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Fried Egg When you have a fried egg and
the yellow bit the yolk is all runny and it spills onto the plate
how’d you clean it off your plate? With your knife or your fork? I once said to my brother I bet a fork’s best and he said nah I bet a knife’s best so we scraped and scraped and I was sure in fact I could see as plain as plain can see that my fork had done it better than his knife mine’s best I said mine’s best he said no mine is I said no mine is he said mum who’s his best I said she looked at the plates I think ummm they’re just about the same she said I didn’t say anything I just knew that she was wrong my fork was better than his knife for getting egg yolk off plates it was as simple as that it mainly so angry I thought why doesn’t he admit it? I know he knows mine is best

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