Flying at Night” Poem by Ted Kooser

hey sugar plums I'm just here hashtagging and Joe and today I'm doing another poem because if poem Tuesdays and this sweet poem is all about night time poems and like my poems you can read before bed and yeah so this poem is called flying at night poem by Ted Kooser and hope you guys enjoy it runner goes if you like this poem and bring to click the like button and it also hit subscribe button and hit the bell icon saying get notified when I upload and be part of our show plum farm so yeah let's begin to school flying at night above our stars beneath us constellations 5 billion miles away a galaxy dies like a snowflake falling on water below us some farmer feeling the chill off that distant death snaps on his yard light drawing his sheds and barn back into the little system of his care all night the city's light shimmering Nova's tuck with bright sheets earth journey lights like his oh my pals are sure probably might have a date on this channel so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this home and I'll see you guys very very soon hope you guys have a lovely day bye guys and much love

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