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We lie on our backs in the tent looking up at the roof where the flies walk and hop and fly there are blue bottles and horse flies
and house flies and midges my brother says it’s a race and he gives them names the house fly he calls Joe Soap the horse fly he called Thugger the midge he calls Tiddly Bottom then he starts the racing commentary and Joe Soap is heading for
the line oh no he’s coming back Tiddly Bottom is stuck Tiddly Bottom hasn’t moved Thugger is powering into the lead and little Tiddly Bottom seems to be stuck and I’m giggling and he’s shouting and I’m giggling and my Dad suddenly puts his head through the tent door you’ve woken us up it’s half past five in the morning we come our holiday to rest and relax and all we can hear is you two
roaring your heads off in the middle of the night and my brother says
but you said it was half past five in the morning that’s not the middle of the night enough says my dad and his head disappears from the tent door we’ll talk about this later oh no not the later thing and I lay there pointing up at Tiddly Bottom he hadn’t moved he was still there and we lay there laughing so hard but oh so quietly that there were
tears streaming out of our eyes and we buried our faces in our sleeping bags later
we got the later thing

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