FreeQuency – The Princess Poem @WANPOETRY (Texas Grand Slam 2014)

Growing up my parents didn’t let me watch bad movies so for the most part, it was Disney Princess cartoons. But the older I grew, the more I knew Disney had shown me some things that were quite disturbing in reality. Like how Beauty and the Beast is about a 17-year-old being sexually harassed until she’s kidnapped and Stockholm Syndromed into bestiality. Or like how Sleeping Beauty was supposed to make me believe that I should be excited if a man sneaks into my room to kiss me while I’m asleep, like that’s what I should consider romantic or consenting, or future husband material. And speaking of future husband material, let me tell you a little secret The Little Mermaid whispered to me, that by the age of 16 I should be willing to give up my voice and my family for a man who would take another woman to the altar because she could sing. But the thing that really set me off was that lame attempt at racial retribution they call The Princess and the Frog. Because apparently, a black girl can only pretend to be a princess and only for a half hour long. We have the gall to show these images to our daughters in their most formative stages of growth, without realizing that for two hours we just let Mickey Mouse bitch-slap them with the remote.

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