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Finger Food We went to a party and they said that there wasn’t going to be a meal it was just finger food finger food finger food did they really think I was going to eat finger food Nothing in the whole wide world would make me eat finger food No thank you I said but you like nibbles they said But not fingers I said finger food is not fingers they said you just eat with your fingers so it’s called finger food but they couldn’t trick me like that underneath the crisps and that pretzels and the nuts and the raisins I could see fingers. Hundreds and hundreds of fingers wiggling about whispering eat me eat me eat me. This poem comes from Jelly Boots Smelly Boots with wonderful pictures by David Tazzyman published by Bloomsbury

5 thoughts on “Finger Food | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

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  2. That twist is going to haunt my nightmares for a good few years. Seriously though, this is brilliant. Good job!

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