Film Theory: Rey is the Next Darth Vader! (Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker)

Milk does a body good That’s gross. Oh sure green milk grosses you all out but no one had any complaints back when I was drinking blue milk… Hello Internet Welcome to film theory where nothing in this entire vast universe can stop me from trying to correctly predict something ANYTHING about Star Wars. That’s right folks today I will pay my respects to the age-old belief that if you fail at something you should try try again Even if it threatens to turn you into the Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars theories I mean I’ve been wrong about Star Wars so many times that even me joking about being wrong about Star Wars is an opening that I’ve already used in a previous Star Wars video. A video where surprise surprise I end up being wrong yet again.. But in the words of someone important I forget exactly who: “Let the past die kill it if you have to” and so I have I’ve killed it burying it in the Middle of the Arizona desert burned off my fingerprints to make sure nothing has ever traced back to me And so I’m back to the scene of the crime with a solid idea of what’s gonna happen in the other major blockbuster finale we have coming out later this year: “Star Wars Episode nine: Rise of Skywalker” It’s a solid theory based on canon lore solid narrative beats seated into past movies even some necessary business decisions on the part of Disney, then again we’ve seen how much the last movie cared about all that stuff… *BRUH* Today’s theory all starts with one thing the laugh that lit the internet on fire *Palpatine laughing* Nope that’s not Pennywise at the end of the episode 9 trailer we get ourselves the iconic laugh of our old pal Sheev, Sheev Palpatine the evil emperor himself raisin face I mean what is this guy doing back outside a very clearly trying to win back fans be a nostalgia Prompt analysis videos like this one asking that very question but also fill in the obvious caping villain role that these movies now have after: But i mean Outside of small reasons like that from a narrative standpoint. What is she doing back here? Last we saw the Emperor, he was.. well.. kinda deader than a mannequin being thrown off the catwalk and exploding into an energy core why? How? I have so many questions and that is what our theory is today Predicting the role that Emperor Palpatine will play in the upcoming finale to the Star Wars and nonology You don’t hear too frequently people talking about nine part series as an nonology But that’s technically the correct term. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my belief that Sheev Palpatine Aka Darth Sidious Aka Dark Lord of the Sith himself Created Rey. That Rey is a part of an elaborate plot by the Emperor to live on even in the face of death Sounds extreme right? I know! It is That’s why it’s so exciting because it sounds so stupidly absurd and yet You know that I wouldn’t be claiming this in an episode of this show if I didn’t have any evidence to back it up [Rey]: “I feel the conflict in you, it’s tearing you apart” [JF]: “Ya tearing me apart Lisa”. So no more conflict friends. Let me show you what I got See if I can draw you over to my side of the force. First let’s take a look at Sheev himself. In Revenge of the Sith Palpatine tells a young Anakin Skywalker about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise according to Palpatine: [Palpatine]: “Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise He could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create Life.” Now quick note here. With the release of the new Star Wars movies many people have called into question Controversial additions to the universe that were made during the prequels including most famously the midi-chlorians What are midi-chlorians? [Qui-Gon]: “Midi-chlorians are a microscopic life-form that resides within all living cells, they continually speak to us telling us the will of the force” Are these things still canon? I mean so many Star Wars fans want them to not be, but the official answer is: Yeah, Yeah They absolutely are. The rule of thumb here is that if it appears in the movies or if it appears in a few select books that were published after 2015 it is still canon And if we’re talking about questionable canonicity I mean heck in the last Jedi Luke uses a Doppelganger technique to trick Kylo Ren when fans jumped at the fact that this seemed like a brand-new Jedi trick coming out of nowhere writer and director Rian Johnson took to Twitter to prove that it was in “The Jedi Path” a manual for students of the force a 2010 book that wasn’t considered canon by Most, but to Rian Johnson it was fair game So basically what is and isn’t canon in this franchise can best be summarized like this: [Han]: “So we’ll figure it out” [Finn]: We’ll use The Force [Han]: “That’s not how The Force works!” *Chewie Growls* But that disclaimer aside Where were we again? Oh, yeah. [Palpatine]: “Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise he could use The Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create.. Life So we know that somewhere out there extreme sensitivity to the force allows for control over life itself So who is Darth Plagueis? Well, it doesn’t matter cuz he’s dead son Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew Then his apprentice killed him in his sleep When Anakin asks if it’s possible to learn the power to create life and keep people from dying Palpatine tells him Yes, but not from a Jedi What Palpatine doesn’t tell Anakin at the time is that Darth Plagueis’s apprentice Darth Sidious is none other than Emperor Palpatine himself and now we’re getting somewhere because this tells us that Palpatine does indeed have the power to create life using the force or at the very least has knowledge that the force can be used to manipulate Life-forms in some way but what cause would he have to do something like that? Well, though we don’t hear a lot about this in the films. It’s been very well established through supplemental canonical materials like shattered Empire Aftermath novels in the last Jedi expanded edition that Emperor Palpatine made numerous Contingency orders in the event of his early and untimely death and when I say numerous contingency plans, I don’t mean one I don’t mean two or even ten I am talking 150 I guess it’s best to be over-prepared as he himself says in the novel aftermath quote if an empire Sorry, it just kind of sounds wrong in my usual voice. I try this again frog voice [In Frog Voice]: Frog Voice, I’m the Emperor As I say in the novel aftermath: “If an empire cannot protect its Emperor then that Empire must be deemed a failure. It collapses not only because its central figure is gone, but because it must not be allowed to remain!” In short these contingency plans were meant to be a final screw you to everyone who had a hand in his death but like the most extreme screw you possible since you know the entailed mass death at a galactic scale, a giant self-destruct plan that eradicate the rebels while also cutting out most of his former Empire Eliminating all the weakness within it so that its strongest elements live on and rebuild to be stronger than before I’ve actually talked in depth about one of these particular plans over on game theory Operation: Cinder Which was the contingency plan featured prominently in Star Wars Battlefront 2 again a canonical source of lore where satellites were used to permanently change the climates of planets into hostile deadly storms Okay. So we’ve established that Palpatine has control over life and has a bunch of plans laid out for his untimely death It’s also probably worth noting here that one element of his contingency plan directly resulted in the creation of the first order Yeah I’m sure he wasn’t the only one wondering where these guys came from at the beginning of Star Wars Episode Seven. You go from Episode six with happy dancing teddy bears and another Death Star explosion given a final kick in the balls to the Empire and then suddenly the force awakens starts where it’s like: “Oh, yeah, there are these other new guys now” I mean I was in the theater being like: “WhAt?! where do they come from?” I’m sorry. All we’re given is that Luke leaves and suddenly the rebellion is like: “Whoops. We happen to let in the space Nazis Oh, yeah and PS: They also have a bigger death ball” dear rebellion here’s some real talk for ya If one space magician takes a vacation and he can’t detect a giant planet of death sneaking in under your noses maybe you shouldn’t be the ones in charge of things Oh, and by the way you one minute text scroll in front of the movies setting up everything that I’m supposed to know about Sorry, that’s not enough information for me! Anyway, rant aside, The First Order was born in a pretty complicated way but born nonetheless from Palpatine’s contingency plans true to his plan the weak parts of the Empire were cold away those who remained Retreated into the unknown regions of space aboard Emperor Palpatine’s mega ship “The Eclipse” they came back stronger They came back as The First Order as it said in the book quote: “It’s time to start over. That is our first order. To begin again. And to get it right, this time.” See there it is: “First Order”. So we have ourselves contingency plans, force driven life control and a connection to the events that we see playing out in the movies But what does any of this have to do with Rey and Rise of Skywalker? Cuz yeah, I remember that That was the thesis. I started this entire episode out with well buckle up friends because it’s time we talk about the Jakku observatory. Yeah the very same Jakku where Rey was left and grew up on the Jakku observatory was part of a network Of observatories across the galaxy built by none other than Emperor Palpatine himself as part of those death Contingency plans. Not all that much is said about the Jakku observatory But we do know some crucial details about it. One: that it housed ancient Sith relics. Two: that in building it he had to bore down to the center of the planet and three: that Palpatine outright says he considers jakku very Important to his plans to quote from the book: Palpatine told him that once the world was verdant– overgrown with green and home to oceans. He said that though the surface of the world shows it, the core still has that vital spark of life essence… “Are you ready?” Rax asked Palpatine’s old advisor? “I am Palpatine lives on. we will find him again out there in the dark. Everything has arranged itself as our master foretold.” So we have ourselves a mysterious station that houses powerful ancient force relics built by the Emperor Who is paranoid about dying which drills down to the core of a planet that we’re explicitly told has untapped life essence and all of this is happening on Rey’s home planet, a planet where, mind you, she has no memories of her parents or her childhood. A desert planet, that according to the Star Wars Episode nine trailer, we’re gonna be revisiting in this latest movie. That doesn’t get your midi-chlorians and a twist I don’t know what will. So we’ve got ourselves a motive a method and a location all of which coming from Palpatine’s side But what about rey herself have, there been any clues to this being her possible origin in the movies? Well, yeah actually There’s been plenty of evidence toward that we’ve certainly seen signs of a possible Dark Side connection from her, and it all begins here, the mirror cave from The Last Jedi. When she first begins her training with Luke In The Last Jedi she’s immediately drawn to this mysterious tunnel underground which symbolically leads directly to darkness That’s not all, Rey gives into it even after being warned against it by Luke. She descends into the cave to find her parents it’s a clear parallel to Luke’s trip into the cave and Dagobah during his training but instead of being fearful of what she sees inside like Luke is, Rey is calm and she herself says: But here’s the biggest kicker, when Rey asks to see her parents She sees two figures morph into one and then a reflection of herself appears. It’s odd it’s like the cave is playing a prank on her despite her being comfortable in this place and seemingly mastered its use she ends up not getting the answers that she wanted out of this thing I mean this cave is either the world’s biggest jerk or it actually did answer the questions she asked. Consider this: maybe it doesn’t show her parents because she has Maybe it shows her two figures merging into one because she only does have one parent: Palpatine Which is then revealed to be herself because that’s all there is There’s Palpatine and then her she’s a clone of Palpatine or a little girl who was manipulated by Palpatine or whatever symbolism and explanation you want, take your pick I’m not exactly sure what she is just that she was created or manipulated in some way by Palpatine as a revenge plot And lastly, let’s think about what this would mean for the story. First, It would address one of the biggest mysteries of these last three movies in a satisfying new way instead of Rey’s parentage Literally being a throwaway plot thread something used to string us along or make some wider point about not being special It suddenly would have a payoff established and believable within the existing lore clones and force Manipulation are canonical things that every casual fan of the series knows no need to have Mary Poppins flying through space this time and after the controversial reception of the last movie and then solo after it – Star Wars nees something huge that’s gonna be well-liked by pretty much all audiences who go to see this thing It’s also pretty easy to retcon this into the story as it’s going I mean sure Kylo Ren in the last Jedi tells Rey that her parents are nobodies, but how would he know the emperor’s plot? How could he know the emperor’s plot? He especially wouldn’t know about the Emperor’s secret plan because this was Palpatine’s last big secret Sheeve’s contingency plans brought back his empire through the first order and now the highly force sensitive girl with questionable parentage that just so happens to be on the planet where he has a weird laboratory is starting to get lured away by the dark side I don’t know about you, but that certainly feels like a viable candidate for Palpatine’s replacement. Thematically. It works well, too it makes all 9 movies in this franchise about the Skywalker’s and the Palpatine’s our heroes and our villains the prequels are all about Anakin Skywalker growing up under the guidance of Darth Sidious a corrupting force. Then we have the original trilogy all about the Skywalker’s both Anakin and Luke dealing with Palpatine and his Emperor at the height of its power and now this new trilogy is about the new wave of Skywalker Luke passing it on to kylo Ren who remember is Leia son a Skywalker Even if she’s never really called that dealing with Palpatine from beyond the grave in the form of Rey There’s also that good old George Lucas quote that we mentioned all the time Palpatine actually sets up the potential for a rhyming story with kylo Ren the character that we’ve seen as Rey’s counterpart through these movies He’s a villain.. sort of, but at the end of The Force Awakens We see him flirt with being good in the last Jedi that struggle continues Meanwhile, we have ourselves Rey who’s been flirting with the darkness. She’s exposed to it more and more So if Kylo were to emerge from the darkness and Ray were to descend into it BAM Classic Star Wars counterpoint parallelism. It’s poetic. It’s satisfying and darn it What a great twist for the girl to be the main villain And most importantly if this theory were to be true it steeped in enough grounded lore and established characterization That fans won’t have petitions to remake the whole darn thing But again I’ve made strong cases for theories that would have reflected excellent storytelling in the past been wrong before but you know what it’s fine I’m not bitter.. much! So there you have it theorists Rey was created by Palpatine or his loyal followers in the event of his death on Jakku at the Jakku Observatory That’s why we hear his laugh [Palpatine Laughing] why by the end of Rise of Skywalker she’ll have gone complete villain explains Rey’s natural talents with the force her inclination towards the dark side and Palpatine’s return in the upcoming film all while being super poetic and Emphasizing the classic Star Wars themes about the struggles between good and evil. And let’s just face it It’s a great twist to have this girl who’s been set up as our hero be the ultimate villain all along but hey, that’s just a theory a film theory and cut Then that Empire must be deemed Oh need a glass of water after that voice wasn’t even close I don’t even know why I try. Why did I choose to write that in the script like here? Let me write in an opportunity for me to show the internet how much I suck at impressions. At least it’s different sounding voice I guess frog voice

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