and if you do thing about a car that even was lost they’re the air we breathe the air that’s
for free science fiction novel is jules verne predicted
the cars would one day run on here ironically frances he may have just happens to share
his birthday and would you tell us some of the same day
of meetings can never has created yes the air car fully functional prototypes of likely caucus
fueled completely by pressed air my name is sharon actor and I’m working on
my father since nineteen ninety three the right of the solution that you can use
a test that the cost nothing nothing to fill up your car with that gas
also happens to be the same yes this you’ll see ones with everything the question is simple I hope that %uh a little closer actually all engines were compressed air most
engines sarkisian he did not pressure rises in the push is on to stand in our engineer pressurize the years so what we’re trying to the system houston
has pushed and this kind of thing and what we are doing green there high pressure if you take into account the fact that you
can compare year if its funding continues in this is a whole
system totally free of commission actually the record does have a mission is it’s a nice cold completely clean eileen reasonable there obviously compressed air supply corporation it doesn’t use combustion the press there is an energy carry he has to be compressed into a store and turn
quickly to use it Howard by air two hundred miles on one side with speeds up to sixty miles per hour putting
people in prison are stationed in Afghanistan according to critics for a moment to be pretty good and and using this house major we have inside of the
car which is also changing contrived they’re in the house of representatives on
built on a subject I know what is wrong lightweight practical a solid have a structure that carries
compressed air tanks underneath the propellant you’re sounding it’s hard to believe a full galston a city the shack it’s always easier to be skeptical of them
to sink in a positive way they’ve been saying whatever the one I know my dignity I I know
what they’re inside and I know the potential there is inside of this technology more than two cents or the air car is the
real deal the air car isn’t cost freedom operation because
it does take some energy to compress air but interestingly NDI is created a generator power
by fresh air which presents a tantalizing possibility lewis and generators then one day perhaps the compressed air that
runs the cars who also won a generator to compress its own hair the ones on the air constantly read fuels itself round and round a perfect circle perpetual motion the new cost hello not one iota of overruled dan acuna car well for about fifteen thousand dollars that’s the future cars

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