First Public Health Workshop part 1

I want present to you Mr.Keshe.our Guru for the workshop. Some words from you Mr.Keshe… Wait Eliya. So we are connecting already at live? Yes, We are live. Ok, sorry. Ya. So, Just we are starting with Mr.Keshe. I then, I suggest you every one to say couple of words to present yourself. Good Morning. Buenos Dias. Buenos dias. Do we have Dirk or Jo online? Dirk still is not online. And Jo? Yes, Mr.Keshe.I’m online. Jo is here, Armen, Lourdes, Vince, Adriana… Ok we start. First all. thank you very much Eliya (the hostess). Yes, welcome. You done a lot of work to get this thing together for a first time. I am sure you get use to get a lot of this… regularly. I hope so. What I would like to the pick and the start to could for you to put questions across and then we will start as usual in same way. . You go ahead and put questions or discuses what you want to discuses. So, today the subject will be ” GaNs anatomy of the human body “. So I think better to start with explanation what exactly mean ” The GaNs “, first, and how we are able to understand the GaNs anatomy of human body. This is topic of the day. Ok. The first think is : I don’t know who or if you had read the paper regarding creation of C02 or absorption of C02 in solid state where, for the first time, we put convert and show different state of material. At the moment, we are use to 3-4 states of matter, which we talk about like solid, liquid and gas. And we, at this present time, we consider plasma, as another state of matter, what is really wrong. There is not such of thing, because if you consider solid is already made of combination at least 2 plasmas. Plasma of Hydrogen is plasma of electro and plasma of proton. So why plasma is considered out of state of matter, I don’t understand (thereby), but it is irrelevant. This state of solid, gas and liquid, this are all in environmental conditions. What this means? Is that, if you change the environmental of the entity, entity will manifest itself in different state of observation. If you increase the pressure or increase the temperature, you go in one way or in other way, you from solid to liquid, liquid to gas or vs. If you increase or decrease one of the parameters of environmental area. The state of GaNs is a newer state which means you can keep the temperature and a pressure the same, but you change the gravitational-magnetic field of entity. This is what we never understood. The whole situation with the Physics has been that we always consider what is around us and within a physical tangibility of observation and touching. So we never consider that the same entity, now we understand the structure of the Plasma, can have different strength of variant strength, and this can lead to the entity to show itself as state of 3 matters, which is gas, liquid or solid, but only with a change of there gravitational-magnetic field of itself or its environmental. When we observe this new phenomena of the change of gravitational-magnetic fields strength, then we create all becomes across of entities or, what we call, structures, where we see this entities connect and behave even though they look like elements we know but that behavior is totally different. So this means the material even though it looks and it shows, for example, lets say Oxygen, but you can have Oxygen in a solid state in a room temperature. Just because you had not change a temperature and pressure but you had change gravitational-magnetic field of its environmental or itself. Then, this is what in so many ways people have been looking, for example, superconductors. When you change the characteristics or you change the strength of the fields, then the same material behaves like superconductor or the best insulator or anything you expect in a different structure. In different languages, we had chosen the different words for the same thing, but now we call it different kind of nano structures. [ INTENSE NOISE IN CONVERSATION ] …I am get in feed back. Hello. Who is speaking now. I am get in feed back. I can hear myself back. It is echo. So this is what we call a GaNs. So what we did years ago we set out to produce such a conditions. That you can change the characteristic of elements by change of this gravitational-magnetic field of it environmental or itself. I wrote … 3-4 years before that such of material can be produced and took us about a lot of experiments to show that’s this material can be produced. And we produced initially in different structures and then we produced us absorption of gases in to solid state. Or the state of tangibility of visibility. So we can not see C02 but if we convert, if we create – I am get in feed back, again – If we create the condition that material can or the element can have that required condition, then the gases manifest itself as solid or as a visible entity. This entity what we saw for the first time did not have the characteristic of the normal matter as we use to as a liquid or as a solid. It behaves totally different and feels different and it characteristics is totally different then the same material. Then, it was the position of understanding and I will explain what you would do. In so many ways, if that environmental is correct then you creates materials. You have to creates things, like I always said. You have to create the condition. So I create the condition, the condition allow the gases like C02, can a gas form to be converted into C02 as a tangible material (GaNs). So now we see C02 as a physical entity at room temperature and pressure. This matter end up to behave totally different. First of all, it does not stick together the way we are use to in solids or in liquids. The material what we call GaNs, it’s very much like little spheres, or little balls. They slides over each other. They can’t be connected. You can create a condition where by changing this environmental like moister around it to behave more like a jell or to behave like a solid. But it does not becomes solid to dry and hold. Does not behave in that way, does not matter how long hold it. I hold now samples for meaning 5-6 years now, may be less, may be more. But it states all is very much like jellish, very much like material sliding away to each other. You don’t get it solid matter. I had no managed to rich that point. It is still, you can manipulated but / because now in a matter you have or you achieve like electrical connections in a motion and movement of electrons. When you cross, current across of layer, like copper layer, your energy transfer is trough physical vibration. So when you have physical movement you lose energy and you have time laps. But with this GaNs, because the connections is in a dimension of electron, what we call it, gravitational-magnetic fields, because they are do not connect to each other like solid but they keep in touch to each other, the same currents will goes trough as a magnetic field as not like physical vibration. So the transfer of energy, the transfer of information is leaked in spontaneous (form), that is what we call superconductors. They behave this way. And then you see, they is wing blow noise in background, is less now. So you see totally different behavior from the same material or the same type of material as we know as solid. So, the difference between the 2 materials, lets say, if you have C02 as a solid or if you have a copper as a solid, and you want to transfer information what proceed like the electron, what you call it vibration, that is physicality, so you have physical movement of electron, with this GaNs or what we call super-superconductor, because we never knew them before. Because of interaction and interconnection is on gravitational-magnetic fields, everything is instantaneous. This, then they behave like superconductors; they behave (as:) the minute you touch at one end, and the other end you can measure. So, when you understand the behavior of this new material, what we call GaNs, or what we call superconductors as you like to call them, at room temperature and pressure, this explains a lot of mysteries which we had. People are trying to develop superconductors for years, that it can be done, in a normal way, and then you try to explain how, in atmospheric conditions, such a thing is possible. Then, the clear structure is the human body. The human body on its own, I consider in all my talks, witch we’ve been to learn, I consider the body of the man as a galaxy. So, in a galaxy, when a star or planet is interconnected with another star or another planet, or its star, these entities or different stars in the galaxy, they don’t interconnect with electrons and vibration and frequencies and Hertz. They connect in gravitational-magnetic fields. So, you see that’s why you… and I recently even explained in one of the papers which I have written, that, this speed of light…. which Einstein speaks about that is the ultimate speed, which is all nonsense, is in so many ways, is a physicality. So, the light of a star is observed and can be detected -, if your not observed, – instantaneously in another star, because their connection is in the GaNs state. The connection is an electromagnetic connection, in another matter condition. So, you find that what we say takes 1000 light years to get to a planet…if you can create the same electromagnetic fields as a gravity-magnetic field of the star, or where you are in respect to the star, you can reach the star instantaneously. This time lapse of 1000 light-years, this is all nonsense… This is what we have believed, because this was the strength of our understanding according to say the speed of light is the maximum. The speed of light is the maximum speed in a matter state, not beyond the matters state’s gravitational-magnetic fields strength. So, now you bring the whole thing into the body of the man. The body of the man is a beautiful sausage, with a hole in the center. The hole in the center is what is your mouth and the anus. So, everything else around it, is its own galaxy ! Then you put arms in it, legs in it, you put liver, kidneys and whatever else you put in it. These are all in as beautiful state of vacuum all within the skin of the man. Then, when you get to the other state, you put our sun in respect to the nearest sun, it doesn’t take 1000 years to get there. 1000 light years, or 500 light years, because of the interconnection between gravitational-magnetic fields, the connection is instantaneous and continuous and permanent. Now you put, make a star your toe, and another star your brain… You touch, you feel instantaneously. Because the communication is in GANS state, so there is no need for transfer of information as an electron. The transfer of information is electromagnetic, as gravitational-magnetic field. Then you understand further why we do not need to have nerves in different positions in every single cell of the body. Because every material inside the body (not) behaves as an electron, (but,) as a what do you call it, as an element of a GaNs, and it converts and transfers it’s information instantaneously to go past the speedline, what we call the neural system. Which the neural systems are themselves a material with structure of the crystal structure orientation. These GaNs behave the same way, depends on how they have positioned themselves. If you put the information across them in a certain way which they are connected to each other, they behave like a superconductor. If you put information along them, they go all the way down, very fast. But if you put the information across them, they are insulated from transferring information and energy together. To show this, in experiments, or in the presentations, I usually show GaNs of CO2, and I show the GaNs of CH4, Methane gas. One is green, and one is white. And usually, if you have two solids, they don’t mix. If you have two liquids, they mix in colors, If you have a gas, it’s the same…different colored gases, you see the mixture, they become one, or become a combination of two colors. With a GaNs they never mix. We’ve done this so many times…I’ve tried to shake it, I’ve put it in a shaker…the minute you leave it, different bowls of different color sit together, separated. You can not mix them together. So, this shows the behavior of the gravitational-magnetic field of the structure. How they connect to each other according to their own strength. Then you understand how the fibers of different strength in the tissue are created, and how some become liver, and some become brain structures, and even within the brain structure, where we don’t see any connections, but we see amalgamation of different GaNs. And that’s why we see no wires…because it depends on how they orient themselves. One part of the brain automatically communicates to the other one. It doesn’t need, because it doesn’t need wire connections, it only needs gravitational-magnetic and orientation of the rotation. So, now we understand how the brain works. Why there are no wires in the brain. Because the brain, the whole structure of the brain, is in a GaNs state, but small, little…what do you call it?…balls of this material, which is a combination of the structure of the proton, of electrons, of all, or electron and protons, of amino acids or what builds the primary structure of the light, in that position in the universe. The primary position combination on Earth is what has been the way it worked on Earth. We have not come from another planet. We have nobody has brought us, spaceships brought us, dropped us here and they went. Or they came and they introduced something to us and they went. No. Every environment creates its own creation. On Earth, the creation is the combination of what is available on Earth, and is what we call the basic amino acids or the sugars, because of the condition they are. You have to look, Carbon is one of the main components of this planet, (and) Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. And then you have to understand how the GaNs of these elements have come together. What condition has brought them together? How long has it taken for the combination to come together? All the animals, all the different plants, are created all over the Earth, when was so there, when was life started on it. A certain condition was created where the environment had the right condition for, first of all, Hydrogen and Oxygen to come together to make the water, or the liquid condition, but not as a water, because the liquidity of the tangibility, the physical tangibility and connection of the amino acid, is the connection between the Oxygen and the Hydrogen. Where, Oxygen is the star. It’s the start, because it’s the one which holds everything else together. Then the environment over time, has changed in the same area with whatever reason, that it has attracted to itself a Carbon. Or, Oxygen has connected to C-H which has already once made an established connection together. Then, the environment has come to be able to absorb the main ingredients of the atmosphere, which was Nitrogen, and the whole combination has set in an environment where could change these as elements to GaNs. Then, that’s how life is started. This will happen anywhere in the Universe. You need Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon, or Oxygen, to start interconnection into a GaNs, of paths communication, superconductivity, as single molecule, as single entity to start life. And then when you connect these together, then you start, they have to communicate, Then that’s how, now for the first time we understand this structure of the Physics in respect to chemistry and in respect to biology, how matters became life, or living things…call it a plant, call it a human being, a dog, whatever. So, now, you have to understand what does what. You need a source to hold onto what does what. You need something to hold everything together. The matter in the amino acid of human being which holds everything together, is Oxygen, because it’s the heaviest, it’s the biggest. (Such as) the Sun controls all the weaker planets around it, so you need a focal point, you need something that it can hold everything together. You have Oxygen, which is a gravitational center point, for holding these amino acid elements together… but, in a GaNs state. Then you need an element which can be the releaser of energy. What is the releaser of energy? The releaser of energy or confirmation or accepting energy from other matters, Is usually the lightest one, is the fastest one who can run and can make connections direct, but in the GaNs state. So, you have your energy releaser or the own who can swap very quickly, because it doesn’t have too much elements within it. That’s the Hydrogen. Then you need a communication line between this unit and the next unit in the orderly constant…what do you call it?…strength. You need something which is stable, which can make communication or connection as representative of all these four entities with their other neighbors. The line of communication…this is left to Carbon because of their aspect of gravitational-magnetic field structure. Then, what you need is somebody who can bring the energy or extra gravitational-magnetic field when it is needed to allow the Hydrogen to be able to release the energy or absorb the energy, that can be instantaneously be used in conjunction with Carbon. Then this comes the element of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is, in fact, the trigger. Nitrogen when it receives certain conditions of its environment or its neighbors, it reacts. Its reaction is the release of extreme ultraviolet. In that condition, its motion, its vibration, its release of energy, allows the electron of Hydrogen to release the energy and allows the Carbon to transfer that as a communication energy to the cells next door, or extra outside. Then you understand how the structure of life anywhere in the universe can be repeated. And life is not exclusivity of this planet. When you have the condition, then you understand why. Then you go back to the beginning of time, how these conditions was created. You see how and what condition was needed for Carbon to come in connection with Hydrogen, or Carbon to come in connection with Oxygen. And then you understand in that position, how superconductivity or GaNs becomes a totally different player in communication. It’s a single entity, then it communicates and even stays within the same level. Then you see and you understand why our Being, if you touch your muscles is soft, is a jelly type, it is not solid, even the bone. Even though it looks as to be solid is actually in a matter state and the GaNs state. This is a condition which has changed, it’s a mixture of between the two. The bone Calcium is the only one which, because of its gravitational-magnetic field, it behaves totally different in its structure, as a GaNs or as a matter. So, what you see is creation, what you see is called GaNs. What we call now (is) how you want to interconnect these GaNs of what we call molecules of amino acids, into one strength, and to what compactness together, and to what softness, and to what formation. …the way they combine, the way they connect, the way they interact, the way they come together in conjunction with other elements, be it copper, be it zinc, with other matters of the heavier gravitational fields. Then it decides in conjunction with the information which comes from different control systems within the body, if you are going to have a fibre of a muscle, if you have a fibre of the tendons, if the lymph stays in the liquid state across the body, how it stays with it across the body, why the blood is in the liquid state, even if it is GaNs, and it can go through the body. Then you understand how the brain has divided itself into two parts. This is part that we will talk later on, that the way I work and now with more research we’ve see more of, that changes the whole world of biology and the physicality of the man. Understanding of this operation is regarding the initial part, which is us as Being, as entities, not as human beings, as Being which was initial position of the superconductivity between the GaNs of these elements, is our part what we call the emotional part of the brain. That emotional part, what we call the inner part of the brain, if you even look at its structure, has a different structure than the rest of the brain. This is the part where we initially as Beings existed. But this Being is part on its own needed access, or it needed, need a demand for it to be more active that it can absorb, or be able to feed itself, from the environmental energy, because on the Earth, now it became a GaNs within the matter, so over time, billions of years, as this things develop within, it tried to find somebody who can move it around, or it went to be state of keeping itself as one entity, what I call the emotional part of the brain, and allowed itself to be able to became mobile, to have access to more constant supplies of energy. This what I call is the leach part, which is your structure of the outer brain, that controls all the physicality. If you look, the inner part has not much to do with the physical movement of the man, but the external part of the brain is the part what I call the leach, which has attached itself to the main part. And the main part has established the link to be able to be mobile, and it’s created the physical part which it controls the arm, it created the arm to be able to reach things, it created the leg to be able to walk, (when it was a fish it didn’t need it). There is a question mark about the evolution of the man, but we have to look at it in a different way nowadays. Then, one feeds the other one. The brain, the emotional brain, allows, and it has allowed, part of itself or its process or its technology to be used by the physical part, and as compensation, the physical part allows the transfer of the energy which is needed for its operation, to be used to go around, pick up a fruit, eat an animal, breath in air, oxygen to keep the emotional part going. This is why when we see brain operations, where the top part of the brain is taken away due to cancer or whatever, the man still exists, the man still feels emotion, but then he loses his physicality, because the original brain is the emotional part. This is the part which is connected and is part of, what we call, connection with the soul, with the other part which is created at the same time parallel with the connection of these matters. So we can take the arm and leg of the man away but, as long as the emotional part is operational you have a entity, so you don’t need to carry the body. Maybe in the future times, when you want to send somebody somewhere, you send the emotional part in a small package and when it gets there, it creates his own arms and legs according to the environment. But this is futuristic, maybe it will be possible. So now you look in the next structure of the body of the man. The next structure of the body of the man, most of the doctors like Eliya, or the scientific world says, “The body has its own brain”, like the stomach has its own brain. Yes this is correct, because what has happened over time, this information transfer from the physical part to the emotional part, and to the part that is supposed to be the connection between the rest of the emotion and the physical part, could not carry all these informations to the brain. What that this mean? Means that, if you have a liver, or lets say if you have a stomach, or if you have a kidney, these carry… Body has built up functions for it, why they are there. These need control system of their own, because the amount of information they need to carry in their daily duty, which are for example for the gland over the kidney, which material I’m going to take out, what, how much is in reserve in different parts of the body, what I need to take out for the different parts of the body. This is very much like the function of the brain. It is a function of control system….Glands are control systems. So what has happened over billions of years, brain has divided or allowed part of itself to be autonomous in the location of need, so it doesn’t need to transfer so much energy to the brain through the spinal cord. So, if you are a medical person you’ve got to understand…and you understand more now with these, hopefully, with these lectures… that your glands are part of your brain, but autonomous, localized. It’s like when you have a government, you don’t need to report everything to the president. Locally you have a flood, you need a hospital, you make a decision in the local area. So glands are part of the structure of the control and part of the brain structure, and if they were not put separately in these positions, the amount of information which they carry to, for example, to process for the kidney, it will be so much traffic from the brain that people will be walking like spastics all the time, because so much was going on up and down the brain. So, this is something you have to understand separate, that all the glands are control system and are part of the brain. Then your understand the world of biology changes totally. Then you understand why we have these glands, why we have thymus, why we have glands over the kidney, why we have glands with different names as pancreas, as something else which is there, the thyroid glands, parathyroid glands. These are all control rooms ! They are part of the brain, but been given their own responsibility in their own area. Then you have to understand about the position of them, why they are there, why they are in that position, why you have your thymus over your stomach, just on top of your heart, why you have thyroid glands under your throat, why you have glands over your kidney, why you have glands in different positions in the body. You don’t find a gland in your leg , you don’t find a gland in your arms. These glands are positioned in respect to the community they serve, and the thing they need to do for other communities. It is very much like, if you live in one part of the country and you have access to the fish, you don’t eat fish only for yourself, you catch a fish and you see what other part of the country needs fish, and you send it to them, you export to them. But they tell you how much fish they want. If the people in that city don’t like fish, you can’t send a single fish. And if in that country, only that part of the country they only eat fish on Friday, you send all the fish there on Friday, not at the Monday, because it has to wait until Friday before it’s consumed. So, even though they are separate, but they know what the other parts feel, and what they have to take. So the brain part connects in the demand of other parts with the separate part of the body to the glands. Then the easiest way to look at the structure of the body of the man is just stand outside and look what you have. The body of the man is very very simple. It’s been made complicated because we use the title of scientists and doctors, but the body of the man is a very very simple position. You have an operating room, which is the brain. You have a system where you need to bring the needs of the body, which is your arms and your legs. Then you have a digestion system which is your stomach, your guts. What comes in has to be cooked. It is the same you go and buy potatoes, you cannot eat the potato raw. You have to cook it, so it goes in a pot. The pot is the stomach. Then, when it’s cooked, you have to, what do you call it… mix it, to put it together, whatever is cooked, that you come to the right taste, the right combination. Then, absorb from it what is possible. Then it comes to your intestine, and then what is not needed is discharged. So you have a process of cooking. Then the other part of it is the storage part, which is your liver. Then you have a couple of other bits which needs the control of these systems to be able to transfer what you are taking out of the food, which is your lymph. And then you have a cleaning up system, a sewer system to go around and clean, which is your blood system. A lot of people say that blood system is a feeding system. Blood system is a sewer system according to what I work and it seems to be correct. This is why the blood goes around and cleans up what is leftover. Nobody needs anything? Ok, I clean up. And there are two reasons blood is a cleaner, for things not to infest and not to go wrong, we put Oxygen in it, that’s why we see the high level of Oxygen in the blood system, because it keeps its Oxygen and allows a high amount of energy to be available, that things don’t go bad in the state the way they are, and they are taken up and they are taken back out. So at the same time, Oxygen is transfer of energy around the body.  Then you understand how energy can be transferred so easily by the Oxygen in the GaNs state in the blood, through the other parts of the body. In reality then you understand the operation. Now you understand that the transfer is very easy, because everything is in the state of GaNs, not in the state of matter.

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