Feminine Energy Touch that DRIVES MEN WILD | Adrienne Everheart

hi everyone Adrienne Everheart with you
today to talk about feminine energy tips that will really drive a man wild for
feminine energy touch so I’m gonna be sharing five things that you can do with
your man we’re all about feminine energy they’re very very powerful where the man
will get just very excited some of them are kind of sexual actually all of them
are relatively sexual because this is what makes a man very very excited but
as always with feminine energy I’m all about you being playful yet disciplined
and not leaning forward so as always please give me a thumbs up if you can
hear me I’m using my microphone I had a couple of complaints about wind the
other day so I love to be outside when I can okay wonderful thank you so this is
just a way feminine energy is a way to harness your your energy your sexual
energy your Chi feminine energy is something that all women have a min even
have feminine energy we’ve all possibly encountered a man that had too much
feminine energy that it was just like a big turn-off for us because he willing
us enough so your feminine energy is in you but in most cases it’s been tamped
down since you were a little girl because at some point growing up someone
told you to stop crying or they told you you shouldn’t feel that way or they had
some other reason why maybe don’t act like a girl and I believe in our society
that women are brought up to be anything but feminine energy feeling creatures
we’re taught to be tough and hard and solid and strong and don’t cry and don’t
show your emotions a lot men and then what ends up happening is
in a relationship with a man when we want something and we like this guy and
we want it we’re in the Western world so we go out and get it and then you’re in
your boy energy so now you know when you got boy energy on boy energy there is
usually a conflict and usually in a group with men two men together or a
group of men together there’s always going to be an alpha and so if a man is
challenged by a strong masculine energy woman he’ll back down or he’ll lose
interest after a while or you guys will fight like cats and dogs it’s always
some combination of that so let’s talk about being playful yet disciplined and
touch feminine energy touch that is just gonna hook him okay so this is a really
exciting topic um I have saved kind of the sexiest one for last so make sure
you stick around and then if I have time I’ll take a couple questions but I’m a
little short on time today so hi everyone but this is a live video so hi
I just wanted to officially say hello to you all so let’s talk about where sexual
energy where this desire kind of starts at it starts with your mouth the mouth
is where it all begins we all start with kissing or talking or making some sounds
and this is what really stirs a man up so I’m gonna teach you how you can
incorporate a little bit of that even if you’re just dating him but but again you
want to have that charge you want to have this guy it’s just like feeling
crazy for you okay so that’s what this is about so I just want you I don’t want
someone just write in the comments I really shouldn’t do this on the first
date I know you shouldn’t so don’t I just want to make sure it’s
loud and clear that these are powerful feminine energy techniques I want you to
use them wisely use them with a man you feel safe and
comfortable with as always know your boundaries however if you’re in a bad
situation with any man even a man you’ve known for years know how to say no know
how to call help get yourself out of a bad situation
that’s what boundaries are there for so let’s start with where sexual energy and
desire begins with your mouth and that is of course the kiss now I have this in
a popular video of mine on YouTube where if a man goes to kiss you so his head is
coming towards you to kiss you you can tilt in lean in a little bit go ahead
and receive the kiss but don’t keep the kiss going I mean don’t make it a quick
Peck but don’t like keep it going and you know what I’m talking about when it
gets really good and racy and juicy you want to just claw in and grab the back
of his head and just keep going like crazy right
so instead I want you to just receive his kiss receive it from him if it’s a
French kiss let him put his tongue in your mouth first and you’re just
playfully tease and be there but what we’re gonna do is you’re going to
receive lean in a little bit but then you’re gonna with a drawl so this
creates that hunt this creates that chase with a man that drives him
absolutely crazy and the more that you learn how to do this you will you will
learn even those of you in marriage those of you are dating whatever you’ll
learn how to do this with men even on a psychological level and I’m gonna tell
you how so the man is kissing you let him penetrate first with the mouth and
then his tongue and then have a great kiss for a moment but then I want you to
just lean back a little usually at this this peak where the man is going in for
more okay so when you lean back and receive and you can have that kiss with
your shoulders down and you’re receiving it and then right when he’s about to
intensify it and go back pull back a little bit and if you can make eye
contact with him and in that moment can you guys imagine the energy that you’re
gonna be feeling in that moment can you feel that with me I would love to hear
from you in the calm this is when you can make a guy kind of
his craziest for you and you can playfully do this several several times
during a make-out session you can have these you know get up to that point and
dip it back down and lean back a little bit and you know let them chase you a
little bit let them chase you and you pursue someone says when you pull back
do you break the kiss there’s usually a moment when you’re kissing where you’re
kind of thinking it might keep going but you might also stop see this is that
that silent conversation you’re having with a man so feel for that moment I
don’t want you to be up in your head thinking oh do I do it now I want you to
feel for that moment when you’re kissing and you feel like it might go a little
bit further but you know how to kind of pull back withdrawal just a little bit
but you don’t want to break that kiss okay all right all right so you guys are
connecting with this energy in the comments awesome thumbs up I love that
so number two this is about sensual sound this is about sensual sounds you
can make but the guys around you he’s gonna notice it’s gonna drive him kind
of crazy drive him wild for you okay so this is a fun one if you’re even it’s
like watching a movie with a man or you’re just kind of hanging out with him
or you’re driving in the car you’re walking through the park or something
like that there’s always a moment that a man may kind of reach out and put his
hand on you so it never failed when I rest sit down and watch TV with my
husband about eight minutes into it he’ll just take his hand and put it on
top of my leg and I used to just all home just curl up and grab that hand and
snuggle up and I don’t do that anymore so what you want to do is when he puts
his arm on you or touches you notice it just notice it and I want you to make a
sound I want you to wait like one two three make a sound make up mmm or mmm or
something like that make a and sound is very sensual for a man
because I’m guessing when you’re intimate with a guy there are some
sounds getting made so all of this is registering his brain in the same place
all right so someone wrote to me oh I can’t I can’t it’s not showing up here
but anyway I can’t see your comments not showing up for some reason
so make the sensual sound let the man touch you let it sit for a second then
if you want to put your hand on top of his or curl your fingers under his as
much as you can let him be on top even when you greet a man and you get a hug
make sure your arms make sure you lower your shoulders so he is forced to put
his arms on top of you and I want you to melt make a sound trust me ladies you
will feel this you will feel this okay he will feel it it will drive him nuts
and what you’re doing is you’re really trying to just just you’re using your
sexual energy your feminine energy as a woman this is one of your great great
powers that you have you can use it at any time you want to anytime men will
hear it it’ll register it’ll have power over them you know for
good not for bad so the next one is really going to bring about some mental
excitement with the guy we’ve talked about how it begins at the mouth how you
can make sensual sounds and then mental excitement now again you want to try
this with a man you trust you want to do this with someone that there’s already a
connection that you feel very safe with this one I kind of discovered by
accident I used to date a bodybuilder back in the day and I’m not really so
much into like big muscles or anything like that but he would occasionally
where the shirt that just showed off his his
shoulders he’s great big broad shoulders and the curve in of his chest we’ve all
seen men kind of go up to grow and go oh wanting to grab you know we’re all right
we’ve all experienced that and it’s usually kind of playful and we like it
or we don’t like it um so this is where instead of like this because you’re a
man grabs a three-dimensional object you are like this you can do this anywhere
you can do the front of his pants okay you can do it at his chest but it is
basically a touch but not really and then you pull back
so remember feminine energy is never about leaning forward this tip is to
build mental excitement with that man but ladies get ready get ready this one
is powerful and I’m not even at the most powerful one yet that’s coming up so go
up to his chest here’s that sizzling hot chest or right
at the base of his pants and you just go oh and just pull back so you’re creating
this Chi it’s almost like Reiki you know when you can put your hands together and
you can feel that energy you can fill that little bubble okay you
can fill that energy you go up to it you hmm and someone said girl I love that go
up and uh and then just pull back go back to chopping up the salad whatever
you’re doing it’ll make your guy just we’re just feel in it fuel in it all the
time fuelling using that feminine energy
getting his masculine energy charged up because of what you’re doing you see
that’s how you do this and somebody said ooh hot stuff it is hot stuff
try it at the front of his pants sometime just reach down there and just
be like I could you know if I could somehow use the Force to do this and
then take away he’ll get it he’ll feel it it’s very fun and remember um you’re
playful you’re playful but you’re disciplined you’re playful but you’re
disciplined this is feminine energy a woman has to know herself be able to
control herself also emotionally okay I don’t
know what someone wrote but I hope it’s bosses if I can’t read that
okay so here’s the most kind of sexy craziest one I got and this is very fun
to do with your guy most men really like oral sex and they
are thinking about it a lot even when you’re not aware of it they’re thinking
about it there are things that you’re doing with
your mouth all the time that a guy is having this other movie playing in his
head that’s going on all the time anyway you may think he is like you know
helping you watch the dog or getting the kids and their seeds and doing all sorts
of things but but in a man’s mind you know in a man’s mind there’s always
another movie playing a man thinks about sex I think it’s every six to ten
seconds so understand that you might feel kind of weird doing what I’m gonna
suggest that you do but if you really want to drive a guy crazy understand
that this is about the slow burn this is about the hunt that builds up to that
moment of orgasm and that’s a long way away that’s a long long way away in fact
we want to delay that as much as possible because the more of an intense
intense desire you can build up with him leading to that moment that is feminine
energy that is feminine power you are building up to that point okay so here
is it here’s what it is make saliva sounds with your mouth make
smacking sounds with your mouth gross right but I want you to do it at some
right times if you’re in the bedroom with him and you can make a certain
sound with your mouth he’s gonna hear it and
you’re gonna have just this Pavlovian sort of response with him you’re
training him when I make this sound we’re having a good time okay that’s
what you’re doing you’re making this sound you’re having a good time and then
you want to incorporate that sound into everyday life okay into everyday life so
for a long time with my husband if I did this I bite my
lower lip I was usually doing that during a certain time and it became it
entered into our normal walking life and I realized aha so I studied animal
training and this is part of animal training as you’re creating a command
that registers to him so um one fun thing you can do if you are not it
doesn’t have to be about oral sex or anything like that you’re just in the
bedroom you can make a sound with your mouth like something is yummy something
is delicious and good for you um in regular walking talking life I want you
to take your two front fingers and grab his belt loops right at the front of his
pants and I want you to just pull just once or twice make the sound okay you’re
creating the two are working in tandem together make that sound with your mouth
and I want you all to be creative and come up with your own sounds I don’t
want to tell you what my sound is I want you to come up with your own okay
everybody that’s it now I get a couple of time to take a couple of questions we
have talked about being playful yet disciplined we’re talking about using
your feminine energy touch to really make a guy crazy for you you can do all
of these and have so so much fun let’s see what we have here four questions
someone said a bunch of smiley is such a heart thank you that’s awesome thank you
so much someone said how can I ask my man that I want him to call me tonight
if I asked him and he didn’t say it how do I say it in a
feminine way that is about me and not him so when he does call you it towards
the evening on are you guys talk you just say mmm it feels so good to hear
from you it always feels so nice to hear you right prefer go to bed and also make
your nighttime phone call with him not about any business don’t talk in any
business when he calls you at night you just be in your your feminine girl
energy and oh I’m gonna take a bubble bath and snuggling in bed and I brushed
my hair it feels so smooth these are the things you want to talk about you want
to talk about solving relationship problems or how you’re mad at your mom
or anything else sorry guys loud car a very cool car but
a loud car it’s okay okay someone says glitter says help me my man
never initiates contact after an argument what should I do
so I teach you how to really open up your body to him but don’t rush it this
might be a little Power Move he’s doing this is something maybe he even learned
how to do as a young kid with his mom or somebody like that it’s a little bit
manipulative so he’s withholding or he’s holding out on you after an argument so
number one go do your own thing go do your own thing you can let a man know at
any time you know I felt you know I feel so sad that we argued and I’m just gonna
I’m gonna go up in my room and I’m gonna sew and that’s it or you go do your own
thing you hop in the car go out to the grocery store or start making your own
make a dinner anything like that and just pull your energy off of him because
I think he might be punishing you a little bit and create openness in your
body create openness between the pelvis so you can invite the man in okay I’m
gonna take one more someone says in more intimate acts like
given a bj where you’re in control how do you stay feminine
well here’s the thing you you kind of are in control at that moment it’s a
very powerful moment for a woman in feminine energy
you set the pacing for the man to some degree in that but that’s the beautiful
thing about receiving receiving in that way you’re still receiving but you’re
setting the pacing you see so even in dating and relationships with a man
you’re receiving from the man but you set the pacing you have the boundaries
you say when it happens and when it doesn’t you see that’s your power in
that moment own it own it that’s a great question okay someone said grabbing his belt
would be initiation you mean leaning forward I’m learning
I’m leery with my man and guy I’m just I’m focused on receiving so when you’re
a goddess on a pedestal and you spy something you want it’s kind like you’re
reaching for the Apple on the tree and you’re going ah it would be so good but
no I’m gonna wait that last one is a little bit leaning in because you’re
grabbing him and pulling at his belt but then you’re letting go and you’re making
that sound okay so he’s gonna begin to register those all together so don’t
worry about it it’s just part of conditioning it’s part of training a
little bit here Oh someone says but what if he never reaches out days after an
argument at all well if he’s doing that that’s that’s that’s abuse and stop
having arguments stop having arguments but neglecting you is a type of abuse be
aware of that there are some narcissists out there there are men that have just
learned to pout and hold their ground for days and they’ll control you and
then they’ll guilt you and beat you over the head for
weeks over the argument you had so they can control you and keep you on a short
leash hold out on him don’t give in don’t
reach out to him first wait if it takes a year wait
otherwise you’re a slave to that man every time you have an argument it’s you
who has to do the work to fix it so ask yourself is that really the relationship
I want to be in is that my dream okay so I don’t want to end it on a dark note okay someone asked about social media
great question when we leaned back in feminine energy does that mean we don’t
comment on a guy’s social media posts either because that feels like reaching
out so if you’re in a pretty good relationship with him and and he’s being
good he’s kind of showing up and he’s being a good guy and he’s reaching out
to you I always say about every three days say something or do something you
can even send a text about every three days if the guy’s showing up and it’s
being real good on the regular but make it a feeling statement make it about
something that’s really from your body so why do we want you to do these
feeling statements why do I want you to talk from your body because you’re
driving the guy crazy every time you do you’re driving him wild for you it’s
every tip that I just mentioned in this list was about connecting with him
somewhere in his body that just makes him gaga for you and a feeling statement
does that so if you see his post and let’s say he’s out biking having a great
time and you go oh it was such a warm sunny day it felt so good I garden today
and looks like you had fun on your bicycle that’s an example of a feeling
statement for social media I don’t know that’s my best answer for that connect
to your body okay someone says what about small talk when you have nothing
to talk about then don’t talk if you don’t have anything to talk about
I mean the guy’s boring then you know or you need to make your life more rich and
full and juicy I hope I’m reading that question right but make your life more
rich and full and juicy say you have stuff to bring to the table as that I
did not respond to your question that’s because I didn’t see it we have a lot of
questions in here you’re not the only person in this chat Azad I don’t even
see your question honey but sorry anyway thank you everyone for showing up for
this live put these tips use I would love to hear from you about what happens
when you do when you comment on one of my videos other women see it and they
can actually respond and kind of learn from you I also have a group on Facebook
called I heart love Academy yes it’s on Facebook but it’s free so join join
under a fake name and be part of that community and when you get a program of
mine like 500 ways to talk to a man which is an e-book that has over 500
examples on how to get into your body and talk to man so you don’t have to
guess at this anymore you don’t have to go download all my videos to figure out
how to do this you just write in the search what it is you’re looking for
like the topic and there’s usually a script that’ll come up so when you get
one of my programs and you participate in my community you’re helping other
women learn and you guys learn off of each other so this is part of the
masculine energy world that we’re in we’re slowly becoming a feminine energy
world you see it’s happening slowly and part of that is your awakening to your
powerful feminine energy and realizing that in the relationship the man doesn’t
have to set the pacing you do you do if a man’s not coming around enough he’s
not showing enough and dating you usually get anxious and uptight
because in her boy wants to control him and wants him to show up and date you in
her girl goes but bored I’m bored with this guy I’m ready for a different guy
start need to enter girl so she pulls away
from the guy and then when you pull away from the guy what does he do he starts
coming around more you see so keep on learning the stuff join the free group
on Facebook and if you need to learn any of my material you know go to my website
okay let’s look let’s Assad hunt I’m just not seeing your question anywhere
in here oh here we go I asked you if he did not text me since
last night should I text him you’re really gonna ask me that question
okay I have a book called 500 ways to talk to men and that is in this book
about 500 times over you lean back you lean back you don’t text that man okay
you’re doing the work for him if you do as odd okay
get my book you’re so precious thank you all for joining tonight
my next podcast podcast I think are coming out every Sunday so it should be
coming out the following Sunday they’re like two weeks apart head on over to my
website Everhart coaching dot-com and learn more about my programs every
question I’m seeing pop up I have an answer for either in the VIP library
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day and learn something all right gotta go
mwah much love you guys happy weekend’s subscribe if you haven’t already bye

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