Frank X Walker Pens & Performs Poem about UK

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how
to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn
the truth.” -Herman Hesse Inside the hard outer shell of an acorn is
its heart, the endosperm, which serves as the food source. Think of this as the classroom. A magnifying
lens will reveal the embryo at the tip of the endosperm. It looks like a miniature leaf. When conditions are right for germination, or in our case,
teaching and learning, this part of the seed will grow. How fortunate we are that nothing can substitute for wisdom, that the wisest among us still
gather on this hill, to unlock our word hordes, ply
them in robust discussions that fuel imaginations,
while we wonder and weigh, measure and move, sow, reap, explore and explain; as we teach, lead,
heal and create —the harvest of what we don’t
yet know. A poet told us “there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” So overcoming the weight of our Southern baggage —removing the hinges on the often too-heavy
doors of traditions that declared knowledge exclusive, limited to men or money, unavailable to the
likes of me, —has made this a better place, has ignited
a spirit of excellence that has allowed us to grow
and prosper. We know chaos and order are married. We know 186,000 miles per second is fast. We know why all things fall down. But what if the cure is in the double helix? What if mountain top removal did not poison the water table or pollute the air? What if the Rule of 72 could be applied to
compassion? There is no vaccination against ignorance,
but there is us. There is this university. And we still have
heavy doors to open, unmet obligations to the land and
its people. There are still leadership opportunities to
advance the Commonwealth, this nation, and our world
towards fulfilling its potential, towards meeting
its lofty promises. For one hundred and fifty years, we have planted
thoughts and seedlings in our disparate fields, fertilized
results that served and fed and healed the minds and
bodies of all in our charge, excluding the Lyman
T’s who only have sixty-seven years in blue and
white. Let’s make ourselves “right for the fight
today,” use the next one hundred and fifty to mend all that we
have broken, to lift, to carry, to propel those who seek
knowledge forwards, towards viable futures with sustainable qualities
of life, enriched by education regardless of their
outer shell. Let men and women come here as seeds, let
us invest in them until they form sufficient roots and
leaves to obtain their own food. Let them grow from here not
just trees, but a fruit-bearing, deeply-rooted forest.

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  1. What an amazing gift that Frank X Walker has given us with "Seedtime in the Commonwealth" – this video is a wonderful combination of what our faculty ask of all our undergraduates in the UK Core Program and a model of multimodel communications for our Quality Enhancement Plan – PresentationU!

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