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my next guest went from riding from Jimmy Fallon to being one of the most in-demand Christian comedians in all of America his Facebook live series called the monologue show is late-night comedy the way it used to be really funny and no politics I want you to welcome our friend Chris Weiland Wow had a unique childhood growing up you know it was so weird a lot of weird things happen to me when I was a kid like when I was younger about the ages of eight or nine my mother was very protective of me I thought it was because she loved me turns out we just didn't have medical and then I woke up on my 18th birthday to my grandfather standing over me and he had a quarter in his hand and he goes wake up kid to take you're 18 today you're a man you're gonna take this quarter walk into the real world buy yourself a newspaper and find a job I said well that's great grandpa but newspapers cost more than a quarter and he goes welcome to the real world I grew up knowing I was poor you know like I was so poor that I actually loved when I lost teeth because that meant I could get a couple bucks from the tooth fairy remember the tooth fairy that was amazing you lose a tooth put it under the pillow and the next morning money would be there right so I decided when I get older and I live in a nursing home I'm gonna put money under my pillow and hope teeth pop out hi I'm actually a little like afraid of living in a nursing home when I get older cuz I'm afraid of who I'm gonna be living with have you guys seen my generation' lately pray for me they're all gonna look 95 but identify as 25 and there's gonna be gangs in nursing homes of course there are but the gangs will be called the Crips itis and the blood clots that's why I got to stay healthy I actually lost 50 pounds thank you lost 50 pounds yes thank you yeah I'm glad you guys applauded that I'm from the Midwest we do not applaud weight loss in the Midwest I wanted to surprise my mom so I didn't even let her see any pictures I flew to her house 50 pounds lighter and this was her reaction she just goes who hurt you I blame it on the west coast though because I live in the West now and everybody's very uh you know just diet focused on on the west side of the country but I noticed how health-conscious the West was when I went to a movie theater in Phoenix Arizona because I watched somebody order a small popcorn I didn't even know small was a size and I'm from Ohio okay in Ohio the movie theater isn't even about the movies it's about the food and we love it we have hoses of butter we spray on the kids before the movie starts everybody slippery but we're happy we love it and sure in Ohio we do have a movie popcorn size small but it ends in the word bucket we have small bucket large bucket where's my accountability partner bucket and then we have a family bucket which is really just though big wheel barrel of popcorn in your own butter house and that is not enough I don't know if anybody's parent ever did this growing up but my mom would always go oh we're going to the movies I'll get my Pig purse like the moment the movie started it was a scene for Mary Poppins she's just pulling everything out of that thing oh we got Snickers snickerdoodles Kit Kats mmm gobstoppers out hoarded the Chinese food I was like I did and the best part of a movie theater is you could eat like a pig cuz you're not the one cleaning it up so he's a 14 year old worker at the end of the night that's just like who ain't lo mein thank you guys I'm Chris Whelan [Applause] romain at the movie theater romain at the movie theater it's been good if you haven't done it you got to do it we won't just so you know I probably thought out there let's talk you had a great opportunity to write for Jimmy Fallon I mean that was pretty cool I did yes somebody wrote that on my resume okay okay even though you really didn't do it you know no but seriously was it was he a fun guy to work with was he funny offstage yeah so you know I I did a I was a monologue writer so what that meant is I was still able to travel and do stand-up which I was doing a lot my first year I did 200 shows so I was doing a comedy club and I opened up for a comedian who was a writer on staff and he said would I really like your material would you consider writing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a monologue writer and I was like yes absolutely you know and so I started writing so I would travel and I would send my monologue jokes there so you didn't have to physically be in the building every every now no I did go a couple of times I actually took my mom there which as a quick side note I just got to say you raised a great daughter didn't thank you as I think so but yeah you know knowledge activity you you raised somebody that works for you know worked for the White House my parents raised me I worked for 25 bucks telling a joke that's what I do so already fantastic please come back and be with us again career love that we loved having you here and let me just tell you if you love Chris Weinland you can check out is bipartisan dating sketch it is waiting for you at Huckabee dot TV we've put it on our website as a digital exclusive it is hilarious don't watch it unless you're prepared to laugh out loud you can also see a lot more great comedy videos you can get booking information about having Chris to your community our church your group and corporation you can also check it out on Facebook follow his hilarious content on social media at Chris Weinland comedy please do this you will be glad you did because he is a funny funny guy you

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