28 thoughts on “First Aid Kit – To a Poet (Live on KEXP)

  1. As far as this ol Yankee is concerned, FIRST AID KIT, should be the second SUPERGROUP to come from SWEDEN after ABBA.
    I love every song I've heard you guys performed!🇸🇪❤🇸🇪❤🇺🇸

  2. I can't help but tear up when I hear this.
    These sister's truly have an effect on me.
    God, how I love them both.

  3. I get to see them in North Carolina in two weeks. I absolutely cannot wait.

  4. Sweeeet! 😀
    Swedish voices & Swedish stage piano. Am I proud to be a Swede?

  5. I absolutely love First Aid Kit, and this is a wonderful song.  Wish the sound crew in the studio would have done them a little more justice.

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