Female writer says her "number" makes Men insecure

what's up guys that your man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 468 edition of TSR live your daily dose of brett Pill truth wisdom and awareness it is Monday June 17th 2019 good to have you guys in here on a Monday let's go and get right to it I usually pick on ami Horton I call her ami the cautionary tale Horton because she's the cautionary tale in terms of the life you live after you sleep around in your party here's your 20s ami Horton has written a series of articles that display sort of regret and letting the world know that hey maybe sleeping around in my 20s wasn't such a good idea and she's reaping the consequences but it appears that just about every author for bold and that's bol de has a high body count and this one's name is ASEAN attempt at heart which is obviously a pen name just like Aimee Orton Rollo Tomassi donovan sharp so I get that now the website bold has a few interesting categories single as fuck tough love what's the deal when you just can't anymore and LGBT so you already know what kind of website this is now these websites are highly highly influential which is why girls are so lost these days so it is my job to break this stuff down and hope that females see these kinds of videos and maybe give some credence to it I'm not gonna hold my breath because listen girls are never going to admit that the sleeping around lifestyle the carousel riding is wrong as you'll see here when I point this stuff out anyway it appears that misstep in heart is either younger than Amy Horton or just more stubborn than Amy because she doesn't appear to be regretful of sleeping with a lot of guys at least not yet she actually seems proud of it like as all girls are in their 20s so let's go ahead and get started here I'm gonna do this in the typical donovan sharp manner I'm going to read the article then I will give my take on it so it's 15 lessons I've learned from sleeping around so right off the bat you know what kind of woman she is by uh see on the tip and heart in the beginning she says quote I'll admit it I've had sex with a lot of different partners I used to be ashamed of it but now I own it but who gives a crap sleeping around is not only giving me plenty of orgasms but it has also taught me a whole lot about guys and sex that I wouldn't have known otherwise so it's almost like you know it's funny as though learning about guys and sex was a surprising side effect to having slept around right oh I'm sleeping around taught me so much about guys and sex I wouldn't have known otherwise this is bad writing like this is again this is all clickbait right this is clickbait I mean girls are gonna read this and they're gonna actually give creams to this just because you know bold is a big website but let's break this down here so I used to be ashamed of it she used to be ashamed of sleeping around on the step-in heart that is your fee that is your feminine instinct telling you that sleeping around was wrong but you hit your point of emotional sexual demarcation and you realize two things number one you can't pair bond and number two you've done shameless things with shameless guys for so long that having a high notch count isn't really as bad as the unspeakable things you've done with men during sex over the years she says I've had plenty of orgasms guys girls love bragging about this so here's the thing guys sleeping with a lot of men makes or sleeping with a lot of women rather makes guys attractive and women use what I call inverse projection in this regard they say okay well sleeping with a lot of women makes me more sexually attractive to men so sleeping with a lot of guys much mate must make me more sexually attractive right no that's not the way it works sexual sexual attraction is not symmetrical the things that make us attractive to women are not the things that make women attractive to us it's just that simple then she says well I've had a lot of orgasms guys that's not attractive any girl who says well I've had a lot of orgasms in my life guys listen man dudes don't commit to girls like ASEAN and heart now she's gonna find out the hard way in a few years and be writing like Amy Horton but let's go ahead and get started here she's got 15 bullet points I'm gonna break them all down number one guys are way more insecure than they want to admit she says quote I've had so many guys throw fits when they found out my number it's laughable too many guys legitimately can't handle the idea that a girl's been with a lot more people than they have obviously a bad reaction to this this is a deal-breaker for me because I don't have time to deal with guys who are so insecure about that crap oh my god sweetheart that's not in security that's dudes being grossed out that you were closer to a petri dish anatomically than an actual female at this point every guy knows that most girls have slept with more men than he has slept with women this is just her interpreting things wrong he had a bad reaction because he's insecure no he had a bad reaction because her body's been penetrated by men into the 500s and it's disgusting plus she's probably on birth control right she's on birth control meaning she can't get pregnant think about that for a second how many dudes have busted in her that is absolutely disgusting I'll bet honestly I'll bet she has bacterial vaginosis which by the way happens when women have too much unprotected sex with too many different men that's what happens I'm not gonna describe it him I'm not going to just describe it any more the side effects google it you'll see then she says that's a deal-breaker for me oh so it's a deal-breaker if a guy freak sout about my number no sweetheart that is a deal-breaker for the men that's a deal-breaker for him miss Devon Hart she is literally saying this is so funny she knows that this is the reason why she's getting dumped here's what she's saying you can't fire me because I quit she may not be ashamed of her body count number yet but she is starting to become a shame that men are starting to reject her for even a friends with benefit arrangement never mind a relationship dudes are probably telling her Wow alright well I guess we're not having sex anymore let's move to number two get past all these ads here man this thing is ad good God Almighty she says sex is sex not love she says quote this this is so hard for some people to understand especially when hormones mess with your mind there is a huge difference between sex or between love and sex you can have sex with just about anyone and you might barely feel any closeness to them love isn't easy nor is it anywhere as easy to cultivate as sex this is a woman gentleman who has had the emotion banged out of her by all the men she slept with she doesn't realize this is a bad thing at least not yet but she will women who don't sleep around or though those women are capable of emotionally pair bonding with a man right when they reach their sexual point of emotional D Marty demarcation sex goes from something you do with someone you love to just something you do this is how men view sex by the way but it's healthy of us to be this way because we love differently than women but women who have their eyes open when sex and love becomes separated in their minds it's like when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life and suddenly they realize they were naked they were no longer innocent and naive and neither is asana number three even the best sex isn't worth losing love let me pause this frickin ad here even the best sex isn't worth losing love great sex can be earth-shattering she says but love is the stuff that moves universes when in doubt choose a happy relationship over good sex guys she as good as told you that she cheated on every boyfriend because of good sex she had great sex with another guy and she decided to leave her boyfriend her good relationship for good sex but now she's at the beginning stages of realizing that maybe she shouldn't have done this she's very closer to she's very close to regret guys she's a lot closer than she thinks and by the way by the way no woman will ever choose a good relationship over good sex right no woman will ever choose a happy relationship over sex if they're under the age of 30 let me qualify that women never choose a relationship over sex they do this out of necessity because the men they want sexually are not the men who want them for relationships this is what Rollo Tomassi calls making your necessity a virtue number four the only good sex is safe consensual sex unprotected sex is dangerous she says extremely so non-consensual sex can ruin lies unsafe unsafe sex practices can get you killed if you're going to be promiscuous be smart about it otherwise you might want to prepare for the consequences so she's a ho that's virtue signaling right guys listen man I rarely meet hos who require me to use a condom nine times out of ten if I'm about to have sex with a girl I'm usually the one that stops and put on the puts on the condom and she's like oh yeah right don't forget to put on the condom knowing full well she was gonna let me hit her she was gonna let me raw dogger guys women like their men like they like their sex dangerous girls don't go for saf men so we know they're not practicing safe sex they like dangerous sex safe sex is not as fun and it doesn't feel as good and again this chicks on birth control if a woman is on birth control but not in a relationship she's definitely not having safe sex get out of here with that why would you be on birth control if you didn't intend on having unprotected sex well I'm a ho but I'm a safe clean ho no such thing sweetheart you literally dude you're as dirty as they come you probably got as much DNA swimming around you as a sperm bank number five we have really unhealthy attitudes sort towards sex she says quote I've lost friends over my promiscuity even though I've never slept with anyone they knew I've had guys go psycho over the number I've had I've had people who barely know me tell me to get tested upon hearing my number this isn't healthy polite or acceptable in any way sex is a natural part of life we have to stop shaming one another over it so you've lost friends over your promiscuity even though you've never slept with anyone they knew that's BS guys that's 100% BS she's lying she lost friends because she slept with her friend's boyfriend's right girls don't stop being friends with other girls because they're promiscuous they stop being friends with other girls because they flirt with their boyfriends because they flirt with their husbands or they actually sleep with their boyfriends or husbands she is flat-out lying guys otherwise she wouldn't have said I never slept with anyone I knew because she knows that the only reason promiscuous behavior costs you friendships is because you slept with said friends with friends significant others pin she says well people freak out and tell me to get tested upon hearing my number this isn't healthy polite or acceptable if people are telling her to get tested she is banged at least 500 dudes man I'm here to tell you number one it is healthy for you to get tested so you don't spread your turbo aids.gov herpes around and number two asking a person to get tested isn't supposed to be polite it's supposed to be straightforward and number three it is definitely acceptable like honestly think about the conversation how many guys have you slept with that's 673 Wow you need to get tested how rude of you yes gentlemen sex is a natural part of life when done the way it's supposed to be done which is not with every single dude you're associated with she wants to stop being shamed for being promiscuous so she can feel better about being promiscuous number six a promiscuous person can usually tell if you're experienced it's funny she keeps saying she keeps saying person as if promiscuous men are the same as promiscuous women it is not the same anyway she says it's true sorry not sorry I can tell who's had a lot of sex in their lifetime because they tend to have different attitude towards sex a promiscuous person can tell so now so now she's accusing the guy of sleeping with a bunch of women knowing it's not the same thing as a woman sleeping with a bunch of men right it's not the same as knowing she's been ran through but because he's sleeping on because he's a hoe he knows you're a hoe no sweetheart dudes can tell you've been passed around because you can make him blow his load in 30 seconds or less using any hole on your body a person's attitude toward sex has nothing to do with their experience listen she just added this because some because a couple of dudes told her damn I can tell you slept with a lot of it I can tell you've had a lot of dudes between your legs number seven oh this is a good one having sex having a lot of sex doesn't make you any better or worse than anyone else she says quote do some people have high numbers do some people who have high numbers have issues they need to solve absolutely but for every promiscuous person with issues there's another person who just went through a wild phase or has certain kinks they enjoy you cannot put promiscuity in a box you keep seeing people guys this is the problem this is the problem women conflating male promiscuity with female listen men who sleep around with a lot of women are not the same thing as women to sleep around with a lot of men anyway anyway so it doesn't make you a better or worse person than anyone else who's she trying to convince us or herself sexually promiscuous women guys or women with serious character flaws any woman who's been up with a lot of men they got to be liars they have to have to deceive they have to mislead they have dead they'd have to be devious they've got to be diabolical so yes they are worse people nobody trusts a woman who's given her body to 500 dudes one way or another she is going to screw you over now as far as issues go sweetheart that's your problem listen I'm sorry you have daddy issues right I'm sorry you I'm sorry you lost your virginity at 13 years old because you're looking for a man to fill that hole and he filled he filled a lot of holes it's not the one that you needed right but what do you want me to do feel sorry for you you don't feel sorry for guys you've cheated on do you of course not yes you can put promiscuity in a box there is only one definition of promiscuity if you sleep with a lot of men than promiscuous that's it she wants to again she wants to make it her number is so high wants to believe that she is still just like everyone else who has a healthy sexual appetite wanting to have sex wanting to have a lot of sex doesn't make you a ho okay not having the temperance to refrain from having a lot of sex with a lot of dudes that's what makes you all a couple of ways you guys can contribute you can do that through these super chat or the stream labs Lake Stream labs comm 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every bit as top-notch as the content I make available to the public all it takes is less than 17 cents a day guys so go to patreon.com/scishow to get access to more of my videos pictures audio podcasts and much much more ok let's continue let's move to number 8 oh this one is so funny a lot of people Envy us later on she's a skort i've had talks with people who are in their 60s and 70s and many of them mentioned that they regret not sewing there awhile though it's in their younger years if you want to do it do it oh my god this chick is delusional she 100% knows this isn't true she's trying to make herself feel better oh listen all she has to do guys is talk to her fellow writer Amy Horton that's all she has to do now she also says again she keeps seeing people which includes men and women you see how she consistently tries to hold men and women to the same sexual standard now as far as her conversations were concerned if they happened at all all of the men she talked to are regretful because they're men and only men can sow their Wild Oats but women in their 60s and 70s who have slept around are 100% regretful and if they say they're not they're lying and speaking of lying guys she is also lying about having these conversations she never had conversations with these people when does a 20-something year old party girl have many common does she have time to have many conversations with men and women in their 60s and 70s get out of here with that you see here's the thing guys women always do this to make their point they always lie they lie about an anecdote to win whatever argument they're in well well you're wrong because I've had men tell me I've had six dozen men tell me that they prefer women who have slept with a hundred men to be their wives instead of virgins yeah sure you have number nine slut-shaming happens and it comes from people you'd never expect I've been slut shamed by doctors she said priests and even my then boyfriends parents anyone who has the nerve to remark on the number of partners a woman has should have no right to be in her life and the sooner you make that clear the better off you will be she's lying again here guys flat out lies doctors don't shame women for sleeping around they advise them to have sex safe sex 100% BS out of her priests definitely don't shame women for sleeping around because they tell you that Jesus loves you no matter what now do 10 Hail Marys and 20 our fathers now maybe the boyfriends parents thing is true but they didn't just do it flat out right they probably implied it and said something like hey listen are you ready to settle down with Mike you've had a lot of boyfriends but they never just flat out say you're too promiscuous for our son you harlot you tart you floozy what missed effing heart is doing here she is covering for the people who do the most shaming which is women women by far and away do the very most slut-shaming but because she's a woman she can't say well why do women shame me for sleeping with a lot of guys because she needs to protect the sisterhood uber alles as Rollo Tomassi likes to call it so she makes up lies about doctors and priests shaming her oMG I got shamed by my professor no you didn't and you know it number 10 slut-shaming happens and it happens to people you'd never expect this is just too funny I've been slut shamed when I was a virgin I've been called a whore for having big boobs after a while I decided I had nothing to lose by actually enjoying myself since I was going to be called from Hiskey us either way I have no regrets about this decision gentlemen ASEAN attempt in heart again lying through her teeth virgins gets shamed for sleeping around let me say that again a virgin getting shamed for sleeping around but they're virgins dude get the hell out of here with that listen this girl's a liar guys and again I just got done saying that a woman who sleeps around has to be a liar she's got to be the sequel she's got to be diabolical that's how you navigate that lifestyle I have never ever ever heard a virgin getting shamed for sleeping around that's like someone calling an alcoholic who's never had a drink before it's like some it's like calling someone stupid if they got a PhD and asked for physics it's like so it's it's like calling someone obese when they're anorexic it makes zero sense guys she is making this up to give herself the excuse to be promiscuous well they're gonna shame me for sleeping around so I may as well sleep around no sweetie you wanted to sleep around so that's what you did it's that simple don't blame it on anyone but yourself people always say that you're responsible for your actions in your in your station in life but this chick is blaming other people for her bad decisions I'm a hoe because people call me hoe so I may as well be a hoe that's BS people don't call you promiscuous if you're not promiscuous you do have regrets about that decision that's why you're blaming people for the choice you made to sleep around number eleven the most promiscuous people aren't the ones you'd expect I can give three good examples she says two of my exes were quiet geek types who worked regular jobs they dressed in button-downs and work khaki pants to work and and work khaki pants to work these women dude they need to get a new editor and wore khaki pants to work this isn't even a professional look at all these ads on this website I've already cut like three typos in these articles in work I did dude this is what a 500 page this is what a 500 word article dude go through this one time you would have seen that anyway both of them slept with hundreds of people each and even one did adult films as a side gig oh so she so now one of my ex-boyfriends had a huge dog again she's bragging about that as if that makes her more attractive another ex I had slept with over 300 people during the day he's a mild-mannered polite church-going guy who sells engagement rings again guys she is trying to complete men sleeping around with women with women sleeping around with men but notice all of her examples were guys that's actually quite funny because she know she knows all women sleep around she knows all she knows that girls of all shapes sizes nationalities races whatever all sleep around so when she says that the most people that that that there are people that you wouldn't really expect she is as good as telling you that she knows female sleeping around is the norm she let that one slip that's funny number 12 the promiscuous people you have to watch out for are the ones who won't admit they slept around until proof has been shown to them a good deal breaker she says for any relationship is when your boyfriend lies about how many people he's slept with people who do this are prone to cheating because they are already used to lying to you they also might be hiding the fact that they have STDs you see this guy's this is 1000% BS number one when her boyfriend's lie about how many people they've slept with they lie the other way they increase the number they don't decrease the number number two she wants us to believe that a man who has slept with a lot of women is a deal breaker which is faux dude this is so false it's ridiculous she's bright dude she's bragging about one guy slept with had 300 partners another guy slept with did a porn movie what has happened here is that she is the one that's been dumped because she lied about her notch count and her boyfriend found out about it which is the proof she's talking about it and kicked her slutty ass to the curb she's the one hiding her STDs she's the one who's prone to cheating these are conversations men have had with her about her this is flat-out dishonesty guys a woman will never ever dump you if she finds out you had sex with two hundred girls ever it literally increases her arousal to you exponentially number thirteen guys who are insecure about their number are more likely to cheat I found this one out the hard way she says a lot of guys will feel like they need to catch up to your number this is also true to a lesser degree with women oh my god this is such BS there is literally zero credibility to this I have never ever ever heard of a dude trying to sleep with more women to catch up to another woman's number that would be impossible and every man knows that for every woman he's slept with each of those women have slept with 15 minutes 15 men this girl is full of it are you kidding me well I'm a guy so I'm gonna try no oh my god this girl is literally making things up that you can't spell either number 14 the Madonna whore complex is real and it turns guys into douchebags a lot of guys can't handle the idea of dating an impure girl she says and that's fine as long as they're not going to go near me the same guys will however be open to casual sex with what they consider easy I still don't understand why guys think this way you see gentlemen mists effing heart doesn't understand that the high value men who want to sleep with her will never commit to her because they know she's been with a lot of dudes she is are she like most women are utterly perplexed as to why sexual desire doesn't equal the desire to commit it's so funny that most girls don't figure this out until it's too late right and they always ask it the same way why will guys sleep with me but not want to commit to me missteps and heart is on the verge of some harsh realizations number 15 even if you slept with a bunch of people being cheated on still hurts it's inexcusable she says it hurts good people and frankly it's trashy er than all sin don't cheat oh she's telling the truth here getting cheated on hurts a woman's pride her ego and it cuts her to the core but you can already tell that this chick this dude this chick is a serial cheater it means she really is that this this whole episode this whole article is one big projection she's telling us stories about things that men told her and so she's trying to make us think that these are these are conversations that she had with men so there you have it guys another woman who was proud of a promiscuity he's on the verge of hitting the wall and realizing that she's been doing it all wrong you can see she's beginning to see the light but she's way – Eagle invested in her lifestyle – admit it's the wrong path number one number two there's no going back once you've slept with that many guys you have to say that you have no regrets because you don't have a choice she needs to talk to Amy Horton but like most women they have to learn these lessons the hard way thanks for watching guys I'll see my patrons tonight at 6:30 you

23 thoughts on “Female writer says her "number" makes Men insecure

  1. Disgusting whore maybe yukkk. Maybe she has herpes or other disease in that's disgusting body.

  2. C’mon guys don’t we all want to jump in that Petri dish and find what kind of funky disease she may have created.

  3. If women like this would stop their activities it would make our lives miserable. The booty calls or friends with benefits arrangements would become much more difficult. We are an essential part of the carousel. It seems guys in the US are much more puritanical than they realize.

  4. She's a single mommy with a high body count and many visible slut tells. No man should ever take this thing seriously.

  5. Sex has nothing to with love, eh? If PROSTITUTES ever needed a patron saint, they have it now. She should be proud.

  6. I think you missed the point on number 10. She was a virgin but she was probably flirtatious and doing some things she shouldn't have been. As far as the big boobs…she probably got called a whore for showing them off, not just because she had them. C'mon!

  7. I know a girl that slept with 10-12 dudes which isn't terrible for 2019, but one is packing 10"+ and she wonders why guys are wary (small town, and people know the stories).

  8. The question, I feel, one should ask is should I do X just because I can?

  9. She IS Young or just forcing naivety or self delusional. It’s not a surprising nor is it an uncommon survival instinct of most feminists. This is why the wall exists, because even if a woman still looks good after a certain age, there’s a survival instinct in men with a wolf’s instincts that just won’t bite into aged meat, no matter how good it looks though it may be sniffed before ultimately trotting off, because they know it’s a trap. “The lady doth protest too much” (hamlet). This woman hates traditionalism, rebukes (does NOT fear) the Lord, and hates/fears the judgement of Godly men.

  10. "Virgins being slut shamed" does actually happen with teenage woemn growing up because mainly other women or teenagers are often jeolous of their developing bodies( mainly hear this from women with big boobs) or social skills with the opposite sex. Does not discredit your earlier point around @21:40 but I am just providing feedback

  11. Hello Mr. Sharp……saw the Robert F video…….keep winning……MGTOW for life

  12. and they found out males dna gets in your bloodline from sex.. thats why a women acts manly

  13. “Virgins being shamed for sleeping around”= translates to she was giving out blow jobs before she got comfortable giving up her pussy!

  14. 18:50 only example i have of a young girl with time to speak with old regretful ppl is home health aid. I know alot of 20 somethings that are in that field. Only one girl has a boyfriend. I can only hope she never did him dirty.

  15. Microchimerism – Wikipedia

    Microchimerism is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual (men) and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual (woman).

  16. 8:11 By now she is professing her regret. Everything before this section was advocating sleeping around and now she is just typing what she really feels about what she has done. Laughable.

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