hello students so today I am going to teach you feminist literature and the first author which I am going to take with you is Ellison Dorothy or we can say Dorothy Ellison Dorothy Ellison students was born in South Carolina and being born poor white and southern had an impact on Ellison and the class issues constitute a major threat in her growing body of work and Allison wrote steadily for many years for feminists and the lesbian audiences it was not until bastard out of Carolina in 1992 that she won the national acclaim and that book was a National Book Award finalist and the one the Bay Area book reviewers award for fiction her earlier works include the woman who hate me which was published in 1991 as the woman who hate me poetry 1980-1990 two or three things I know for sure 1995 and crash PRA SH which won the lambda literary awards for lesbian fiction and lesbian a small press book since her stunning success with bastard out of Carolina she has had another successful novel in Temecula CA ve twe ll er which also won the lambda literary award for fiction if we talk about in bastard out of Carolina Dorothy Ellison establishes a strong set of characters and places them in an authentic environment she creates realistic portrayals of the young narrator Ruth any called Boone and a loving brawling died functional family the novel opens with a story of Boone's mother any quest to get the word illegitimate purged from bones birth certificate and her very action causes the town people to snicker what they see her coming laughing at the futility of her embarrassing quest and later when the courthouse burns to the ground and he sees it as a blessing that the official records are gone the second author which I wish to teach you here is Maya Angelou I am sure you must have been knowing this name and she was born as Margaret Johnson in st. Louis Missouri in 1928 and her name Maya is the childhood name given to her by her brother Bailey in his attempt to say mine and her childhood was tragically marked when she was raved by her mother's boyfriend and when she reported the rape and then the boyfriend was killed presumably by the facilities among calls Maya was overwhelmed by the power of language she responded to the trauma and to her sense of guilt by refusing to speak and during her five years of Mutants Maya Angelou read voraciously and reconcile herself to the beautiful power of language and from that love of language Maya Angelou has forged a place in American letters and has become perhaps our most visible public poet and yes her range is noteworthy she's a dramatist she's a poet she's an actress a singer and a dancer as far as her desire for social justice is concerned she has worked in the civil rights movement and apart from this Angelou's first autobiography I know why the caged bird singing is a work of 1969 which has sailed early secured her a place in the Canon of American literature I Know Why the Caged Bird sing is followed by a series of autobiographies like gather together in my name the heart of a woman all God's children need traveling shoes and she has also written several volumes of poetry including just give me a cool drink just give me a cool drink of water before I die Oh pray my wings are gonna fit me well and is still I rise I shall not be moved so these are some of the poetry collections of Maya Angelou apart from the autobiographies and the several volumes of poetry she has also written children's works dramas TV screenplays and even written two volumes of essays like wouldn't take nothing for my journey now and the second essay volume is even the stars look lonesome I Know Why the Caged Bird sing is the most familiar and beloved of Maya Angelou's autobiographies as the book opens Maya Angelou herself declares with a coat and coat if growing up is painful for the southern black girl being aware of her displacement is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat it is an unnecessary insult and this book is Maya Angelou's testimony of that unnecessary insult and her journey beyond the pain and displacement of her beginnings when Maya and her brother Billy were ages 3 and 4 respectively they were sent by train from California to our kanna's their parents divorced and send the children to be raised by the grandmother the next author a new author maybe for you is d Juna Barneys


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