Finding Your Mission

Missions are things we tend to associate with
astronauts. If someone at a party asked you what you did, and you said you were involved
on a mission of some kind, people would look at you sort of strangely. But in truth, we’d
all benefit from focusing in on the purpose of our lives so that we can refer to them
as missions of one kind or another. When the entrepreneur Elon Musk was at university,
he asked himself very explicitly what his mission in life would be. He began by wondering
what the world needed most urgently, then he looked into himself to see what his talents
were and that led him to a list of four possible missions: space exploration, electric transportation,
Artificial Intelligence and rewriting the human genome. In the end, Elon Musk chose
the first two. Few of us will ever settle on missions as mighty as these, but the notion
of having a mission, rather than a mere job or hobby, remains widely applicable. How,
then, can we learn to adopt the mission mindset? – Firstly, what matters is to adopt a certain
seriousness about one’s life. The working bit will only be, at best, 50 years. So the
challenge is around focus: how can one reduce the range of one’s enthusiasms and see that
having so many interests is half the problem. Talk of a mission forces us to reduce what
we care about down to just a few very big things: it privileges precision over breadth.
You give yourself a specific target, aware of how much energy it will take to reach it.
– Secondly, a mission is about having a plan; and reducing the amount of times that,
because one has no clear goal, one gets swept along by the plans of others. – Then again,
a mission is different from an ambition. An ambition starts with what you want. A mission
centers around what others need. People with missions may well end up making money and
having status, but that isn’t what led them to the mission in the first place. Missions
are about the intrinsic worth of tasks. – The search for a mission requires you to ask:
among all the problems facing humanity, what are the ones that properly interest me? Be
alive to the small-scale but authentic concerns. – Having focused on a problem of humanity
that feels right for you, you then need to take an honest look at your own aptitutes.
What truly are your talents? What can you contribute? That may require a lot of introspection,
career counselling and experimentation. – Then, where your skills and aptitudes intersect
with the needs of the world, that is your distinctive zone: that’s where your mission
lies. – A mission isn’t a mission because it is grand, but because it is precise. Examples
of modest but crucial missions might be: – a mission to improve the care that the elderly
receive at the end of their lives – or a mission to teach children music in an engaging
way – or a mission to get the best pizzas out to the customers of north Liverpool or
downtown San Diego. – Conceiving of a mission requires us to throw off an attitude of inner
serfdom, where we imagine that only other people have the right to plan their lives
– and everyone else must just surrender to accidents and random whims of employers.
– We can and should all have missions. With a mission in hand, the next time you’re
at a party, you won’t need to keep the conversation at the level of where you’re employed, you
can answer with reference to the underlying logic of what you are up to. You can, with
no space helmet to your name, legitimately announce that you’re in this earth with
a mission to carry out. Thank you for watching, liking and subscribing. If you want more, why not visit us in person and attend a class? Or take a look at our shop at the link on your screen now.

100 thoughts on “Finding Your Mission

  1. Damn School of Life how come you always come up when I'm really thinking about some topic?

  2. Is that the BWV 1048 (an allegro from the Brandenburg Concertos) in the Bach… I mean back?

  3. I think you shoundn't start with Elon Musk – this gives us impression that the Mission has to be something epic.


    This is a sum up of this channel from a Real philosophical point of view

  5. I found this to be one of the more interesting to listen to but one of the least helpful.

  6. Thinking and deciding our mission first involves, at least in my opinion having confidence that you can truly make that decision. Many people are allowing themselves to be overly influenced by other people when it comes to this, when nobody should or can make this decision for you. Even if you are having doubts, and face consequences of your own choices, you are the one that has to make the most important decisions. If you want to avoid regret, this is the easiest way to do it.

    Much like TSOL – I have a philosophy channel. You don't need to but if you are willing to spare some time to look at my channel, thank you!

  7. My promise was to do good if I ever got out of the gutter that was my life. I've been homeless and it's no joke. Now recovered, I can finally focus on my life long mission (always had one) instead of just surviving. What chilling timing, very accurate.

  8. I've wanted to study birds as a job since I was a little kid, but there are few ornithologists in this world and seemingly few uses for them. Anyway, my point is, I don't know what an ornithologist can do for the world, as there are so few of us, but I feel like I fit so well into the role and that I would enjoy professional birding for the simple act of it that I simply need to work with birds in order to be happy in this life. I feel amazing when I tell people that I aspire to study birds, because, for the first time in my life, I have a career that I can hang on to that I enjoy the thought of fully (not one that would make me wealthy), but still, I don't know what I can do for others, so I feel like I don't have a complete mission.

  9. A mission is internal and is associated with our body and its flexibility, both in the physical and mental states. The physical is expressed as flexibility through our joints and muscles which transfers to the mental state, as a result that warm energy will eventually reveal itself through physic and clairvoyant moments. Anyone who neglects one of these factors will either burn out as a brute or be saturated as a mental nutcase with too much brawn unable to connect to the physical, hence the sedentary nutty professor. Ying Yang motherfuckers!

  10. I like this idea, but why are limited to choosing tasks that will benefit humanity? Can we not say, "Forget humans. I wanna save the pandas."

  11. An outstanding piece once again. The subtle and an important/crucial difference between mission and an ambition….thank you very much.

  12. My mission is the mission of the king from the worlds end.
    To have a good time.

  13. Oh man… I am that guy with all the creative hobbies and no mission. I have a job where I help people a lot but it's actually not that fun. I'm a reasonable man swept up in the missions of others and spread thin over my varied areas of interest. I have some deep thinking to do.

  14. This is kind of discouraging for those of us who are disabled. I'd love to do a lot of things but can't do most of them. Having a mission only makes me feel more inadequate than I already feel because of the grand importance that society places on what a person does for a living.

  15. Not sure I can really relate to this video, I feel not like I have too many interests and have to narrow them down, but like I don't have any real interests that I could make a career of. Also, I can't think of any particular "talents" I might have

  16. Why does our mission has to serve humanity tho. Who decided this? It was mentioned as if it was a universal truth. This is kinda the capitalist way of thinking, being a benefit for the economy. I am very satisfied with being useful to a handful of people.

  17. #themarkIIstanderd has all the answers. Each person has a mission for good and it will full fill them.

  18. what to do if it is too late? how to make something that isn’t your mission.. your mission?

  19. what if you lack any ambition or passion because you see through the futility of anything, from an existential pov. Eventually even a person like Albert Einstein will be forgotten and human race will end. all achievement amounts to nothing and any impact you desire to leave on the world will evaporate given enough time.

  20. My thoughts are that "happiness" is two parts: things you give to yourself (pleasure), and things you give to others (meaning). An excess of one or the lack of another can leave life feeling empty.

    My purpose or "mission" is to essentially promote personhood, but that doesn't mean I won't spend time reading a good book. ^__^

    Still, a great video! That's why i subscribe, thank you.

  21. This is exactly what i started to do a couple of years ago. After some tremendous griefs i slightly changed my way of thinking things in life. Took a while but now i'm happy. I'm committed: i'm on mission. I sometimes imagine me as a soldier who has to fight on the front line; this push me through difficult tasks.

  22. Hey! My mission is space exploration too! I'm in university learning math, physics and astronomy because I'm good at it!

  23. I would have hoped that at least this channel would be safe from the Elon Musk worshipping circle jerk.

  24. If I were to say I am on a mission, it would be to simply be creative and encourage others to do the same, specifically focusing on writing and visual art.

  25. Who else was reminded of this scene from Utopia? 😛

  26. I watch alot of his video and guess what?
    He made my depression into a new level.
    If only i have the motivation to kill myself.
    I will kill myself if i get motivated.

  27. my mission is to Be the very best, like no one ever was….or to get to 100k in subs !

  28. I really feel like this video was directed at me. Perfect timing in so many ways. Thank you school of life 🙏🏻

  29. Nature rarely moves on a straight path. Why should man, who is borne out of nature, should do so?

  30. I think there are too many bullshit comments on this vid. So my mission right now is to tell you all to STFU with your dumb comments. This should benefit us all. Good day.

  31. Focusing on a single thing is dull to no end. Also not everyone shares that sense of community. The first step towards success is to give a damn and unfortunately for me I do not, so, down I go.

  32. Just because you’re involved in a “ambition” doesn’t change the nature of a “mission”. For all the self-concerned young people with the depressingly disdain attitude towards altruism, this video isn’t about how special you are, or how you want to live life for yourself, it’s about motivating people who have a desire to impact the world. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. But to have a “mission” to make a lot of money and care about yourself is still far less compelling than a mission to improve mental health for young children, create a cure for a crippling disease, or build shelters for the needy. Sorry, not sorry.

  33. oh my goodness! Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major! : D great piece great vid

  34. This would be a useful video if I had any skills or aptitudes but alas I have none, let alone ones that "intersect with the needs of the world".

  35. Fuck you 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 school of life

  36. Mission is not merely helping others; but helping Life which includes other entities as well….

  37. I think my mission is to like every videos you upload. Without these my life wouldn't have a meaning

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  39. What's the title of music on the background? It also plays in the Civilization IV during the Renaissance…

  40. Steven Kotler has his "Passion recipe". Four steps including what it´s mentioned on the video about Elon Musk, asking what can we contribute to the world, but before write down your interests, search for overlaps and meet people with same interests.

  41. You're looking through those comments, looking for others who find something mutual in these sayings, looking for some sort of solace amidst type and code. You are looking for help where there is none and the messages that appeal to you should warn you against this.

  42. Can art be a mission? How does a regular painter artist (not as huge as Dali or Picasso) help others and gives them what they need?

  43. Go tell to someone working for human ressources that you've worked 4 different jobs in the last 5 years by saying that you were exploring. See what happens. .

  44. I think a good mission it to create absolute equality world wide the only enemy is
    Demand supply be free

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  46. Your Videos really give me everything I need when in selfdoubt or any bad mood that could come across at any time.
    Awesome work.
    Keep it up.
    You da MVP.

  47. If this video relates to you, our volunteer abroad programmes utilise your academic studies or professional background to help you find passion and purpose.

  48. It’s really hard to find a mission or goal in this life at least for me 💦

  49. I have many stuff to choose:Voice Actor, Toy seller man, or Videogame developer…
    My mission is somewhere there.

  50. I just want to leave people better than I found them. To offer some small comfort, even if it doesn't amount to much.

  51. Aaron say's GOD NO did this real have to happen ALL i see is rage anger and the rape of MANkind Will this JUST GO away LADIES please drop bi SIT next to me and FEEL it EAT out with confidence BE someone

  52. I can say that you have a purpose, I find the mine. I've sure that you know such it is but you think it's a far thing but it just a thought you put unnecessarily on your head. When I was a kid the teacher ask me what I wanted be when I become an adult and my answer was I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR AUNT with full of sure then I got home so excited in the same day so I told the news to my family, my mother, my grandma but my aunt seemed thought it not possible to me or so hard to happens I think I have saved it on my memory then overtime while I growing I forgot about it so I push this purpose away of my life. I've had depression when I was younger 'cause I didn't like of my job and I've had other jobs and the same feelings continued with me. Today I have all of sure the I'll be a doctor all I want is help people with a deepest help possible. Become a doctor is so hard in my country BRAZIl but I will got 'cause it isn't just about me it's more huge of me, it's the purpose of my life. God bless me with this purpose and i'm so thankful and believe in him. Ask to yourself what's I was born for it doesn't matter if it's easy or not you have a stronger power to achieve you deepest dream first of all you must be sincere with yourself to figure it out. Without doubts you can do that.

  53. Elon Musk didnt think about climate change. Or Perhaps yes. Transport the survivors to other planets.

  54. Guess my mission is defeating capitalism and liberating the working class then

  55. Elon Musk is so full of crap, and so is this channel.
    Most people are just trying to survive, keep a roof over their heads, and the medical bills paid. With a population of billions, there are too many people for everyone to be useful. To say otherwise is to not take population demographics seriously.

  56. The “Strawberry Fields Forever” pizza in reference to north Liverpool at 3:15. I see what you did there Alain… 😂

  57. this hits so close to home right now. I'm looking for some answers in my life. Thanks school of life.

  58. A lot of the comments, and indeed the video itself, revolve around this idea: work out what the world needs most urgently, then work out what your talents are.' Because that's what Elon Musk did.

    But this is simply ridiculous. Most of us are not Elon Musk. Most of us are not even in the same ballpark, intellectually. What the world urgently needs is the kind of large-scale. complex engineering solutions such as Musk is working on, which most of us are not capable of devising or even contributing to at all.

    As for the rest of us, we need to NOT do things. Don't have kids. Don't drive a car. Don't over-eat. Don't eat meat. Don't fly, or if you do at least put in to a carbon-neutral scheme. Don't buy stuff. Try to buy necessaries second-hand. Try to buy locally-produced food and goods whenever possible. Wash clothes at 30 degrees. Put a sweater on instead of the heating. Use eco products. THAT is our collective mission now.

  59. all the comments are explaining the meaning of life and i’m just like:
    it’s minecraft uwu

  60. What if I don't give a shit about humanity?
    Why should every person's mission be focused on others?
    What if my mission is to travel, enjoy life and have as much fun as possible?
    If that can't be a mission, then tell me what that is.

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