Feminist Literary Criticism

let's talk about feminist literary criticism your first task and understanding this criticism is to understand the waves of the feminist movement watch the video a history of Western feminism in 101 seconds by knowledge Punk on YouTube if you haven't already feminist literary criticism really started to form in the 1970s after the second wave feminists believe that throughout history male dominance and patriarchal oppression has been prevalent in language and social political institutions such as government and religious systems women have been oppressed to prescribed social rules and inequality in various aspects of daily life because of this the misc critics believe in a suit a study of literary and cultural texts that we can recognize how women have been influenced by patriarchal oppression as well as how they've resisted and rejected it for instance a critic will look at a female heroine in a story like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and examine how this oppression has influenced her characters daily life beliefs actions or perceptions of other women does Katniss illustrate areas where she has internalized beliefs in favor of patriarchal interests in addition they will examine traces of resistance through the actions of female characters in the text Katniss resists stereotypical gender roles through her role as main provider of her household her hunting can also be seen as a form of self-expression and exerting her own power in the midst of patriarchal oppression a critic can also examine other characters and narrate her comments to reveal gender belief systems they can analyze characters that disagree on women's roles and trace the development and fate of those characters in the story furthermore the critic can examine the ideas and themes communicated through the treatment and fate of female characters that either subject to or resist social roles many critics in this field will also adopt perspectives and practices from other criticisms we have talked about this year this can include taking a Marxist perspective with focusing on the economic and class system in regards to women characters they can also look at racism sexism and cultural differences and how they are portrayed within the text no matter what direction you take your analysis feminist literary criticism takes an activist stance they want to identify and bring forth change with their analysis in the real world and this concludes our discussion of the feminist literary criticism

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