From Poems of Leslie Scalapino

I'm not interested in talking to anyone though it is warm and the wind has come up as though we were preparing for hurricane weather I hurry back to my car and on the way find something anyway in the corner of my pocket I ate and there should just be the person who was talking about Architects or one of the other people I was with there should be just that person in the world with no banks our culture went out so I take the car and a whole system of banking and money is based on hierarchy we'd have to have monopolies for me to communicate with someone who has died starting daylight savings time though I will need to read the newspaper if I am working on a way of breaking the bank at Monte Carlo except for knowing someone who has already died it didn't help me to enter a public building today unemployed the one I heard someone who used an obscene word the other day he didn't look as if he were in another world and so I'm worried especially in this sultry weather I ate and then if I go out anywhere when the weather is sultry is if I were in the beginning of a monsoon and I am going to communicate with someone who has died I will have to have a lot of money ate and I'd need to know people who were mercenaries I need to have the military if I'm going to think of nothing except being in a social hierarchy after I died I've changed my mind if plants are able to be angry or can have a moral being I'd be part of the social hierarchy I'd be furiously angry if these people weren't lying and they don't understand what they do or say is it because I could have been matter or a plant if they are not lying and they don't understand what they do or say is it because they could have been matter I didn't lie I never lie and if they didn't lie and didn't understand what they did or said is it because we could have been matter are these people lying if they went somewhere our dogs and other animals lying and wouldn't have any reason for lying if these people are jealous but jealousy is in plants and isn't related to lying dogs are jealous I could have been matter and I feel jealous when I go out in public when I go anywhere waiting in the grass it is like an elephant trunk extended on the trunk waiting on the grass trunk of woman on the grass in it the nudity of poverty and calm scratch on it dreams of people's abandonment of each other where it is beamed into them are the same excreting crowd and not evening our light the social being from inside itself can be approached calm they like reality are a function scratch on it scratch on it scratch on it the men when I'd been out in the cold weather were found lying on the street having died from the weather though usually being there when it's warmer the men on the street who died in the weather poor bums observing it that instance of where they are not my seeing that cranes are on the skyline which are accustomed to lift the containers to or from the freighters as the New Wave attire of the man though not muscular but young with the new wave dyed blonde hair seeming to wait at the bus stop but always outside the hair salon the bombs the men having died from the weather though they're doing that seeing things from their view when they were alive so not to be upper-class the new wavy baggy pants the man with a dyed blonde hair who's always standing in front of the hair salon on the corner the public figure as gentle as the freighter and their relation that of the man with the dyed blond hair and new way of attire and the freighter of our present president who doesn't know of foreign environs as vacant and to the freighter and his and its relation when our present president is in an inverse relation to them when there's a social struggle in there a whole setting which is abroad the bums who've died but could be only when they're living though it doesn't have desire so inverse in that one setting to their social struggle in their whole setting which is abroad and its relation to the freighter to the person of New Wave attire that person's relation to the freighter when the bums are not alive at this time though were here not abroad and not aware in being so of a social struggle the man in the New Wave attire as the relation of him being another person as the freighter and his and its relation the inverse relation to the freighter only occurring when that person is living the man who's accustomed to working in the garage as having that relation to their whole setting I have been am dumb as the way in which that would occur the bum's not their existence or dying from the weather though the effect of that for me to be dumb to have been actually stupid so that really could occur the bombs in an event so dumb is an active relation to the bombs or to the freighter and the still oil rigs on the ocean to the repair of the car so inverse in that seeing though it doesn't have desire of the present as the oil rigs which are the freighter on the ocean pushed up to be the relation with me by my being am dumb there to have that occurrence to have that for them some people who'd had an attitude of snobbery always so that they're dumb when it's senseless that relation with them I almost froze and realized I could die from it when the bombs were in that situation and then not caring though that's not possible which had been repaired to the car as I am when that's senseless though it doesn't have desire of the present the bombs found later in the whole setting though when the car hadn't been repaired and so they're grinding and movement in relation to it

3 thoughts on “From Poems of Leslie Scalapino

  1. I continue to enjoy your channel. Not since spending quiet afternoons delving into the archives at my old alma mater's Poetry Center have I had such a rich experience with modern American poetry. Thank you.

  2. I agree with Ida, the editing is tremendous and, for me, out shone the poems, this time. A timely posting, James.

  3. Interesting poems that I want to look up the text for. The video editing is awesome. I wish I could do that. I would have liked to have heard/seen L. Scalapino but I missed out on that. Thank you for uploading this.

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