“For Estefani, Third Grade, Who Made Me A Card” poem by Aracelis Girmay

I’m Aracelis Girmay, and this is, “For Estefani, Third
Grade, Who Made Me a Card.” Elephant on an orange line,
underneath a yellow circle, meaning sun. Six green, vertical lines, with color
all from the top, meaning flowers. The first time I peel back the
five squares of Scotch tape, unfold the crooked-crease
fold of art class paper. I am in my living room.
It is June. Inside of the card,
there is one long word, and then Estefani’s name: Loisfoeribari Estefani Loisfoeribari? Loisfoeribari: The scientific,
Latinate way of saying hibiscus. Loisforeribari: A direction, as in:
are you going North? South? East?
West? Loisfoeribari? I try, over and over, to read
the word out loud. Loisfoeribari. LoISFOeribari. LoiSFOEribari. LoisFOERibARI. What is this word?
I imagine using it in sentences like, “Man, I have to go back to the house,
I forgot my Loisfoeribari.” or “There’s nothing
better than rain, hot rain, open windows with music,
and a tall glass of Loisfoeribari.” or “How are we getting to Pittsburgh?
Should we drive or take the Loisfoeribari?” I have lived four minutes with this word
not knowing what it means. It is the end of the year.
I consider writing my student, Estefani, a letter that goes: To The BRILLIANT Estefani! Hola, querida, I hope that you are well. I’ve just opened the card that you made
me, and it is beautiful. I really love the way you
filled the sky with birds. I believe that you are chula,
chulita, and super fly! Yes, the card is beautiful. I only have one question for you. What does the word ‘Loisfoeribari’ mean? I try the word again.
Loisfoeribari. Loisfoeribari.
Loisfoeribari. I try the word in Spanish. Loisfoeribari Lo-ees-fo-eh-dee-bah-dee Lo-ees-fo-eh-dee-bah-dee and then, slowly, Lo is fo e ri bari Lo is fo eribari love is for everybody
love is for every every body love love love everybody love
everybody love love is love everybody
everybody is love love love for love
for everybody for love is everybody
love is for every love is for every body
love love love for body love body body is love
love is body every body is love is every love
for every love is love for love everybody love love
love love for everybody Love is for everybody.

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  1. Again with an wonderful animation. Thank you, Ted-ed😊.
    Love is also for Ted-ed💕💕

  2. If you're reading this comment, I wish you to be successful in your life 🙂

  3. Congratulations on 10mil sub. One of the best YouTube channel
    Good luck and keep posting the amazing videos

  4. Hello saudações 🇧🇷 Boa tarde Amor fico feliz! Pela visita 🌹
    Tenho em meu coração ❤️ Love muitos beijos com carinho 🥰

  5. When i was little, i used to make cars for my teachers, on teacher's day, or for their birthdays, but none of my teacher ever gave me a reply letter -_-

  6. Give some cookies for the narrator please I got confused just trying to follow that everybody is love part XD

  7. By next video, I will make a poem for you guys hitting 10 Million! I would want you to put it on a story😉

  8. After watching this video I feel like I am on weed. I am recommended this video for all who consume weed to get extreme trip. 😂😂

  9. This animated poem reminds us how much we love working in the education space, and how much we love doing it with support from 10 million of you! Thanks EVERYBODY!
    For more poetry, check out the rest of our series: http://bit.ly/TEDEdTheresAPoemForThat

  10. Latin word-LO IS FO E RI BARI
    English word- LOVE IS FOR EVERYBODY🤘

  11. Love?
    There’s a poem for that.
    There’s a poem for that.
    Money, life, nature?
    There’s a poem for that!

  12. I really like this poem…
    I'm going to check this one out and have a copy.😀

    Congratulations on 10M, TedEd.🙂



  13. This is beautiful. I like this word.
    Love is for everybody
    I like every iteration or combination of it.

  14. Amazing poem! I didn't expect for it to make me cry. But it did! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  15. I loved how the poem ended on the interpretation "love is for everybody". The animations were so pretty and aesthetic!!

  16. The explosion of "love body love love is for everybody…" at the end of the poem at the climax is just really beautiful i dont know why

  17. Every songle video in this series, without fail, inspires me to pick up my pen and write. Even when I have been down and unable to write for weeks. Not to get beatific but Ted-Ed is out here changing lives. Thank you. :^)

  18. Wow, I was very confused but when it got to the part of "love is for everybody" there was a huge smile on my face😄😄

  19. When it began stating loisfoeribari over and over again, I felt like I was hallucinating.

  20. That's one great cryptic message coming from a third-grader with a meaningful message.

  21. This video really left me in awe, kind of like that feeling when a baby giggles cause he saw/heard/experience something new🙂💗
    You know what I mean ??

  22. Damn, we need to appreciate Ted's hard work, the beautiful animations, the uncovered history, Ted never always leaves us astonished every time

  23. More than a decade after, whenever I see "Este-" I still go back to Esteban Trueba. I don't even remember what happened in most of that book, but the characters still stick out like a thorny ruin in my memory.

  24. This animated video and recitation of poem makes my heart melting…After a long time something I feel beyond happiness.
    Thank You,Aracelis Girmay,querida and Loisfoeribari 😍 Love is for everybody.

  25. Happy 10 mil!!!!
    So many things learned and so much more,hope you'll be there every second of the way!

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