First 5 Forever – Baby Rhyme Time

Hi I’m Tina and I run Rhyme Time here
at the library One of the other mums, she told me to
come along and I felt at home the first day I walked in. Tina the librarian, she
asked my name, asked Sammy’s name and was very interactive with us from the get-go
fantastic. It’s all about learning and it’s about getting them to read and understand and repetitive, it’s all about getting those little brains working. When you sing one of the songs if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands,
she’ll clap her hands I think one of Sammy’s favorite things to come here for is the singing. It’s beneficial for me too, because I can get out and meet up with
other mums and discuss what’s going on in our child’s lives at the moment. Some of the mums, especially out here, are isolated so it’s a really nice way for
them to to meet other mums and share their thoughts and fears and things like
that with children. You sort of become really good friends
with the other mums that are here, so as you come through you get to connect and we
had a craft morning at one of the ladies’ houses which was not put on by the
library but we’ve connected outside and we’ve made a Facebook group of Woodford Rhyme Time mums. I’m a first-time mum , so it’s been really good to be able to get in contact with people going through the same thing. The libraries have changed
it’s not just about books anymore it’s really social interactive play so
they can come here and get books that can help them with their children, but
they can come here and make friendships. It’s never too early to start – I’ve been
bringing Petra since she was five weeks old and at that stage it was more for me
just to get out of the house, half an hour, just to get out, socialise with other mums. Well I brought Sammy around about the three-month mark so we’ve been
coming, he’s now eight months old so the earlier the better I think

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