Focus: Seattle Poets – Anis Gisele

the instructor for my CPR first aid class advice while you wait for EMS to respond you never want to tell the injured party you're going to be okay because we never know if anyone's going to be okay right I always say help it's coming you're doing great help is coming you're doing great I sit alone with my body sometimes and say help is coming you're doing great I am still earning my response eat when you are hungry or your body will not trust you will not believe the next meal is sliding down abundance and mercy not merely pacifying grains when your vision goes slant your ears welcome symbols your veins skip broke to the static of lost reception cinch together your telephone poles your rods are ready to snap your eyes are haunted saucers on a face that it's more skull than human no one dines on hip bone protrusion chainsaw decks you cannot stand to be touched tell your family they won you hate yourself now you learn to become the sharpest thing no one sees stop when you start crying or your body will not trust you will not believe when you lay it down that sleep is meant to come there is no rest for your weary sockets no end to the shuttling relief blood vessels burst all the time and you explain away the waste trail of blown tires by saying I must have had an allergic reaction to something your mother found you on her neighbor's driveway once this was not your best hiding place the way she screamed at you to get inside it was asked if anguish was the worst thing she could have caught you with no one cries in your family because nothing bad happens in your home the day she told you to never come back you tripped on your tin-can voice you've been confused by its sound ever since breathe when you are on stage or your body will not trust that you won't dissolve in the anxiety of holding up the truth let a room hold you once in a while stop isolating yourself and your need to endure offer your ladders your alleyways and your joints a laying on of hands will not disassemble you celebrate that you are hungry to be here it is not shameful celebrate reassure your body finally you are arriving you are doing great you

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  1. This video affects me deeply. Anis Gisele, what little I know about you inspires me greatly.

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