First Look: Raising The Bar | Season 2 | THE ORVILLE

The bar is
continuously being raised for science fiction shows. We really try to step
it up in the best possible way for the viewer. And action. [music playing] The fun thing about
doing a show like this is that the basis of your series
is pretty much whatever you can find throughout the galaxy. And what it allows us to do
is tell all different types of stories and to really
treat each episode like its own little movie. Captain, helm
is not responding. What? I’ve lost attitude control. The star’s gravity
well is pulling us in. SETH MACFARLANE: Some
weeks, what you’re watching is an adventure story. Some weeks, what you’re
watching is a romantic comedy. I felt like we really
connected when we met. I wrote a poem. A poem? SETH MACFARLANE: It
really just depends on what the story calls for. People will see a pretty
big step up in the scope of the show this season. We have some very,
very big episodes that are very future-esque. Oh, baby, this is it. This is what we signed up for. Gordon, set a course
for Gamma Velorum and engage quantum drive. With pleasure, sir.

100 thoughts on “First Look: Raising The Bar | Season 2 | THE ORVILLE

  1. I love you all!!!!
    They've taken away Star Trek and Dr Who from me, don't let them take you all away as well!

  2. We have two well known American Dad characters. Scott Grime (Steve) and Seth MacFarlane (Stan and Roger) I love it. I also heard a voice Snot another character.

  3. Looks amazing, I really can't wait to watch! It's just a few days away! On a side note though, to whomever makes these trailers…. Please stop rendering your audio in such low bitrate. It sounds horrible.

  4. I love the orville, but after some dune by lynch and blade runner, Im kindof out of tv sci fi/star trek right now.

  5. Thats what so good about the Orville, its asking questions and dealing with them each episode that we don't get to explore anywhere else. Trek stories in a new coat, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  6. The show was good. It got a little preachy at times, but I will give it another chance this season.

  7. Really can't wait for this. Already watched season 1 more than 5 time. One of the funniest show on tv and that's not all it has everything that a good show should have. Kudos to all cast and crew. 👍👍👍

  8. Of course this gets a season 2 but the mick gets canceled 🙄 oh look, they copied star trek, great job guys 😂😂

  9. Seth was a English major where does he even get those science terminology😂😂😂😂oh Google or dictionary i guess

  10. Shame we will never get to see this in the uk without paying Rupert murdoch which is why I will never ever see this show unfortunately

  11. The 2 great scifi shows in TV: Orville and The Expanse. Both are great and very different. So no fighting!

  12. Hey, everyone! Let’s spout platitudes about how this is more Star Trek than Star Trek, and how all we hate Discovery, or something!

  13. Orville is the only watchable modern Trek series out there, when I ended netflix for obvious reasons.
    One of the bigger reasons in going with Hulu was Orville.

  14. I wish they'd made 'Short Orvilles' episodes to tide us over until Season Two started, and it would be hilarious to watch them outperform STD yet again LOL

  15. Sulu was replaced as my favorite helmsman by Gordon as soon as he suggested putting flames and a rainbow unicorn on the outside of the ship.

  16. Great show that reminded me of a mix between Star Trek and Monty Python.Looking forward for season 2

  17. I appreciate MacFarlane making a fun little comedy homage, but frankly, I really wish he’d just go whole hog with this show and make it the Star Trek we should be getting instead of the “star trek” we’re being given…

    Majority Rule was the most well written and timely tale acting as a parable to the times we’re living in now with social media and mindless mob mentality. Might as well have been a TNG episode.

  18. Looking forward to the 2nd season, a real return to what made episodic sci-fi shows like Star Trek TNG and Voyager great, something new and different each week.

  19. SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} all are rocking it….so fun…much love..!

  20. They’re making that guy with the elevator music a Mauve Shirt! That’s awesome!

  21. I’m so pumped for tomorrow. I wish they would release the whole season (2) on Hulu (where I watch it) or on Netflix it really doesn’t matter. I just wanna binge it. This is legit my favorite show. I’ve been waiting about a year for season 2. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Seth is a genius. He’s such an inspiration.

  22. Well… interracial dating… guess we gotta squeeze that in because… diversity & stuff…

  23. The orville continues to prosper, star trek discovery' corpse lies beached on the rocks getting eaten by crabs.

  24. Let's be honest, the cast are more concerned about when the bar opens. Only kidding. Great show. Loved series 1.

  25. The first episode of your second season was about everybody's going to watch a guy pee… i really hope you got something more in the tank for the rest of the season

  26. Love the show however I think the season 2 opening episode was soooooo slow!!!!

  27. Proposed new rule: NO kids on starships that are potential warships! At least the kids on the Orville aren't saving the ship every week…. "WHEATONNNNNNNN!" ;-P

  28. Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek May have died. But at least we have the Orville.

  29. The Orville is a Good Show and it is Creature CUTE! Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the episode last night. It was the Worst in over Tones of Mutilation! 😲 I PRAY that there were no children watching! That episode was Upsetting and too much! Please keep it above Earth Level! AMEN

  30. When I watched Family guy always amazed the music. It had a 70s/80s vibe. Now Ron Jones compose epic score!

  31. Thank you Seth and the crew for bringing back sci-fi and bit of childhoold memories back. Today I am an indie game dev because of such great shows.
    This is the best Star Trek that is not Star Trek after voyager.
    I hope you guys are making games as well such as Bridge Commander,Elite Force, Armada.

  32. I love how Alara widens her eyes and says "A Poem?!" – so sad she went back to Saelaya.

  33. Seth MacFarlane gets it! He knows what true trek is! The Orville is now the standard in sci-fi as far as i'm concerned. This is how good sci-fi is accomplished. Seth is the ONLY one in hollywood who seems to have understood what made canon Trek last for so many decades. Knowledge of the past is key to knowing how to entertain the people in the present. Not erasing it. For those who forget the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes again and again and again….

  34. 0:27 Didn't we see a scene that went something like that way back in The Last Starfighter, only it happened to the "bad guy" race in the climax? "She's not responding to the helm! We're locked into the moon's gravitational pull! What do we do?" [space monocle click] "We die."
    …yeah, something like that.

  35. Aside from Primal Urges, Season two has been a joyful ride. Looking forward to season 3-18.

  36. this show is the greatest show my entire group is watching this movie together! all of us! we are hoping for more episodes!

  37. Orville,
    because if star trek will not do trek, FANS will.

    thanks for making this show – it is all i hoped post TNG trek would be (and aside for most of DS9 failed to live up to)

  38. I like to say this is the best show I've seen in awhile and like a kid wait for every episode with eager.

  39. I just wanna know, how they steer the ship with out a joystick, or handles.

  40. This is an amazing show. Most definitely better then latest Star Trek

  41. This was such a good, quality, exciting, funny television show. So sad to see it go to Hulu…

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