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if this is your first time here I’m
Ileane Smith and today I want to talk to you about how to get ideas for topics
for your podcast or your blog polls or your live streams or just in general
now I had this issue this morning and that’s why I decided to cover this topic
in fact I started to do this stream over on Instagram but I thought you know what
this is too good to just do on a 24 hour broadcast over on Instagram I think my
YouTube folks would enjoy this topic because I started to come up with some
ideas about how to get ideas and so I want to share some of them with you but
first there is some little adjustments here that I wanted to do and one of my
favorite filters on YouTube live is called beam and I see someone is here so
I would love it if you would say hi in the chat area and this was really like I
said intended to be a Instagram live but oh hey Larry but at the last minute I
said you know what this is a darn good topic and I think a lot of people will
benefit from some of the ideas and also I would love love love to hear your
ideas about how you get good topic ideas so I’ll start first that only makes
sense right one of the things that folks like to do
is to “how did crypto-currencies meeting go” Oh cryptocurrency is a great topic to
cover and yesterday my daughter Nicole Purvy she has a media company called
better than success and they just moved over to a new office
which is in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia and so she’s able to do
more events and classes so yesterday was a crypto currency class and it was
Jabbar fair-weather another guy named AJ ephra can’t remember a EJ’s last name
and then take who is a financial wizard and a financial consultant so we got the
presentation about the Bitcoin and the crypto currencies and boy did that blow
my mind because it taught me a lot a whole lot of that I didn’t know and so
that is a great way to introduce my first method for getting topic ideas and
that is through the news what’s trending what is happening in the news and even
though sometimes that means that your content may not be evergreen it just all
depends upon exactly what is happening like for example if I was to talk about
the weather of course that’s not going to be evergreen unless there was some
catastrophic event right but talking about cryptocurrency Bitcoin ripple
theorem and all that stuff that they were discussing yesterday and as a
matter of fact that class is available as a virtual class and I highly
recommend anybody who just wants to educate themselves just go over to
better than slash Bitcoin just want to make the name
of the class simple although way more was covered than just Bitcoin so so that
is one of the ways that you can get good topic ideas is by following what’s going
on in the news and I know like for example with the crypto currencies they
were up and down and up and people are making a killing and
people are losing their shirts so there’s so many different ways you can
cover that topic from the education piece which is what they did yesterday
and it wasn’t about and trying to encourage folks to invest in Bitcoin it
was really a conversation starter it was a 101 class so that when people are
having this conversation around you about cryptocurrency you’re not sitting
there like what y’all talking about or what it means so you can be more
informed you can be more intelligent and since it’s not something that’s going to
go away quickly it’s good to get educated now it’s still relatively early
okay so being finding topic ideas in the news is a great way to get topic ideas
okay so now Larry if you’re still here I’d love to hear how did you determine
your latest topic idea for your latest piece of content whether whether it was
a video or a blog post because I know Larry snow and you guys can find him
here on YouTube just look for Larry snow and also his website is Larry snow dot
me he just put up a fantastic video and it was about MailChimp and pop-ups in
fact I have that share if I didn’t share yet it’s in my buffer queue Larry don’t
worry so that’s another way speaking of buffer and var will take actually I
think I scheduled it with viraltag somebody else is here so please check
high-type hi in the chat so I know who you are love to say hi to you oh and by
the way while you’re here please give the video a thumbs up alright the next
thing speaking of buffer and actually like I said I use viraltag
another way to get topic ideas is to go to social media now hello hello and that
is Jonathan hi I think this is your first time here so I appreciate you
thank you so much row hey hey hey what’s up Roy great great please give the video
a thumbs up guys and share it with your foot your friends so social media I do a
couple things okay Larry uses buzzsumo Google search YouTube search and morning
fame I’m gonna add that to my list I did not actually have a Google search on
there but instead I’m going to modify that a little and one of the ones that I
was going to talk about but didn’t write down yet
is Google Trends 5 a.m. here yeah it’s 7:30 you’re still up from last night Wow
Roy I tell you you are burning the midnight oil for sure your beep your
pasture oil good ok so we’re going to come back to Google Trends so social
media you know it’s interesting I’m speaking about how things change so
quickly with social media and all that stuff Twitter for some reason logs me
out all the time ok and I usually end up on the Twitter homepage which I find to
be used to be like a turn-off for me but after a while I realized that there are
some value on seeing what is kind of trending like why is everybody talking
about this particular celebrity or why is everybody talking about this thing or
if there was some type of catastrophe like I mentioned earlier natural
disaster all that it would always show up at the top of the Twitter homepage
but all of a sudden now they’re sending me to this blank homepage that just says
sign in so I find that rather disheartening but even with that said
once you log into Twitter you always see those trendy cash tags over on the
sidebar and some of them are just really fun mean
the Twitter community has a way of just making these crazy memes that may not be
great for topic ideas but however Twitter means is the topic idea hello my
queen the true royal family thank you and your your profile pic matches my
shirt so yes so um you know the hashtags that are over there and then on Mondays
as always Monday motivation and if there’s something going on in the
political scene even though I don’t talk about that kind of topic you may talk
about that kind of topic or you may figure out a way to spin off from a
political topic okay so for example let’s say you’re an artist or a
photographer something like that you may be talking about photography but you may
be able to work politics into that in your videos by talking about
photographing a certain political figure or protest of some sort or something
like that so that’s another way to get topic ideas social media mostly Twitter
now I have blinders on when I’m on Facebook
but I guess Facebook has that same thing over on the right-hand sidebar where as
Twitter the hashtags are over on the left-hand side but either way it’s a
great way to to mine those social platforms to find some topic ideas one
take a quick sip water like how I hit that logo guys
so the next thing okay we all have to go to the supermarket right and even though
we probably don’t get as many of them delivered in the mail anymore I would
suggest and when you’re at the supermarket take a stroll down the
magazine section or even if you’re at the drugstore
right go to the magazine I’ll you can even do that at convenience stores like
here we have Wawa and I know 7-eleven is a big one right wherever they have the
magazine’s section okay just go through those and look through those headlines
and you’re gonna get topic ideas and even if you you know grab a couple thumb
through them especially if there’s something that’s in your niche right
some through them and just grab some of those headlines you know and even if you
don’t use that particular headline or your spin on the headline I’m not of
course I’m not endorsing that you plagiarize anybody’s content but it’s
gonna give you ideas right cool yes I know the matching thing is very cool and
I can see it differently when I’m on my phone so I like that
mhm okay so I used magazine trends to determine my blog articles for the mall
paint kollene very seasonal great oh I love
that somebody else is using these ideas because then it doesn’t make it seem
like I’m just being totally random this is actually happening Colleen is doing
what I just said that y’all should do so follow Colleen matter-of-fact make sure
y’all follow each other click on those three dots next to the
comment over on the right hand side you’ll see the three dots and the top
one is go to channel she says it’s not random at all Colleen welcome welcome
open my new YouTube livestream Comintern Colleen called me how long you’ve been
subscribed to the channel or did you just see it on the YouTube homepage this
is my first time I think I’ve ever had a chance to engage with you so welcome
welcome welcome alright next podcasts a long time but back after a long illness
oh okay I’m so glad you’re feeling better my dear god bless podcasts
now I got to give a little disclaimer here some podcasters don’t have the
greatest of titles okay oh that oh it’s my night bye hey nightbot is here to
tell you guys what you need to do and you’ll see that it has my name at the
end of that time the so the podcasters don’t always have the bestest of titles
I got to be honest with you when it comes to all of the content creators out
there I would say cotton podcasters are ones that kind of pray need some help
with titles so once again like I said you’re going to look at those titles and
think about how you can tweak them to use them to your advantage and optimize
them and as Larry mentioned earlier using tools like morning Fame if you’re
youtuber and I highly recommend morning Fame you just go to Eileen dot link
slash morning Fame and it’s going to show you list of keywords same way with
two buddy although the process is a little different
hey Patricia great to see you although the process is a little different one
two buddy and once again Eileen dot link slash tube buddy
those are two YouTube tools but even if you don’t use them for your YouTube
titles you can use both of those tools to find titles for your podcast your
blog posts and your other content because they’re showing you what people
are searching for okay so and in a much nicer way and a much nicer interface
than the Google Keyword planner because I know some people will probably use
Google Keyword planner but if I go there I’m going to fall asleep before I get to
my answer because I don’t like the Google Keyword planner
however morning fame and to buddy have fantastic interfaces or or what they
call UX the user interface yeah and dashboards and they make it easier
for you to even decide and determine which key phrases that you want to use
so you get ideas from there and then you home that and another may be a topic
generator like HubSpot has one of those also you can get one over it there’s
another headline analyzer I just used the one on hip HubSpot and if I think of
the other one oh cool schedule I’m sorry coal squeaks
coal schedule has a headline analyzer so you can take those variations and that
just reminds me I’m gonna write that one down right now our friend answer the
public answer the public and I did a video about the answer the public here
on the YouTube channel and I’ll be sure to link it up with a card right here cuz
the cards when you’re filming it’s on your left but it’s actually on the right
but anyway the answer the public is a fantastic way to make sure you’re
generating some topic ideas and make sure that your headlines are answering
for questions that people want to know okay so alright next another great place
and in fact you guys have already contributed to this next topic you want
to know how or this next pointer of how to generate topic ideas and that’s
because it’s comment comments are such a fantastic way to generate topic ideas
you know you find out what people are talking about like say for instance
earlier Roy Montero he came in and he said that he’s still up at 5 a.m.
so what did I say he’s burning the midnight oil you know that conversation
that he and I had that could be a great topic idea about how not to burn the
midnight oil or how you tubers are burning the midnight oil trying to
comply with YouTube’s new you know parameters right hey you know you got a
tweet dad you got to work on that but you guys know what I’m saying that is a
topic idea even though that wasn’t even what we were talking about here it still
relates so this particular subject that we’re covering today kind of covers all
topics so you guys can tape any random thing in the chat and it was still work
okay no such thing as off topic because we’re talking about topics alright next
okay comments that come in on your blog post

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  1. Ileane, many great suggestions for topics here. I have another one to suggest. Since I like to do tutorial videos, and I've created many with – for example – Camtasia, I have found a wealth of ideas by being an active member of the Coummnity forum. Another idea is to go look at your competition – what topics are they covering?

  2. Thanks Ileane for the tips. Nice for you to be sharing this early in the morning.

  3. Hi Ileane Can you subscribe to my channel? We only have until Feb, 20th to get 1000 subs……Peace

  4. Good Morning Ms. Ileane thank you so much for inspiring me because of you I created my Podcast. Again never ending sincere gratitude. God bless you. Smile I love you. I am so behind with social media hehehehe again thank you for sharing all your knowledge as I am learning.


    Good And Effective Job Dear Sir

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