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[HOST] Singer Frank Ocean doesn’t rap too
often but when he does, it stands out so we decided to take a look back at a few of his
best verses. First up, Frank delivered his early stand
out verse on the Odd Future crew staple, “Oldie” in 2012. The elusive singer often lent vocals and,
sometimes, bars for his fellow Odd Future members. He appeared on two tracks from Tyler, The
Creator’s debut album ‘Goblin’ in 2011. “She” which followed the demonic themes
that put Tyler on the map… … and “Window” where Frank reflects on the significance of his friendship with the rapper. the rapper. [TYLER] Frank’s older than me… And he would just always say, dude, you’re
going to get it soon. Don’t worry about it. He always had my back. [HOST] Frank linked up with another OF member
Earl Sweatshirt on “Super Rich Kids,” a fan-favorite from 2012’s ‘Channel Orange.’ As well as a year later on Earl’s “Sunday”
where Frank addressed a scuffle with singer Chris Brown and beating him to a Grammy for
Best Urban Contemporary Album. Ocean often cryptically posts on his Tumblr
with loosies like in 2012 with the chilled out, Pharrell Williams-produced “Blue Whale”
where he shouts out the iconic fictional hair commercial from the 1988 film, Coming To America,
as well as football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. [HOST] His beat switches have also become
something of a trademark, with Frank often taking the opportunity to trade in his melodies
for flows to set a different tone like on ‘Channel Orange’s “Pyramids….” And on ‘Blonde’’s pitched-up verse from
“Nights” in 2016, where he refers to The 27 Club, a coincidental myth of influential
artists that have died at the age of 27. And on the pensive track, “Seigfried.” The same year, ‘Endless’ brought one of
his best rap verses with “UNITY” where he reflects on his path to stardom and why
he’s so elusive. Not long after ‘Blonde’ and ‘Endless,’
Frank appeared on the star-studded cut, “RAF” from A$AP Mob’s ‘Cozy Tapes Vol. 2’
in 2017. The track featured 2 verses, showing his range
as a rapper. He followed up with a bundle of loosies showcasing
his lyricism and various flows. “Biking,” first came out with verses from
frequent collaborator Tyler, The Creator and Brooklyn’s Jay-Z but the solo cut featured
a bonus Frank-verse that excited fans and critics. Though Frank hasn’t hinted at any new music,
fans are definitely hungry for more. What’s your favorite Frank Ocean verse? Let us know in the comments. I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

100 thoughts on “Frank Ocean’s Best Rap Verses | Genius News

  1. No Futura Free or Purity mention…the latter which is at worst my second favorite song ever. Go through that verse line by line. It’s insane. And he displays so many different flows/techniques in the same verse. Ridiculous.

  2. If i get 6 likes I'll stop lickin the walmart icecream

  3. When I saw the thumbnail I thought Odd Future came back together smh

    "I'm high and I'm bi, wait, I mean I'm straight.
    Imma get you this wine, the runner just brought the grapes my brother"

  5. Title should have been the only frank ocean rap verses cuz this man is not famous for rapping to begin w

  6. Why put the energy to make a best verses list on frank ocean who claims to not be a rapper. Use that on kdot cole Eminem Wayne pac biggie ASAP Kanye hov etc…

  7. How you make this whole ass video and not think once to include purity is BEYOND me

  8. The rap on futura free would be studied for generations for it being straight up FIRE !!

  9. You forgot to mention Sideways from Endless. Personally that's one of my favorite raps from him

  10. Purity on testing and chanel prove frank could rapper better than most rappers

  11. Genius is really going down the shitter ran by retarded tumblr zoomers and you can tell

  12. Frank Ocean is legit my favorite singer (because my mom listened to Chanel orange when I was younger) and for 5 years I was (and still is)obsessed with him

  13. “Pimpin in my convo, bubbles in my champagne, let it be some jazz playing, top floor motel suite twisting my cigars, floor model TV with the VCR” – pyramids
    I was low key expecting that song to be in this video lol

  14. Was just sayin frank was an underated rapper yesterday then i see this wtf lol

  15. Favourite verse has gotta be
    "if i could see through walls i could see youre fakin
    if you could see my thoughts you would see our faces"
    gets me every time.

  16. My fav line from Frank Ocean:
    "Hide my tattoos in shibuya, police think im of the underworld."

  17. Mentions Oldie but doesnt bring up "I'm high and I'm bi, wait, I mean I'm straight"

  18. my favorite verse is: "A potato flew around my room before you came". Legendary verse.

  19. i love that song sunday, didn't know it was about a real event lol. especially with chris brown lol

  20. i just wish my baby would put our an album 😔 i mean just an ep would be fine as well

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