FGM Survivor: Leyla Hussein’s Story

So I don’t have sex outside marriage, so I don’t enjoy sex. Primarily, my body is just there to carry babies. That particular day was quite interesting and it was only my neighbor’s daughter that said to me, “Oh, you must be really looking forward to today.” I was like, “Ok. It’s not my birthday, what the hell is going on?” She said, “You’re having your ‘gudniin’ done.” So “guidnin” means “FGM” in Somali. She must have been 8, 9 years old. So a child telling another child what’s about to happen to them. She started to explain what it was, and I’m sitting there thinking, “But Mommy told me no one should touch my body.” So these are conflicting messages. That was going on in my head. But as she’s explaining this, I could hear a scream coming down from the other end of the other side of the house, like screaming. It was my sister. It was like an out of body experience, before I could even do or think anything, And I mean, I ran off. Obviously, I’m 7 years old, there’s only so much running I can do. So they grabbed me, pinned me on this table. The women who held me down, these were aunties, family members, you know, family friends. Before I knew it, I was screaming and I could feel my flesh being cut off. But I just remember him saying, “You’ve been naughty. Behave yourself. It doesn’t hurt.” And I blacked out from that moment. So I had FGM done, was home for two weeks, recovering, the weekend after, we were back at the beach, life was normal again. That’s just the way it was. Once you undergo something like this, There’s no way back from this. My mother wasn’t just cut once, she was cut twice because a neighbor thought not enough flesh was taken away. And for me when we talk about FGM, there’s so much focus on the type and what happened. What we need to focus on is this idea that can just go an examine children’s genitals What I experienced was actually one of the worst forms on abuse. The doctor that cut me would never be seen as a pedophile because he’s checking my genitals under the label of a “doctor.” People will give many reasons, “It’s their religion, it’s their culture.” I mean, none of the holy books mention it. It’s practiced amongst all religions, but none of the books mention it. However fundamentally, FGM is there especially their sexuality I mean, every 11 seconds a girl is being cut. So the fact that we’re no outraged, it’s absolutely crazy to me. The world hasn’t tackled FGM because the majority, it affects black children. There would be an outrage if this was white girls, I mean look what’s happened in Hollywood. It’s great that we’re now naming and shaming sexual harassers and abusers. But black women have been doing that for a while but no one listened. You know, we can’t say every child matters and then pick and choose the ones that matter. I 100% whole-heartedly believe that FGM will end but the only way it’s going to end is that we need end all forms of oppression against human beings. My name is Leyla Hussein.

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  1. She comes across as rather ungrateful to me, complaining about the claimed negatives but not acknowledging any of the positive aspects of the tradition.

  2. It’s not being tackled because people are called racist if they criticise it. So she is actually correct that the problem isn’t being addressed because the girls are black. Just not for the reason she suggested. It’s this bigotry of low expectations practiced by modern liberals. Black people mutilating their children ya say? Oh that’s just their culture. Despicable.

  3. To all Muslims you should learn that fgm is not in the Quran so you should understand this and stop this practice

  4. FGM is one of the many evil crimes against women that are committed by Muslims.
    Why are feminist and human rights hypocrites so quiet over the worst of all the abusers of women – Islam?

  5. I was called a "racist" and "Islamophobe" for criticizing the misogyny and barbaric practices of Islam such as FGM. When will idiotic uneducated so-called "feminists", "SJW", libtards, leftists and other ignorant Islamophile hypocrites understand that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE. – Islam is a BELIEF SYSTEM, an ideology, a cult. Are Christianity, Marxism or Scientology also races?
    Islam is open to and followed by misfits, perverts retards and misogynists of ALL races – including mine.

  6. FGM is most definitely a Muslim thing and is written into the Sharia.

  7. I just can't wrap around my head the fact that animals care more better for their offspring than people

  8. Female Circumcisim in light of the Authentic Sunnah 'Tradition of Prophet Muhammad"

  9. I agree for women’s virginity and men’s as well , to be preserved. I, however, disagree with women’s génital mutilation. This practice is a lack of accountability from every level of that social construct that practices it. The leaders who decided this practice were lacking the intelligence and wisdom of leading the mass. Parents should be able to handle their young’s so that they come to the marriage ready , as prescribed by their social marital agreements. But mutilating a woman is not the answer. I guess it needs to start with women advising/ challenging their husband first. Mothers challenging sons, fathers challenging each other and the system. On top of all that, a medical debrief of the whole population on the the consequences of this practice. It takes 2 to tango. Both genders need to be held accountable for their stupidity.

  10. YOU seem VERY RACIST. FGM is viewed as a cultural practice. If WHITE PEOPLE were to speak out about it, then WHITE PEOPLE would be accused as RACIST and interfering. PEOPLE OF COLOR must condemn their own practice and stop with the BLAME WHITE FOLKS attitude. This is A HORRIFIC PRACTICE on little girls of any race.

  11. I guess some cultures are better than others. Also western feminists, WHERE ARE YOU?

  12. What the heck is wrong with these animals. It’s a CHILD, they need love and care. The day they ban religion that suppress women is a day that women will truly be free of oppression.

  13. What she said about how it mostly happens to young black girls is really on point. It shouldn't matter, it's horrific no matter who is being so terribly abused like this, but unfortunately she's probably right, if it were little white girls, it probably would have stopped already. So sickening.

  14. 1:29 she is touching her nose. Possibly lying for propaganda. Just saying. FGM is wrong anyways .

  15. What a strong young lady, I commend her for talking about this. Im sorry it happened and i hope it ends too, i think i will cover this in my next vlog 🙂

  16. Your parents wanted you, loved you, and did what they felt was best for you. If anything, you should be grateful to be alive, and for that, you should thank them for having you cut

  17. There isn't less of an outrage because the victims aren't white– there's less of an outrage because citizens in white-majority countries are ignorant of this practice because it doesn't happen to American girls, so we don't ever have to think about it. We aren't taught about it or made to know it's happening because in our countries it is rare to the point of oddity. If it were happening to girls in our country at anywhere even halfway near the rate it happens in Africa and the Middle East, to black girls or otherwise, there would absolutely be a mass outrage. Also FGM happens OVERWHELMINGLY in Muslim cultures and nations, which are not white or Western. If the religion and culture is criticised many would call it offensive just because "it is a Muslim cultural act" so it's swept under the rug here so as not to offend Muslims. However many on the Right are aware of it and despise FGM. This practice is barbaric and so is Islam and any culture that allows this.

  18. This is barbaric and very sad! Such a strong girl and she made it through. My heart goes out to victims of things like this. Stay strong💚

  19. Only Seven. I can’t believe a woman who has had this done would do this to her own daughter.

  20. I feel light headed from this
    This poor woman this is child abuse and should be illegal

  21. Leyla, what a strong woman to speak out against this atrocity. Thank you for your words, for your hope, for your telling the world this MUST stop. I can't even imagine. I can't. I am so sorry for what has been done to you….and all the other women. My heart breaks. Keep fighting the fight to end this barbarism.

  22. My Lord Christ, please deliver the people suffering under Islam from its degenerate evils. I ask that you please rebuke Gabriel if he had in fact lied to Mohammed. Amen.

  23. It was also routinely performed on white girls in America and Europe in 1940-1960 for the same reasons, it’s happening in parts of my country too ( Russia ), there is not much condemnation from authorities though which I find surprising..

  24. you are so so so beautiful!!!! and being that strong to end evil actions from the world makes you even beautiful!! :*

  25. I will never go to a Somali. Or Ethiopian. Or East African wedding. Satan lives in Africa. Fgm is child abuse. Fgm is wrong stop fgm now!

  26. This is so Barbaric. To invade a little girl's private parts and do genital mutilation. I am again's this. In the western world children have rights, but these little girl's have none. Why can't they stop it, because off tradition?? Sometimes tradition had to be change for this girl's.

  27. Somali people are not muslims they are the people of pharaoh. Fgm is wrong stop fgm now!

  28. It’s not a race issue, why bring up white vs black? It’s a cultural issue.

  29. It's not in the Qu'ran, just as hijab is not in that book. So moslems don't believe their g-d created humans perfectly? As a Jewish male, I was circumcised and hate my mother for having it done. G-d made us the way we are. This practice disgusts me and I'm outraged by the fact it still happens into today's world. Kudos to Leyla for speaking out.

  30. If my mother had done this to me i’d never forgive her for it.

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