25 thoughts on “Forrest J Ackerman – L Ron Hubbard's Literary Agent – Secret Lives – Scientology

  1. A charlatan, a fake, a fraud, a homosexual !
    He didn't have the ability to tell the truth not for 1 second !
    Nobody liked him he was a creepy evil bastard !
    Just look at his smile and his teeth !
    His brain didn't work right !

  2. Hubbard was a professional hypnotist, story teller and fiction writer.
    Perfect for starting a cult of followers.

  3. I hope that if LRH's EXCALIBUR does in fact exist, and whoever reads it commits suicide, that David Miscavige owns it and decides to read it SOON!

  4. what a lovely world it would be if mr hubbard had never been born.

  5. L. Ron's Excaliber sounds like Wu Tang Clan's mysterious album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.
    Only one copy made and sold to one person.

  6. Has anybody realised that the last time 1 man had a 'movement' like this CULT that people HAD to ESCAPE from it ended in the HOLOCAUST!!! #JustSaying

  7. An adequate page-filler with an occasional flash of brilliance.

  8. Uncle Forry was such a good man! I met him one time at a dinner arranged by horror and monster mask collectors. I collect scifi and horror props and his old collection was amazing. I wish I had a piece that was sold by his estate after he died. Anyone who hasn't seen that documentary about him contacting people after death should watch it. Very interesting if you believe it or not.

  9. This guy absorbed LRH's bullshit as much as the Ronbots currently inhabiting this planet at the moment. Scientology is a mind trap, a con and a way to separate idiots from their money.

  10. Funny when asked about how LRH ended up such a top-selling author, he crosses his arms so defensively before trying to explain. LRH's agent. And he separates dianetics (which he says could have value or merit or something) from the cult without saying anything specific about scientology that they could sue him over….

  11. I knew Forry Ackerman.  He told me quite adamantly that he wanted nothing to do with Scientology.

  12. the creator of "Famous Monsters" also pushed hubbards material huh,appropriate I guess

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