely than females do but not on the dating market a man's red flags make him attractive a woman's red flags make her radioactive is this fair probably not but life ain't fair deal with it ladies number six no woman is flawless not even Beyonce so you can tell that she already worships Beyonce not even Beyonce she says I'm sure she gets on Jays nerves sometimes too it's sweet that men like to praise and compliment women but it also delays reality if you approach a woman expecting to meet her flaws you'll be disappointed when they show up and you'll probably find you still like her anyway you know it's funny that she thinks men think Beyonce is flawless I don't know I guess if you're into thirty-seven-year-old you know post wall black women okay whatever fine but what she is doing here she is displaying her female nature oh it's so sweet that you'd like to praise and compliment me but uh we're not flawless I come with flaws but then in the same breath show moan and groan about well he never complements me never praise him he doesn't appreciate me dude women though women never know what the only woman unbelievable number seven no risk no reward love is a risky business she says because women are human just like other humans you know your mother your father your brother your cousins they will disappoint you at one time or another but that doesn't mean they aren't loyal it means they have issues just like you as we get older she says it experience more rejections and let downs in love willingly setting ourselves up for taking that risk again for love takes great courage women are human she says translation her humanity gives her a free pass and an excuse for her bad behavior you cheated on me you can't blame me I'm only human your family disappointing you is not the same as your girlfriend or wife disappointing you women always try to compare themselves to other people who get an automatic pass your family gets a pass because they're your family a woman you're dating is not your family them disappointing you is not the same and again with the issues and the baggage and the red flags not the same a man's issues make him attractive and a female's issues do not she keeps trying to conflate men and women every woman does this finally number eight she says trust your instincts if you like a woman a lot see potential in her it's clear that she has a good heart just ask her to give you a chance it worked in high school didn't it you asked she says yes or no worst case scenario you break up one day but at least you had a great time with a great girl and most likely you've become a better man for the next woman who comes along are you kidding me with this like for serious like like did she actually really like did she act did she do this on purpose first off just because she has a good heart doesn't mean she's gonna be good to you guys I've been cheated on women who are genuinely good people one dude one girl cheated on me she had a soft spot for homeless people sweetest girl in the world another old cheated on me used to buy groceries for the elderly lady who lived next door because her disability wouldn't cover it guys as sweet as this is this didn't stop them from being women this didn't stop him from running around she'll be the world's greatest human and she'll still sleep around while she's in a relationship don't get it twisted secondly here she goes again with men asking for a woman's commitment ask her to give you a chance gentlemen if your value is high enough she will ask you to give her a chance not the other way around and here we go at the high school thing again newsflash Colleen the real world a high school no matter how much you want to believe it is well it worked in high school it'll work now well nobody likes pop quizzes in high school nobody likes it now you know what you want to know something Colleen Thomas has not been attractive since she was in high school that's why she keeps comparing everything to high school then she goes with this worst-case scenario at least you had a good you break up and at least you had a good time let me give you the likely scenario okay girl meets guy guy asks girl to give him a chance she gleefully accepts after a few months she gets bored with guy start sleeping with Dave the unemployed guitar the unemployed guitar GarageBand player who may or may not be here illegally from Canada guy finds out she apologizes to never do it again continues to sleep with Dave and finally puts him out of his misery when she monkey branches today but hey he had a great time with a great girl and you're a better you're a better man for the woman who will do literally the same thing with one difference instead David his best friend this dude named Kevin who works in a sales department gentlemen this is why we can never let women into male spaces I'm not sure how the good man projects started out here but I'd like to think that it was a group of guys who just wanted to launch a website that taught men how to be better men but like everything else it's been infiltrated and subsequently corrupted by women advising men to do the things that literally encourage women to be the worst girlfriends and wives they can possibly be under the guise of advice guys do yourselves a favor and never ever take relationship advice from women you'll thank me later thanks for watching guys I will see my patrons tonight at 6:30 you you

47 thoughts on “Female author for The Good Men Project leads men astray with terrible relationship advice

  1. Retire the phrase “These hoes ain’t loyal”? Fine…New phrase..You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

  2. They think that being a feminist and social justice warrior makes them attractive. These women are only deluding themselves if they believe that.

  3. Stupid woman. Comparing the standard relationship with that of these paid to be together (false) diols (Freemason puppets)! What an idiot. No chance!!!!!! Roast that thot!

  4. I may take a woman's advice on cooking, I may take a board game suggestion from a woman, and I might even take a woman's movie recommendation. What I won't do is listen and heed the advice of a woman over my dating life. Considering the top reason women divorce a husband over is boredom. No, I don't listen to women on dating or marriage.

  5. Why does the good men project have a female writer? There are plenty of other websites with women telling men how to feel.

  6. #1-Do not ask for loyalty, either you do not expect it or you demand it. Both have consequences, if you do not expect loyalty then you also will not grow any real feelings, if you demand loyalty then if she betrays that loyalty you must leave immediately and never return. It is a good idea to inform her of these consequences while moving forward with your relationship so that she can not fain ignorance.
    #2-Do not always expect a woman to tell you what she expects of you and do not always expect that she knows what she really wants. She might, and probably will, tell you what she wants but really mean something completely different. She will not come right out and say something, she will instead hint at it and expect a man to figure out what it is without being told. Most women expect that if you love them then you will understand them and what they want even if they do not know themselves. Set boundaries, figure out what you think would be best for her after you get to know her a bit, challenge her if she does something wrong, and if you can not get along then leave. Do not try to force her, if she is unwilling to change her bad behavior and habits then she is not the right person for you.
    #3-Getting to know a woman in her own setting will help you better understand that woman but ultimately has nothing to do with your relationship to each other. If you are religious and she is not then as long as your beliefs are not diminished by her and you are okay being with a woman who does not believe as you do then there is no issue. The same works the other way around. Love is about accepting the other person warts and all, if there is something about the other person that you can not accept and they are unwilling to change it is best to leave that relationship.
    #4-Women are the queens of shit testing. They will test you at any time. Do not allow the test, if you notice that they are testing you call it out and demand it stop. You do not have to angry, just assertive. If a woman can not help themselves and continues to test you after your warnings then it is probably time to look elsewhere. Most women want to feel as safe as they did with their fathers when they were little, so it usually falls on a man to be at least as strong and commanding as her father was.
    #5-No one can love unconditionally, period. The most you can hope for is someone who accepts you and tries to understand you. As a man, take charge of the relationship, set boundaries as well as rules for her and yourself, and enforce those rules no matter what. Do not let emotional manipulation or lust deter you from doing what is right in your relationship.
    #6-Always compliment women but ONLY if you mean it! If a woman has done something well praise her, if she has made herself look good for you then tell her you appreciate it. If you are not good at noticing things or compliments then let her know that is not something she will get with you. If she can not accept that about you then cut ties and move on.
    #7-Disappointment and betrayal are very different. A woman can disappoint you and you can forgive that but if she betrays you then how are you supposed to ever truly trust her again? This woman mentions that now that she is older, and the chance of rejection is higher, approaching the opposite sex is much harder. Most men will have gone through considerably more rejection, on many social levels, by the time they are 25 then by the time a mildly attractive woman has hit 50.
    #8-If you find a woman that you like then get to know her a little and make sure that you actually want to date her before bothering to ask her out. If you find you do like her and still want to date her then go for it. Do not expect anything from the asking though, if she likes you she might say yes or she might say no to string you along for awhile since most women like to be chased. I suggest that you ask once and if she says no, leave it at that and do not ask again. Look somewhere else. If she says yes then I would suggest letting her know most of the bad things about being with you so that there is no confusion as to why you "changed so much" since you first started dating. If she likes you at your worst then she deserves you at your best. Be honest and let her know that you expect the same from her. Lead by example. If you have rules about being in a relationship then lay them out for her. You do not have to overwhelm her on the first date but keep these things in mind as you progress.

  7. Here's a better idea

    Guys, stay single and free!
    You're money is yours 🤠

  8. FALSE: commitments CAN be changed. Its called compromise and being considerate of your partner

  9. If it worked in high school the guy wpuldnt be single dumbass

  10. I've known 1 loyal woman in my life she was traditional, absolutely stunning and a stay at home mom, food was always on the table when I walked in the door and NEVER said no to sex we were married for 10 wonderful years and she gave me 4 wonderful boys, unfortunately, she died of breast cancer. My mistake was to go looking for what I had lost, after 20 more years of looking and 2 more marriages I can honestly say, the only women I have found are about as loyal as a cat in heat. Oh, shit no testing women always shit test.

  11. Look she probably preaches at the church of Beyonce. Thats fine her and her hoes can worship there. Ill just go spend my sudays at the gun shops!

  12. "I want a good man who will treat me with respect, share all that he has with me, be a good provider, treat me as an equal partner in a loving and committed relationship." "Now let me go and sleep with some major league jerk who I am really attracted too."

  13. Making a lot of sense on this one. But this dumb hoe might not know it, though you think she does, because they don't do much thinking and aren't very bright.

  14. Great video Donovan! The main thing I admire about you is that your space has NOT been contaminated by women!

  15. in short always the same crap except the lie has a different shape. will they ever learn? (no. that's why this society , any societies, are doomed from the start)

  16. Whats with people using god as an excuse for their bad actions one good thing about not being a bible thumper from the states

  17. Wait their are loyal women out their. Lol. Maybe thw author has not heard of hypergamy.

  18. What about my Mom? Is it ok to take relationship advice from her?

  19. "… advises Men to pursue women who haven't shown loyalty to commit to them first BEFORE they show loyalty." That's at best confusing. YOU have too many undefined antecedents. Who is who", who is "them" and who is "they"??

  20. No intelligent man is going to listen to some chubette about relationships.

  21. all those books, articles etc. from women are just one big shi* test

  22. So after she's thrown away her prime youth years as a pass around com dump for jerks, jackasses and felons, over-the-hill women need a marriage dupe with resources! So much for the so called "Good Men Project"! Sorry! Captain Save-a-Hoe has resigned his commission and abandoned ship!

  23. WASP
    Women Are Stupid People.
    Never take advice from a woman.
    They are devoid of logic

  24. IF you think islam is better, realise that they have lynchings and stonings to death for adultery. Yet they still choose to cheat. Honor killings are very common, especially in islamic countries. Yet they say white guys doing a double murder suicide on their cheating wife is the greatest tragedy and stereotype.

  25. It's amazing how women will look at the entertainment industry (music, television, magazines) as being a proper template for making important life decisions. They really are just like children in so many ways…

  26. A woman laying down a "no test" rule ?? that's so hilarious spoken from the sex who mastered the shit test

  27. Been here since u were talkin about Darcy in your first videos but man u need to up the Audio its hard to hear u

  28. If that's Rollo Tomassi in the picture behind you, just keep in mind that he may have betrayed 21 Studios by telling a female journalist about the last convention. It's possible he may have put a lot of men lives in danger.

  29. …Chris Brown…Jay Z
    …She wants to be queen of the ghetto with the mythical six figure simping Tyrone Thundercock.

  30. that`s what happen when people think men and women are equal
    they think what attracts them in a men is what men get attracted by in a woman lol

  31. Women are ONLY loyal to their blood children. Prove me wrong.

  32. i don't think eitheir gender was designed for monagomy and the only time monagomy works is when both parties involved in the relationship have a low sex drive which is why i prefer open relationships the other reason is most people cheat im not sayin i ever have but most people do

  33. great video lotta good points in the video ill start with how i feel about getting game from chicks on how to deal with chicks overall i wouldn't do it unless it's female relatives who have game and even then ya gotta scan everything chicks say for viruses the only other exception to that general rule of thumb is chicks out here who give objective game to cats but once again you still gotta scan it for viruses and i know chicks that do what you do and give good game it's not on the same level as cats in the dating game but the thorough and honest ones i think give better game socially in terms of understanding female nature at least now going back to your point on be a high value male and not choice raping chicks i wouldn't even choice rape them in terms of expectations because i noticed that when you don't choice rape chicks it's not a guarantee that they'll do what you want but it's alot more likely that they'll do what you want when your very permissive and democratic in how you deal with chicks

  34. @30:13 The women with a good heart thing is nice…We do definitely want that in our future mother of our children, but a woman who is too good-natured and nice and doesn't know how to say no is a problem. When you talked about being cheated on by those nice girls, I know exactly what you're talking about. The women didn't cheat on me, but they were too kind and nice in their hearts, that they had a hard time believing when I warned them about men who wanted to get in their pants. And when you're dealing with a woman who doesn't know how to say no, I just can't trust that. Because it's easy for someone to take advantage of them, and then they'll come crying, apologizing. Because essentially, they lacked strength.

  35. Am i confused or something,
    Beyonce is "dangerously in love" with a billionaire
    Yea that's believable
    She's "in love" with the fact that she has the highest value black man on the market

  36. So all of her advice for men are things that make dating easier for low quality women.

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