FGTEEV Fashion Frenzy ROBLOX #35! Silly Scary Famous Celebrity Dress Up Game! Chase vs Lexi vs Duddy

(go over there over there! where? yeah! no! the clothing. We’re playing roblox fashion frenzy right now! yeah! Have to be silly and scary like my face Are you laughing at me, no where do you find the body types oh? I’m gonna do that body and then I need a song in tight so I do that. Oh gosh. That’s scary Wanna be my friend. Oh gosh..auh..I am gettin my hair done. There we go that’s great so we only have three minutes to create our outfit. I’m gonna get This one these pants are creepy. Just like me. I just hope they don’t creep down my biner Uh-oh, I’m gonna need new pants. Oh, this is silly and scary and they fit yeah, this is sewing hey I’m gonna make them see that sure is kind of scary though. Okay. Yeah, this is good so far. I need a hair accessory With a hair accessory, I’m gonna be the prettiest one on the runway I’ll do this oh Gosh, I look like really scary you guys might not want to see me. I’m gonna wait VIP Why do I have? Okay, let’s go in you’re gonna. Be really scared oh I feel like a winner. Oh geez okay Bella Mel um I’ll give her two she’s pretty good, I’ll give her to you copier not cuz she’s silly answer She is not last ones she gets zero I’m just kidding. I think mine is literally the best though like mine’s good I’ll give him a two that was decent Prediction I’m next It’s time to strip master yes No gimme five Gold I’m going in first place. No, I’m gonna be in first place. Last but not least. That’s kind of scary, oh gosh. it’s me , it’s me, it’s me…oh Hey had you got one more star than me? Whoa? Oh, whoa wanna look at my cheering Okay, why would you like? Do a produce okay? I want the dude now here what I can’t see. Oh, thanks boy We are going fashion frenzy, the category is…Total wreck You need to look like you just got like beat up or like you just got out of car crash like MA Like how she looks everyday, yeah I’m going in this VIP section. You’re lucky. Yeah, they have good clothes in here, okay? I need to go to the guys clothing. Oh, I don’t have any clothes on yeah. Oh, I look so trashed I need a shirt. That’s wrecked Oh yeah, that much second. What should I do? I want to go in the girls clothing. Ilex..wait up But wait there’s nothing trash to wear look this is trash. No nothing’s trash I got trash see all the boys clothes look like trash. Oh..oh oh .BOOM Gosh everybody’s gonna be way better. I’m gonna be your third place. Oh, she’s not trash boy. No don’t vote for her. What the heck is going on. What u doing. He’s not that good I’ll give him one just like. Somebody’s farted. When she came back don’t work again oh I’m so gonna win What’s this round I hope this rounds actually good family Yeah, I’m gonna be good at this one. I have experience Jacob I already know what to get Yeah, that’s good Okay, which one should I do? There we go okay. I need to go get my clothes. No way I can make my hair like that No cool I’m hiding in the tube, so I don’t want you to find me hello. Hey Lex I think we should get married since we’re going to a family wedding What dough hook I need to get in the face boy. That’s not wedding material. Go change your hair I literally have 30 more seconds. I’m just hiding in the tubes because I don’t want anybody to find me and copy me. What the…run before u craze. It is time to vote for the best. No girl what you do it, that is not a widow The girl what you’re doing did she just copy me I think she’s copying me Just like your looks. I tried my girl you did not try your bed What’s your worst Oh Roasting up in here Oh Oh my gosh, they actually copied me though look at your screen no pun so bad. Yeah $2 – going Ports again, I’m done Tape on the stove, no I’m not leaving this let’s just go get some more juice Okay, you guys we’ll be back in a minute I Was gonna take one last time famous celebrity everybody chipped in what should we do? Chase is kissing the wall how about this one right here was that like some Liberty here girl No on the other side here Okay, okay quit yelling at me wacky black glasses Hey right there Yeah, I do like a charming smile like oh if I gotta be famous. Yeah, I could be like GQ Fame. It’s like that This one yes famous. How you doing? Here yeah, no I need a new body. I need a muscled body. Oh Joe that’s pretty famous Bonnie come say hi sure okay, all right Okay wears shorts right here Yeah, that doesn’t really look famous. Oh, I need some beats headphones All right there boom baye. I got the beats or all famous people have elephant trunks trunks They don’t all Drive elephant trucks only the super rich ones! or miss Chu Ridge All first up it’s me. Don’t me get some points guys. It’s duddy, okay I’m cheating vote for me. Yeah Okay fine, and I guess Lex – Who is this. I don’t know Chase. One stars we did not let you in dude. You look like a famous celebrity that had a lot of issues and big Drunks great this outfit girl. You look kind of okay? Oh, yeah – I’m sure she’s a gamer for sure Yes, she really does look famous. I was just being a hater right then and there whoa she’s just whacking Stop Bravo Family Channel break this outfit. I don’t see an outfit so oh whoa she’s a teleporter all right because she’s a teleporter I’m gonna give her eight five okay. What whoa this chick looks like Maleficent? It’s it’s Memphis Tenn thing Oh, man, yeah this chase crap there. Oh, he’s better than the chase. I know Oh Burn baby burn You’re so cringe the results are in Be nice Please voted for us Thank You chase. I’ll say nice to you even though you are. Oh, well as our Chase is cute ^-^

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  1. Sdtv I wish you play Roblox and I hope you find new games because I'm having a new nose and if you want to watch my videos just put my name its name is Luna if you really need me just ask bye

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