Fox And The crow – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

One day while he was walking out, the Fox saw a crow, swoop down and pick up a piece of cheese in its beak. The crow then flapped its wings and, flew up onto a branch in a nearby tree. Mmm. That’s a tasty looking piece of cheese. huh! I Should have the cheese. I am the Fox and I deserve it . I am a sly, smooth-talking fox too. I will have it soon enough. The Fox walked over to the foot of the tree. Hello! Hello, Ms. Crow. Not talking anything ? Naturally she was taught never to speak with her mouth full. So she didn’t greet the fox When he arrives to sit under the branch. How are you today? You’re looking mighty fine. ( laughs ) Is there something different about you? Your feathers look so glossy and black and your eyes are sparkling like diamonds and finally, Hmm. You are looking so beautiful The crow didn’t answer with her mouth full of cheese (laughs) If you can sing as good as you look, then I will have to call you queen of all the birds (laughs) Flattered by all the compliments from the Fox. Wanting to be called the queen of all birds the crow lifted her head and began to sing Caw caw caw At that moment, she opened her mouth The cheese fell down into the waiting mouth of the fox below. Hmm, mma. I got what I wanted (Sniggers) The fox looked up at the sad crow in that tree. Oh! Oh, no, I dropped the cheese. You stolen my cheese . Caw, Caw, Cawww. Not at all. Mmm hmm… Mm. it was a fair enough trick vain crow with your head up in the trees, you, got the compliments, and I, Hmm. got the cheese. Mmm. It’s so delicious. Mmm… Kids, never trust a flattery coming from others. This stands as the moral of the story. My God, I’m free now. Oh Foxhole as he looked behind him and saw his stay Still stuck up in the truck all he had left was a little stump at his [back]

20 thoughts on “Fox And The crow – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

  1. Not quite how the story goes but nice animations. Couldn't have a more annoying voice however.

  2. it is nice story. Do not believe conic persons they speak lie and trap you.

  3. this is so hilariously bad that its cringe and good at the same time

  4. My teacher showed this to my class and we laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂

  5. This is the closest interpretation I have seen… thank you. Peace and hugs kp

  6. I memorized this fable in French back in college, and I can still recite it now. This version is great because I want my daughter to be familiar with as many different accents and varieties of English as possible. Keep up the great work, and keep uploading videos in English from India or elsewhere. Also, you should delete any comments by people who obviously have a problem with what you are doing. Various names for what they are doing come to mind, but I would rather keep it positive.

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