“Foodie” – slam poem @ The Green Mill, Chicago

i’m a foodie i just love food man
well prepared food, exotic food food made by
scientists and artists that’s my thing
eating good food
that’s my thing! cuz i’m a foodie i’m a warm dry
clothesy i’ll drop a dollar, a dollar 75
at the laundro i don’t even care just getting that soft comfy clothes
real warm and dry i will snuggle up in
a chenille sweater so hard! cuz i’m a warm
dry clothesy i’m a clean airy i will go the mountaintop and
sip that good clean air just suck it down
so pure at home i run it through
a purifier and a deionizer real sci fi stuff
for the uninitiated i’ll drop a thou, two thou on a filter
that’s my thing man it’s just what i’m into
i’m a clean airy i’m an ideas
person sure everyone has ideas
obviously (obviously) but me, my ideas are worth
millions, one million, ten million dollars easy i just need a human team to
make them real for me but i’ll do the
hard part: the ideas cuz i’m an
ideas person i love
to laugh welcome! to my online
dating profile do you like these
photos of me? i took them
myself here’s me in the
bathroom mirror here’s me out having fun
with mah girls i cropped them out
of the photo they mean the
world to me i’m fun i enjoy yoga
and yogurt sense of humor tho
ohhh that’s my thing
because i love to laugh i’m a good
person i do
my best i’m kind
i work hard i’m lonely
sometimes i need love
i love that’s my thing
i’m a good person

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