FSG 2014 – Formula Student Poem – a gift from FSG to you!

This is your week You are off to great learnings
And enjoy the thrill of speed You have skills in your hands
You have knowledge in your brain You have energy for hundreds
Everything you do, is a gain You are part of a team. And you all know what you can do
The Sky is the limit with this team of the others and you
You have looked left and right, for a challenge, not a fight
Although to some you have said: we don’t think you are right! With your skills in your hands and knowledge
in your brain You are so madly enthusiastic, you need a
special game Formula Student Germany or FSG they call it
That competition that hit you like a bullet The FSG that is like open space
And it has the thrill of the closest race You decided to join this world and accept
No pain no gain as its underlying concept
And you start to imagine the unimaginable To build and drive you own race vehicle
In hours and hours of sleepless nights against many and difficult strikes
with your hands and brains you did succeed You created something made of Speed
It has four wheels and it makes your heart beat high
You love it, you name it, it gives you pride Now you come here to prove and show
What kind of team you are, what all you know The Scrutineers drive you crazy
Never ever they are lazy To pass Tech Inspection is a victory as such
The stickers give your darling its final touch But some of the beauties do not get those
That sentence makes tears run down your nose. The ones who have are ready to run
To perform and have all the fun The presentation design and cost
Every single one hurts – of the points you lost
You are exhausted and wet You still are to drive Skid Pad yet! Then you look carefully left and right
And see all others continue to fight You do what you do and stir up the team
And live your own personal dream Acceleration is suddenly done
In the spirit of Formula One You pushed the pedal
Right to the metal Autocross you passed
Now Endurance comes up fast Sunday is terror
Only the slightest error Before or after the start
Might ruin your dream And cost the team
All it had worked for so hard To finish first you need to finish first
Once you do, you scream, you burst This is it. The moment of pure ecstasy
It is better than your wildest fantasy Besides the high there is the low
Fastest lap times and then -Nnnooo Perfect devastation
In this situation But why? In the end you gave all you can
under the German Autobahn You did hardly rest and sleep
The rings under the eyes are deep But now it is done
Award ceremony is on You might take home the cup
More likely not, – but no matter what You – all of you are winners
of hearts, of friends, of experience This was your week This was your start
Now lets celebrate before we part

5 thoughts on “FSG 2014 – Formula Student Poem – a gift from FSG to you!

  1. Hey:-) are you planing on uploading the additional Videos we saw at the award ceremony? They were awesome!!

  2. nice video, nice emotions, nice memories.
    could you pls upload the videos of the award ceremonies?

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