Fun in TF2 voicechat

well this isn’t very balanced i uh… Um,blue team? Could we maybe have a little bit of a party….this isn’t very much of a balanced game y’know? In fact im the only one left please,please have please fucking have mer-…for the love of christ himself i’ll let you in alright,oh goodness…oh no I iwll loose with you autistic scout don’t you even worry hello-,I Me:yeah Scout: I, Iwas gonna invite my friends to join,but… they were assholes,so hello Ah,don’t you even worry Well,this started out to be a normal game and suddenly everyone left for some reason and… then i was left all on my own Me:Unfortunatly Scout:Wondefull… Scout: Are you from germany? Me: Yes,i am That’s very nice I’m flattered….thank you Wanna kiss,I kiss- mwuah i kiss gay kiss? I kiss you too *smooch* Scout:Oh thank you Me:Don’t you even worry,oh Autistic Scout where are you? Hiya, i am right here Oh there you are, very good would you mind switching to engineer when the round starts? We need some…cooprative engineering…y’know? Uncle Dane is a very bad uncle dane… I’m not an Uncle Dane, i am a German Prick Me: I will protect you, i will be your bodyshield don’t you even worry. Dude in Chat:No, no, no, no Shut up, i need to hear what autistic Scout has to say. Scout:Yes Me: What did you say? Scout: What class are you best at? What class are you best at? Like your best class My best class um, my best cla- My most played class would be spy Me: But uh… Scout: Ok, a powerclass s’cuse me? Your most played powerclass like heavy, soldier demo…something like that Oh, powerclass um…i’ll…i’ll qiuckly look it up… That would be demoman Scout: Are you good with demoman? Me: I am… …not terrible… that sounds good for me! I’ll have to correct myself i’m actually very terrible… Scout: Uh…are you good with heavy? Me: yeah i… yeah i think so…oh shit *qiuetly cries in shame* i didn’t even realize there was a sentry… i need to step up my game don’t i? let’s go autistic Scout Scout:Let’s go. let’s go. Me: would you mind if i just called you autistic? *best joke of 2017* -cuz he’s a pretty good medic i’m going-I suppose it would be logical to go-to be the fourt-, the fifth spy, on our team Me: that would be very logical, i will do that right now Scout:Uhhhh ye- yeah very logical, very logical yes i- i am totally a credit to my team… Me: Look at me… Scout: yes, you are Me: I am about to carry this team… *Watch me carry this shit boys* It seems, i am about to di- i have died… *DISGUSTING HATE MAIL* *DISGUSTING HATE MAIL* Autis- uhh scout, it seems that that you are being shit-talked in chat i think i will add you after this match i think this is something that i would like to do… that would be very nice! get to cover, get to cover please… i have th- i have ze krits… *Sick ass killfeed* That.Was.Amazing. I’ve been killed by a spy

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