22 thoughts on “Fuddy-Duddy Buddy Murphy: Swagatha Christie’s Poetry Slam

  1. Long live the king!!! Cannot wait for Jacks next dis track for his next challenger.

  2. Was that hometown line a dig at him winning the cruiserweight title in Melbourne??

  3. You guys NEED to play Mad Verse City (Jack Box Party Pack5) and Jack NEEDS to be part of it.

  4. when did he beat bayley? the one head behind him looks like a shadow of bayley!

  5. Forget video games, can we just have rap battles? I already know who my money's on 😂

  6. A king is nothing before a pope. All hail Joey Headrocker. Blessed be ye who submit to the power game! Even if he loses, Joe will just choke him out and take it. Who on UUDD is going to stop him from just taking it? 😂

  7. How come I am invested in the UUDD championship more then I am the universal championship?

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