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Translator: Ellen Maloney
Reviewer: Nada Qanbar I feel like it’s a bit
of an anti-climax going last, we’ve had so many talented people here, we’ve had so many people
do some amazing things. I don’t have that many skills, I can’t create sounds with my voice
by pressing different buttons, but what I can do is poetry,
I’m a spoken word artist. Last year was difficult, if I’m honest, because I was told
to talk about democracy. I’m not too engaged when it comes
to political terms like that, and it’s difficult to find words
that rhyme with democracy, actually. (Laughter) You know you have: democracy, biography, a couple of other -ographies
they wouldn’t approve of in Parliament. (Laughter) Hope I don’t get in trouble for that. This year they said I could discuss
and talk about leadership. I realized that I actually don’t know
that much about leadership as a whole. Everything I’m going to say is my opinion,
and what I think leadership should be. It will be relevant to some of you, may not be relevant to some of you,
but please don’t come up after giving me political
statements and manifestos and tell me what’s right and wrong. I’m just stating my opinion,
that’s what I do as an artist. It’s called “Follow The Leader.” I have to explain, spoken word
is basically like poetry, or if you want to sound more cool,
it’s more like rap. But… (Laughter) Now, I don’t know
that much about leadership. All I know is that as kids, we all wanted to be the Red Ranger. (Music) Now if you don’t understand
the significance of being the Red Ranger, I feel very sorry for you. because it means you were either
born way too late to appreciate the birth of one
of the worlds greatest legacies, or you were born way too early to be born
in one of the world’s greatest centuries. But for those of you who don’t know,
being the Red Ranger meant that you were part
of an esteemed group of individuals known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now as kids, we wanted
to be the Red Ranger because not being the Red Ranger, not only meant you got the biggest sword, the biggest zord, and you got to scream,
“It’s morphin time!” before every fight, but it also meant that you were
the leader of the group. Now as kids we all wanted
to be the Red Ranger. Actually, I wanted to be the Black Ranger
for obvious reasons, but… (Laughter) but can we agree that as kids,
we were unafraid to be Power Rangers, heroes, leaders? As a matter of fact, we were eager
to be anything more than meager. So can we then agree that mediocrity,
being average, is something that we learn. Not learn, but are taught. Maybe Socrates can expand
more on this thought; what is leadership? He defined it as the challenge
to be something more than average, something we were willing to accept
before life put us in the deep end, because as we get older,
it then starts to deepen. Most of us only want to be front in line
to the pub or the club on the weekend. But is that our fault? Because from when I was young, I was told, “Suli, one day you are going
to have to lead your own life.” But this was then proceeded by me
being taught how to follow. In school I learned to follow the rules. The first game we ever learned to play
was “Follow the Leader.” I always had to make sure
I understood the following, my boss always made sure
I followed up on everything. My parents taught me to follow the system,
follow religion, follow tradition. And then they said they’ll kill me
if I ever followed in their footsteps. But the severity of this
never really hit home because even in my favorite TV show, Dorothy told me to, “Follow
the yellow brick road.” Ironically, one thing I was never taught
to follow was my heart. It was like follow fashion
before you follow passion, so you can understand
why my mum seemed bitter when I told her I wanted to be in a band, especially as I explained
that I wanted to be the lead singer. Also I couldn’t sing. But the world doesn’t need new leaders, because leaders come and go
like common colds. If you ask me, the next leader should be
a community guided by a common goal, one which everyone
could contribute, young and old. I never understood why
you had to be 18 to vote, because that’s way too late to clean up
the mess made by the previous generation. The world doesn’t need new leaders. The world needs new ideas; ideas that tell me I don’t have to walk
like that or talk like this, that me and you can be different. Because listen to this,
and this is wisdom: people die, but ideas live forever. Because great ideas are all
the greatest leaders ever where. if you look at it,
Abraham Lincoln; equality. Julius Caesar; strength. Mahatma Gandhi; peace. Nelson Mandela; unity. Princess Diana; empathy. Mother Theresa; compassion. I’m not saying I agree
with all their actions, but I agree with their ideas. Maybe the scariest reality
is that we are all leaders, because we all have ideas
but somewhere in between our adult lives and nine-to-fives,
we’re pacified to believe we’re satisfied. When deep down inside you, you, you, you,
there’s a Red Ranger, fully suited up, ready to swing
at whatever life throws up. Don’t get distracted by the noise
the world throws to blind you, because deep down,
there is a voice inside you, wondering why you haven’t spoken to it
in years because you know what I realised? We don’t always get wiser with age. Society just breeds us to forget, or remember things that we already knew
were true in the first place. There’s not that much more I need to say, just that you be Red tomorrow
and let me be Green today. We can change the world either way as long
as we’re unafraid to make mistakes, and keen to play. And then you can see, as long as we stop
looking for others to lead the way that creating a better world
is a piece of cake. We don’t need leaders; we need ideas. Thank you very much. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Follow the leader | Suli Breaks | TEDxHousesofParliament

  1. Suli Breaks NEVER fails to impress me!! His IDEAS are worth remembering….. I love ALL his works/projects/poems/pieces (whatever you want to call them)! LONG LIVE USB (Univ of Suli Breaks)!!

  2. Absolutely marvelous suli breaks such a great motivational. Speaker

  3. I feel you. As children there are no limits. No preconceived ideas on whats possible. Our minds are open. We are taught to follow the system as adults. To follow trends when it comes to fashion. Follow the political trends whos bickering with whom. I could give you a mouth full on politics. They sre supposed to be our representatives. This is supposed to be th UNTIED STATES but I ever see anymore is a DIVIDED STATES. Democrats- Rebuplicans. They bicker and argue nonstop. But when it comes to someone dieing do you see the doctors stuck on bickering on what to do? No. They discuss what needs done and do it.

  4. I was half-expecting this to end with: "It's morphin' time." But that might have been too much. ^^

  5. Thank you thank you for being a voice that resonates with my high school students. They can't get enough of your spoken word and beg for more. 

  6. I want to make that world…i want to change the world for all to be equal, to lesson the suffering of all men and women, Theres only one thing i fallow, my dreams, please wish me luck.

  7. One day i will become like you, because the words that you speak motivates me too much, now you are my motivation for my future and my studies.

  8. The kind of community he's talking of is exactly the kind of community the Church seeks to be. It's a shame he's so critical of faith. 

  9. alhamdulilah i never been such that positions wow i never think about what will happen if i do that or do this and the reason is i have full faith on my ALLAH he is the only one who can show me the real path of live i believe him and love him so much ISLAM is the inspiration of who want the real meaning of live and watch PEACE TV if you have time 

  10. his views is how I would like to see changes in the government  in stead of the crap we have to swallow every day as it seem to me governments are all about them self's and just pretend that they are working for us.  this world needs to change !!

  11. @sulibreezy Absolutely beautiful, tears in my eyes as i can relate how society has squashed my inner voice and dreams of my heart. Thank you

  12. Hey TED, I hate to say this but you did the frame blend and it kinda looks awful to see it happen. But for suli Breaks, I love this guy. Started from doing Pathways Leadership L.I.V.E. and I never discovered you until a year after I watched your school videos. I didn't realize he would be powerful then I thought.

  13. That was deep, "you be red tomorrow and I'll be green today". The red ranger is the leader always, the green ranger comes and goes, gives a helping hand. The green ranger brings inspiration, new ideas for that episode he showed up in, but we all looked to the red ranger for leadership every episode. I don't know about you guys but I noticed the red ranger who is leading the other Rangers, when the green ranger showed up to help the red ranger got better. We don't need new leaders, we need new ideas.

  14. great, thanks for words. Muito obrigado pelas palavras , Suli. Jorge from Bahia Brazil

  15. Ahhhhhhhh he never fails to make me tear up and make my hear jump to infinity. I am in love with the world!

  16. WOW!!! Yes love everything he said, follow your PASSIONS! We all have one life to live do it!

  17. I wish this was seen by more people i have been listening to this since the day it came out. Showed it to a lot of people too.

  18. The music dubbed under this performance is truly awful. Made me crinch throughout. Performance was good though.

  19. Even before he started delivering his spoken word poem, I felt the emotion. Follow the leader, follow your heart.

  20. Being younger that eighteen to vote? in some ways that makes sense for the few teens who actually follow(lol) world events. but 90% have no idea what is happening. uninformed voters are bad for the country, as they just sway with the tide. sadly, that is also the case with many adults today, but it is much more common in kids.

  21. What you say is so true I watched your video parents are the hardest to please. And while watching this video I am trying to learn from you and my parents told me to turn it off or turn it down so they could listen to Americas got talent.

  22. Just the fact that he messed up once or twice made me feel the words as though they were alive.

  23. Suli the red ranger was the original leader,then it was the green ranger,who then became the white ranger

  24. I love when people think. Like think think. Sitting down and contemplate bout things. The magic comes when its put to work. That's what your works are Suli. Great job man.

  25. Democracy means demon crazy wake up repent bad teachers you will be judge for all the lies you teach in this world beast antichrist system you dont know what you saying boy deceitful people like you many comparison of live from you is a joke power rangers you really are so lost in this world beast lies of that old serpent Lucifer the image of the virgin catholic yeah wake up repent everyone on earth call upon JesusChrist not this crazy evildoers slave of USA drams of liars repent and surrender everything before is to late believe me I will not ask you or anyone the things like you is just a waste of life all the people you are worshiping are devils demons consumed all this people you like are nothing to my God for they all are part of the abomination of the beast world system you love more than the truth is freedom I see you dont have very sad for you the don't like the most high leader Our Savior King JesusChrist everlasting God ALMIGHTY AMEN,.

  26. ideas inspire the world to be a better place
    it is the responsibility of ever leader to create posiblities which will help shape our reality

  27. Every episode or opportunity to express is always motivating and inspirational.
    Good Job.

  28. leaders come and go like a cough and cold we need new ideas. that was my favorite line

  29. Interesting spoken word, we don't need leaders by ideas, I agree Ideas last forever, however, I feel we need leaders to create the environment for others to contribute with ideas. In order to be a great leader, you need to be a good follower. Great perspective Suli Break..

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  33. To be honest I don't really want to listen to someone who starts off saying I don't want to listen to your opinions.

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