35 thoughts on “Fool's Overture – Roger Hodgson (writer and composer) with Orchestra

  1. Imagine now, 2019, full orchestra, choir, big high def background screen, lights galore… wow !! 😮 … 🙂 southern Ontario, Canada November 2019 if I live to then it would be like dying dream wish to be there from here Thunder Bay, Ontario at 59 … but getting same on home pc headphomes near as good thx Rodger 😉 Been loving your music since moving here at age 13 grd 9 1973 😉

  2. I also get goosebumps every time I hear this song, a masterpiece and incredible performance!

    I would often put this song on at home, sitting listening through my stereo, let my mind travel with it, this is not only music, this is an incredible mind experience. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Every time I hear these great vibration, my cup overflows..Thans again Roger Fabulous.

  4. Masterpiece. What is the name of this orchestra? Nowhere to be found…This would be showing respect to name them in the description, no? They're doing a great job for Rodger's masterpiece. On which CD is this to be found? I have all Rodgers's records but not this version…Help someone? Thx

  5. Me encanta pero lo siento el saxo jamas sera John supertramp son todos John, Rick bob Roger y dougie

  6. I get goose bumps every time i listen to this.. incredible

  7. Me llena de emoción, seguir escuchando supertramp, y lo seguiré haciendo !! Por siempre !!

  8. One of his famous "delicate " songs with a slight edge…..a one of a kind song and brilliantly performed the way it should be……with an orchestra.🎻🙂

  9. 49 people lost their ears. This song with a full orchestra behind Roger is just heaven on a stick. Masterpiece!! Oh and love the drummer, he is fantastic.

  10. Extraordinary ! Every instrument speaks as one, vocals are on point. Moving more so than the original. Thank you Roger.

  11. Le descriptif élogieux sur cet "exquisite opus" de roger est de … roger bien sûr . D'autres fabuleuses videos de concerts de Supertramp n'existent plus… no comment.

  12. This performance is epic words can't describe his genius and talent 😊

  13. Amo a Roger Hogdson, su música remueve hasta el último sentido de mi ser! Larga vida maestro!

  14. Hi RH fans. Does anybody know if Roger is playing with an orchestra on any date on his current tour? The itinerary on his website doesn't specifically call this out. Thanks

  15. 1977 Jarry Park Montreal. My first concert and probably the best. Just absolutely perfect song

  16. I never knew the name of this gem….I found it…and how glad I was so I can appreciate it more than I did when I was 20

  17. I just found out what this song was called, I searched W5 intro music as that's what I remember watching as a kid and I liked the music. Wow that was a long time ago.

  18. Roger IS the voice of Supertramp.. Saw him last month in the Midwest in the USA a few times. He plays ALL the hits and sings just as a great as he did in the 70's. He tours with a GREAT band if he does a show anywhere near you, you must go see him for a wonderful, beautiful and spiritual evening..

  19. Roger, PLEASE come back to the Midwest USA, we MISS YOU. Can't wait to hear your inspirational songs again this Spring 2018! We saw you a few times this 2017 and every show was more special than the first! Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. I was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas. My fathers side came from Leiceistor and Bristol. My name is James Ridgeway. I’m as English as they come. So proud of that. I know Supertramp is from Holland, but they speak to everyone.

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