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oh hello there here we are again with
another full English lesson coming to you from the birthplace of all these
people oh my goodness that’s a lot of people
and of course this is also the place where the English language was created
that is of course England so many words so many phrases and I hear you ask where
is the best place to learn all of those words and phrases? right here on my
youtube channel is my reply so stand by because another full english lesson is
going to start right… now ! I often receive questions and comments
from my students concerning the process of learning English for which I’m always
happy to receive and where possible answer
one such question concerns the action of repeating things during the learning
process a common criticism is the tediousness of repetition the hard fact
is that repeating things is a large part of learning anything whatever it happens
to be the action of repeating something is there a baby must learn to walk by
trying the same action again and again a learner driver must undergo many
training hours before getting it right this also involves a great deal of
repetition so what about English is it really necessary to keep repeating words
and phrases over and over? the answer to that question is yes the most obvious
benefit of repeating things comes when you want to get a new word or phrase to
stay in here repeating things again and again will literally create new stored
information in your brain yes it might seem boring and yes it will take time to
accomplish but in the long run you will learn to appreciate the power of
repetition whilst we are on the subject of repeating things it is also worth
mentioning that you need to get into the habit of learning new words and phrases
every day don’t shy away from absorbing new information the secret is not to
push yourself too far a little learned everyday will lead to a
lot gained each month as I always say the important rules of learning English
rely on the most basic actions read listen repeat learn there it is again
that magic word repeat repeat repeat do you ever find yourself in a situation
where you have to vent your emotions? have you ever had anyone vent their
feelings towards you? the word vent relates to the process of something
flowing in a certain direction the release of air through a hole or pipe is
vent the use of the word exists as both a noun and verb then there is what we
call emotional venting which as its name suggests is the release of emotion the
action of venting comes in many forms you might release your frustration
aggressively by doing something physical you might go for a run or partake in
some certain sport by doing something physically demanding you are releasing
the tension whilst at the same time producing some of those lovely
endorphins that are great for making you feel calm and settled you don’t need to
take any of those drugs to feel better all you need is a few minutes of
exercise you might choose to vent your feelings verbally to someone close to
you you feel the urge to talk to a family member a close friend or even a
complete stranger about what is making you feel stressed you vent your emotions
verbally towards someone counselling or therapy will often involve a certain
amount of venting to vent is to express release divulge expel let off steam get
something off your chest to vent is normal as long as you do it in a way
that is not harmful to others some people might use aggression or violence
to let their tension out apart from talking to someone the action of being
silent can also be a great way to vent your inner angst meditation has become a
popular method of venting those inner feelings by understanding what is troubling the individual and then putting it all in
perspective it’s time to take a look at another
buzzword a buzzword is a word or phrase that is popular during a certain time or
is generally used today’s buzzword is democratic in its most used sense the
word democratic is the adjective form of the noun democracy a democratic action
is one where the population are given the chance to make decisions about the
course in which a nation should take concerning individual rights and general
law to be democratic is to observe the rights of those living in a democracy
the word democracy means a system of government overseen by the whole
population or all the eligible members of a state typically through elected
representatives the general population are allowed to oversee the laws of the
land and the rights of its citizens via an elected group of representatives in
business the major shareholders of a company have the right to make decisions
based on a democratic process that is to say they have the right to vote on the
decisions made you will often hear the mention of democratic process when
discussing the way in which political decisions are made the process of
allowing the majority to make decisions based on a regulated voting system is
the basis of a democracy the free voting on major decisions is often done in the
form of a referendum a vote is put forward and those eligible are allowed
to make their choice this also applies to the election of those who represent
the people not everyone supports the democratic ideal it is often seen as
just another form of elitism and is viewed as both being corrupt and easy to
manipulate in the past democracy has been heavily criticised
Winston Churchill described democracy as the best of the worst form of government
to be democratic is to follow the ideal of living in the democracy the word
itself derives from Greek and literally means the people rule here is something I haven’t talked about
for a very long time the subject of opposite words is both fascinating and
quite often confusing a good example is the opposite of bend as a verb the
opposite word is in fact straighten then there is the action of clearing a
misunderstanding which is also straighten you can straighten something
out with another person a conversation that allows those involved to better
understand each other’s feelings is to straighten things out we need to talk
about what happened last night and straighten things out to distort or
twist an event to make it seem different is to bend the truth you can bend the
rules which means to do something illegal but not serious that goes
against the law or set of instructions you are not supposed to be in here but I
am willing to bend the rules this time as adjectives bent and straight refer to
being either good or bad a bent person is one involved in criminal activity a
straight person is law-abiding and a good citizen an object that has been
distorted out of shape has been bent the action of doing this is bend a car
accident can be described as a fender bender this expresses the condition of a
car after it has been damaged then as I said at the start of this
subject we have the opposite of Bend which is straighten to make something
level or without distortion is to straighten are you still confused I hope
that I have been able to straighten out the confusion here so you won’t be bent
double trying to understand it as I always try my best to be straight with
you well it looks as if we have come to the
end of another full English lesson but wait there apparently we still have
a few moments left so to fill that time here is a short poem isn’t it strange
the way people change from day today isn’t it queer whenever you hear the
silly things people say isn’t it sad when you hear something bad it makes you
want to cry but despite what you hear one thing is quite clear to keep you
from going mad say to yourself I am what I am whatever they say or do my life is
mine and whatever they say I won’t give a damn okay that is definitely all we
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saying thanks for watching see you soon for full English number 40 and of course… ta ta for now 😎 you

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