FGTEEV Minecraft Lucky Block Race #1: We Are Such Cheaters & Mom’s a Noob (Mod Mini-Game)

my little son what are you doing here i´m wreck it ok nobody eles me ok mom no cares shawn i love u a bibibobo chase play minecraft and mom me it’s mommy chase and me w u babana? polina good day of shcool yeah chase polina: yes of couse we r playng hole block minecraft oh god ok no k fine u lose u dadase u win cup mmooomm mom: what i love u mom:i love too bro c: black no Walter money around the world
now I need to know oh alrighty so when i’m in green all right wait somehow where I got to
get over here how do we get over their money you like mess this up alright money oh come on now my pink you
switch sides of me we ok now i’m at blue press button if
you want to count down do we want to count down one person press that start
of race aren’t what’s up on your marks way I gets n go all right all right when we got first
now it’s something on the way that way when we have for now no I got blown up all right hey wait i’m back with Chase wait I don’t know what happened like
with chase our man on the only be some serious part court I don’t filter hammer there we go hello
hello No hi this is officer a bad start a snood what one with Bobby
good luck how do i get to the other side now is that you’re doing that to me find
the ring not now peaceful facebook who is doing
that to me i need to do parkour okay go okay here i am a mommy sad I gotta get to the blue side good luck
everybody oh you’re paid your money no no turn to creative we have to
destroy that with it all right get out of this way with her get out of the way whether i can tell me
destroy the weather luckily this weather I’ve got to too
many TMT might have a lightning dynamite we need I need I will after all right
I’ve got the winter spring hey I’m I can’t get it that’s the way there are you ready take
this with her I got the winner bane I got the winter
break ya up all right guys back to normal there we
go Bob’s I gotta sprint all the way over no all right no chase chase no fair
chase is going to finish first lucky black race is not going to get on
it I keep falling all right I need to get back to my blue
side your little i love me know your pink I just think all right good luck you
know what I got two blocks up just building me a little yellow brick road
even though they’re not you have a blocks really yea year ago how come you’re not
breaking one weight loss what I don’t know what you’re talking
about lady because you lost it did you really lose a pickaxe no friends
press z mommy needs some serious help money is
no pick axe I’m gonna throw your pickaxe where are
you here’s that one the one rule though I’m
throwing it back to the start because you don’t get a head start right yes boom I mommy go back to the
start for you to get a pickaxe sorry about that I chase if I was you I
would be sitting there trying to finish this race I have to use mommy side to get back to
my eye on you here we go we’re going in yes right
there and boom yeah skeleton horses all look one
survived no mommy doesn’t idea is the figure just on your marks weight gets
that way when it took so long it’s get set go again just click them do
you have the pickaxe know right now you’re using wall mommy press number
five oh my goodness Molly senior bhutto how you doing today yes alrighty what is that all right but i gotta help
my career press six look 1 2 3 4 5 6 C corresponds
to the numbers no get it you’re just throwing the the guys it looks like i’m
gonna win wait chases winning ya know going to
jason’s wedding a 5 I love it here but it here no I’m losing wait chase one now okay so you even in
their own life doing this I like it out of here wait what does this mean what I can’t
see your screen right now I’m totally I’m done alright cool well i’m using chases side
sprinting there we go I gotta get back to my side we live over let me over to
my side alrighty and oh there’s the day oh hello
Molly yeah haha i just shot you wait there’s a song in my block wait a
sec did you get all your blocks what is this thing now on the guardian or guardian I got a
guardian chase where are you doing how you doing well with the baby came from
but chase did you win I don’t get it now uh-huh more lucky blocks together yeah yeah I left you like yeah okay all
right here with the rain all right here we go in I’m spreading
getting back i get back to my side chase – I think you want to trip no more
blocks at your side all Guardian take this with the weather vane yeah haha breaking ball oh I don’t know but I gets golden apples
are hello all right boom boom boom take that
critical wins yes all right Harry all all it takes is
done there’s a whole nother side is the lucky sheep I’m sorry I like you see dude we gotta snap chase from winning we
got what is that thing oh my gosh we’re going to fix that we
got a bit with who I am oh I love the villagers you need to get
all the blocks or chest what’s inside when I got an apple ok cool boy i got higher leggings for
MCTV were told me how to do is boom all just shift and click thank you a few
teacher you know who you are i’ll see if i could find your comment on
the screen I’m gonna put it on the screen they smash bros your screens frozen all
that kind of stinks for you all know what does this mean oh my gosh is that it was like a truck
there’s more there’s more oh my gosh just when you thought it was
over are at the end okay i’m doing good though in 10 great about not a little high yes I cool boom cool bunch of flowers
that’s good – did you win now that you’re back in
the beginning I’m gonna win picture frame low-lying I parkour all I
think it’s hard work wait it out of the water and we’re gonna
try oh no a swordsman that is after me how short – you want some of this yeah
take this starts taking haha I ready in just over ok parkour and I
state park over there – okay when you’re ready to submit that money well there’s your problem well because I
stink at parkour all right in I didn’t which one is that one is lucky ones that
so that was lucky it okay look both lucky to look at me I like flowers oh no oh no run run Oh photo as I actually back far enough yeah
I don’t know how I’m gonna get it how am I gonna get across that way I got
to get across the change that you near me now will you wait no I’m gonna win oh no how do I guess yeah baby I’m with
it oh no get out of my way mom is lucky block wait the one wife cactus is to destroy
what is this my lane 26 26 seconds 43 all right violin really a guy that I do
that I want okay what was that what was that yeah
it’s raining baby chicks oh no not out with a baby where’s my
weather babe haha no oh it’s all right she did you do with the pop huh mommy
what are you doing over there we go over distress jump I’m being attacked by storm while trying
to help mommy mommy is not the way too good on her first time right now I don’t think I don’t think she’s gonna
win anyways oh I’m going against the current want to get the current what did
i just pass along your block I got to go back only those lot of those
lava and I was a lot of that out oh no you don’t have to break chest now she’s over here breaking chest only
lucky the box such a new ball oh no no change you
cannot be your daddy oh no I’m not going to make this wow this is like this lucky block race
is harder than I thought am I allowed to cheat by like going and
chase site out out out I’ll get through the cat dies no no haha
my friend Max night I mile later huh huh what what yeah you
got a winner Spain yeah educating you took mine now call
anyways ah you did that you got that this means
war cheese ok this is it this is it yeah oh no get back one thing you buy out
your low dude I’m never gonna make it I’m never making this there’s no way I’m
going to make this what are you breaking out out out out our now brown cow watch out for me once you get your rain we get this is a
race no yeah like I’m going on man we have two doing I don’t know money
press f5 she’s asking why can’t you see herself all right here we go I’m getting my
lucky black to a little chest you know what I got a need some help you also let me just let me just eat a
little bread right here come on come on get a little bread and i’m going to
actually know what I’m not that hungry but anyways acd Eddie’s you can shape fine two can play that game all your play
normally now you know what since mommy is like so far bank money where are you hey haha it’s rami I’m gonna I’m gonna
help mommy out you guys want to see how I’m going to help her out but it is ok
here we go there any money here what I’ll get a little lower for you here I go you ready my for real for real ok that Mommy type in /font . will let
you start from there ok bye mommy bye mommy mother mrs. banana mom let me see
even and mommy are you appreciate to shake your head for yes look at me look at me look at me they
are all chicken no on the game was kept me in the game not in real life hi shake your hand are
you appreciate it up all right you get start from there okay
mommy I’m cool mom had such a hard time we do
a little break but now I mean I’m like forgetting about chase this good is
probably wedding hall something’s gonna fall from the sky oh my god oh I’m gonna trip follow guys
I’m sorry guys i’m kinda cheating guardian whoo whoo whoo all know have mining 15 there’s no way of dealing with four
minutes of mining fatigue I’m sorry now no I’m getting some milky
plan haha I diancie little bit in mining 40 gone i
know i’m cheating but there’s a cut they would take me way too long how do you get a double jump here oh my
god spot boy all right we had I do this all in ah that no no I was trying to get one
two three run and jump yeah I’m going to die I’m talking again I’m not gonna make it here’s here’s how
we’re gonna get past this fake you thank you Oh fire all I don’t know definitely
don’t use a block like I’m doing perfect whether you are no way you could
not be here now your ship i watch look at me Mommy hey
you missed this lucky block you know anyone button with a 90 what is
that what is that ok cool to block a globe oh I don’t always just a car that’s not
important and at home I we got we got to get passes do chase chase bullet this
area over here whatever that was about it right here on flowers who cares about
flowers right and then what’s that we got some armor dude are you at the end jaiswal when I
got out where I go I don’t know where I just when I went
somewhere crazy I a mommy what do you mean mommy look over here chillin high
five don’t follow me we be haha alright it mommy stuck over there and are now not a
wall and all those bad guys get there no no no with his pain not with us let’s go pee I by I thought not much looks like i never was gonna win yes we hope that you can just went out this
with my money chase said to me Monica win without him
seeing is so sweet had all these bad guys get here what’s going on I’ll get this lucky
block no respawn all right here I go on up ok wow what is that what are you guys
gonna do there I’m sorry we’re just going to get a
little crazy here you’re ready and how about how we use a little bit of this ready
and now All Right game on as all you guys want
some of this take that one out thank you myself all right after I know mommy getting to
get off on a cheater yeah we know wrong I think we’re all kind of get a
little anxious to finish this game right now just kind of going on this is our first lucky black race mrs.
like pretty crazy oh no doubt no doubt no doubt whether
his pain whether it’s been okay how about this mommy you could you could not play I don’t know what the sick alright
hearing boom I’m sticking with the winners oh I money side of money just help you
with a block you’re welcome here we go from cool blocks and then but while where am I think I
was just like darkness time wait wait wait wait I want bad guys bad guys with
a friend with her friend whether bread I got with her bread auto right here
back oh yeah you guys want to do this what you wanted you’re gonna want to
order one I’m going I’m going I’m going on now now huh ok i’m cheating again haha once in the chest nothing that I want nothing I want
because we’re not playing we’re not playing the right way to chickens I got chickens I don’t want chicken stew
out of 11 what i want what i need that for one bubble my little son what are
you doing here I’m gonna wreck my son you sick of our
fine i will all this take guests and a fan oh do chase I’m gonna win through or TNT
sweet if only I can get some levers hello away one of these pressure bleats
OH you can go on then what ha ha ha what maybe you should throw in the coin I
don’t know boy i have on a little you guys want to milk bucket at the
sacrifice of milk bucket i sacrifice bread why do so many runs I
don’t know how to get around this so this is how we’re gonna do it go and find odds let’s be back in the
beginning no I think Chase is almost at the end oh yeah what’s that are I don’t need
that will chase has a lot of stuff well there’s your problem one ok your
own leggings oh yeah what I’m doing the thing side
wait why am i doing thank gosh way I was just doing the pic blocks well that’s right now i have mining
fatigue and I threw out my milky i started my milky way who cares i’m going back into it I
finally ready everybody go get some milk our milky milk drinks and milky funny look and she said mommy I’m not
visible Chase has a lot of stuff going on
although I got a mess around with his guardian come on guardian it’s you versus me with
the width of a me oh wait a sec okay i need i need some
armors other climbers I have no armors know our Marino’s all
right and how am I going to do is I just got it I just got a crowd I got a gun I got a
sneak I got a sneak ok I’m not here I’m not here huh ya know
I thought my weather is right i did my way there ok cool he’s not he’s not here that I do
it again all right i’m such a new boom cool quickly for the garden comes back
for lefty villager no thank you we need to keep an eye on
the Guardian see if he’s around is he around no cool alrighty we’re here
and what’s this nothing ah wait what is that wait Oh unable to locate no no down I just can’t do this oh wait where’s my
side and here we go come on boy I don’t know funny I see
mommy passing by come out of all this is just taking too long how about we just do this and we’re okay
i’m almost done ladies and gentlemen I’m almost time to go over well just like yeah yeah it’s going to be
better i shall name him Tommy hello Tommy thank you for keeping this
pad clear well as whispers to you listen to me you are in grave danger you need
to run now take this mushroom know okay wait wait ha ha because there’s crazy monsters in my is
your world black – huh oh yes yes and then lucky black now respawn ok with a spin Oh what was it auto Bob you’re back
you’re back you’re back you’re back who I’m safe right no it keeps coming alright cool I’m safe no I gotta get on
the pink side mommy i’m using your side hope you don’t
mind I’ll help you out and break a block for you are cool ok it’s just a slight house ok and
button what is that to run and jump balance ok
i’m running and we go no going to die why totally got tricked
you why do my son what I don’t want to be
down here I want to be a very with the rest of the
world ok bye bye love value when you’re drinking I’m ly drink I don’t know why I’m
surviving should have died in I hear it go and okay right here we can write the
last one . at the finish I ready run and jump yes in the water oh yeah epic epic jump book yeah i’m gonna win but that’s 40 again what oh no the game more here we go I see the ending I see the ending I see the ending I’m
not gonna tell you Molly oh I have so many boys died is that
that’s included in the driver sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry it’s
just that I can’t take it with you and I’d rather I’d rather you be gone then
just stay here and suffer without the presence of your master swordsman sorts
of it and suck even a jack and haha huh any way through but you do this this
is the final blah you want a way to do it wait the final you hit the final on that’s because you didn’t hit in
survival haha mommy’s which me out ha ha ha ha ha ha what is this a cell oh I just all I just
fine i just swim up here we’re glad you went up here blogger
child doesn’t count look did you do this getting this TV your
kind of cheating now here we go look look lunch black yeah blow has won
the Rose your foot space for mommy funny they just want to see your face
because it’s in it guys make sure you try to finish the
world because it’s gonna be really cool and there’s
not gonna be any obstructions whatsoever don’t you worry don’t you worry about
them nothing is going to stop you guys from just finishing ok guys and your dog hmm yeah I can’t possibly see how you’re
going to marry your daughter and I what we have here pvp arena one what yeah ya are not soon
we can never play fairs in it takes too much work to play fear that’s about it that was the lucky
blocks race with tnt mod and lots of destruction g lots of cheating Oh No now the buns are gone no the buns are
gone ah however gonna get back we have no way I’m not allowed to use
command blocks no game over here alright y’all so that was our survival
rates and we’ll eat it i won your game or create here well you
so much families and put it back to survival
it’s too hard to play these games like without you your butt is a 10 why would you sit down
and let’s make a lot of noise all right say goodbye you guys thanks to
sell the Mustangs up for watching peace and good but what about their mission probably not let it come on oh how did
you like the game shun how did you like the game Shaun why you
staring at me like that got a booger in my nose and he’s like
yeah totally do you have a sugar daddy

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