FUN WITH FNIA BABY | FNIA Visual Novel (CloudNovel) #6

what's up guys Murphy here and welcome back to the foul nights and anime cloud novel on cloud novel so we're gonna get back into this today last time we actually saw baby and we had a whole Hyrum of the Fania gals come after us and it was very dank time so if you guys didn't see that absolutely definitely go check out but I want to know more about baby and you guys are giving me some hints that we may be able to see more over so that's what we're going to try and do today so we got a sneak out of the office again yes again there's just so much routes that we had when we do this so that's what we're going to do and then I think we have to go to the repair room so again that's what we're gonna do you go to a repair room the empty masks and suits creep you out but then two things catch your eye specifically two boxes one is white and lace two pink stripes the ever looks like a standard crate with fragile on the box it was a helium tank and a set of balloons next to it you have a strong desire to open one far in the back you see red hair buried under some other stuff near though you see three human-like bodies what we do am i think that's baby I'm Matt I'm Matt Matt's alright open the fancy gift box open the balloon crate check the red hair check the human white bodies so the fancy ones the puppet I'm assuming then I'm guessing the balloon ones building babe and the red hair one is baby so we're gonna choose that one because I'm pretty dang sure it's gonna be baby this ruies current working progress okay can we still do it oh I think we can all right okay I don't know what's gonna happen that okay you with the party panties ribbons toys etc and unveil the owner of the red hair it appeared to be a deactivated animatronic she had pale white skin a red white and purple dress and a matching microphone gripped loosely in her hand you're about to leave when one of the heavier objects fell right onto her exposed power button in the latch on her neck and mechanical whirring started and she opened her eyes the lacz closed preventing you from shutting her down again she SAP and turns you of a kind of innocent expression even though she's turning to me when it is an expression here there's actually kind of creepy what the heck hi baby oh hello did you wait me ah what a romantic way to meet it's like sleeping beauty but anyway I guess I should introduce myself my name's baby what's yours uh Jason that's a nice name hey since you've been here before can you show me around I'm new here alright girl that's fun alright bear bear will do just that baby Oh flatly said something well okay it's the least I could do after accidentally waking you up it's fine sweetie in fact I'm really glad you whipped me up she gives you a quick peck on that okay alright that's fine getting into the sweet moments already I'm done with that alright it's obvious you don't go too far though you know quick peck on the cheek that's borderline fine but if you start going up on the graph of craziness then that's where I start running away alright so just leave it there okay now let's go you walk out of the repair room and show us some of the locations she stopped at the stage room okay oh it's at the stage oh yeah it looks like no one's here right now great do you mind if I sing for you well I guess you conveniently have your microphone on you at all times so if you would like to I guess why not sure she starts singing a song in what sounded like Japanese she pulls her a moment she looked around and looked sad hi who's on my stage oh it's gonna be a catfight that'll be so funny and we got Freddie there she walked in walk freddy fazbear looking quite angry at baby freddy her large smile quickly changed to a soft frown you you look so different you're not Freddie are you of course I'm Freddie the question is what are you doing baby was examining Freddie she seemed to be looking for something she attempted to pull Freddie's face in opposite directions what are you doing she pulls baby's arms away just tell me what you're looking for Freddie why aren't you a happy bear girl what's going on just now have a little thing for five minute come on you know even using the stage Lera P why are you so angry alright where are you separation cranks the ones that let you reveal your endoskeleton oh yeah so she thinks she's fun time Freddie ah alright I don't have that now tell me who you are my name is baby I'm the star sister location or I was in it there was a white and pink version of you you even have a cute hand puppet I believe that version of you was called funtime Freddy there was also fun toy foxy by Laura and a nerd white and pink funtime foxy wait right here for Freddy what am I doing here do you know this clown hey that's Road away I am a clown just yet you kind of are yep you mango and Freddy stare at her mangle shakes her head and shrugs so sorry I I don't know her but you look exactly like funtime foxy I'm I knew when a who's who's here that there were only three imports I don't think you know the puppet or balloon babe I I don't well maybe we can all be friends alright sure thing sure but since you're new you need to know some ground rules first no exit in the repair room during the daytime second I know you may be the lead of your convention but I'm the lead of this place third go back to the repair room around 6:00 no later got it yes ma'am now follow me sweetie you and baby go back to repair room right when you walk over to the stuff she was part under she embraces you from behind hey you know it's kind of hot in this building she starts to slip off her sleeve but after a few tries she stopped she then untied her boat to take off her jacket she's about to pull down a dress when you stopped her no baby I said don't go that far the whole kissing cheek thing completely fine totally borderline cute but going further than that no no no tea baby bye baby what are you doing I told you it was hot in here plus when I make it be hard all right then she winks Oh flip okay if I agree it's gonna be a game over isn't it you just do it for the laughs and then actually continue on with the normal thing after yeah I agree because I'm interested in what's gonna happen next even though I already know it's gonna be a big fat game over that was so flipping over yes okay let's just go for the normality here actually I drove or not we just met plus you could kill me oh please I won't bite well maybe we can kiss instead all right sure like I said kissing on the cheek or if you maybe want to take it a little bit further without killing me then that could be fine as well that that could maybe be fine let's just see what she does here unless his double game overs it's I don't know I just met you and you're a robot and you're just totally not human by the way so it's already getting kind of freaky ads were having this conversation with you here please she gives you puppy puppy dog eyes is that possible for an animatronic it's well just look her is that possible for an animatronic no it's not uh all right okay pucker up cutie you close your eyes and kissed her after a few seconds something's slid from your mouth but you continue but it felt weird you open your eyes and oh my god why did you have to show that um flip I hated that oh that's flippin freaky and it's weird because we went from the phony aversion to randomly that one oh what the flip man us nasty Oh what oh oh oh sorry that happens sometimes for me beauty's only on the literal outside hey do you hear that ding-dong-dang I love the sexy I know was ring that's the cute sound you should leave I don't want you to get in any trouble you get up and leave alright night two it was 11:30 we walking toward the office when Veronica stopped you hey my boss told me to warn you about the amateur you were hanging around baby she seemed nice sure she's gonna kill me but all of them could do that well baby is dangerous according to the workers at the sister location where she came from she was obsessed with the guard that was kind to her she kept following him and she even got angry at her animatronic friends if they flirted with them they caught on to her behavior and shut her down only a few weeks after opening so because I care about you I recommend you stay away if you would sister just be careful hey it's almost 12:00 good luck alright my girl that is very interesting news okay so she's a little bit obsessive hopefully she's not so obsessive that she's actually Andheri because that will probably cause many many problems okay let's be careful here guys she walked away but she kept glancing at you as she did you walked into the office baby what you doing in here sitting in your chair was the red haired animatronic from yesterday I just came over to see you again by the way I heard what your friend said don't worry about me I'm not dangerous they were just paranoid you were about to respond when you felt something in your abdomen hey I'll be right back I need to go to the bathroom you walk to the bathroom oh that's a pretty little bad from there so that's what people do in the bathroom you quickly zipped up and turn around see baby blushing and staring at you baby what are you doing so what to make sure that none of the other girls attacked you that's not wrong is it well no but did you have to be a peeping tom I'm a girl peeping jennette I don't know I'm sorry and to prove it she grabbed you put your face in her breasts this novel was flipping hysterical what the heck that could have killed me she seemed to be inside and apologetic I forgive you I suppose all of you girls are a bit prefer it anyway you're sweet well let's get back to the repair room right as you wonder what the heck is going on Freddie runs up to you hi Freddie how are you please don't be angry for some random reason hi nightguard I think we started off on the wrong foot yesterday so I thought we should get to know actually don't do this because of the baby thing she doesn't like sharing she's a very spoiled baby no sherry baby she doesn't want to do that no no no so I thought we should get to know each other yeah yeah this is gonna be bad baby clears her throat forget something um oh uh sorry you were just the same color as his shirt his shirt his blue she looked nervous um I'm I'm colorblind can you see white or purple yeah yeah I mean now I also see them as blue you're lying aren't you yes but I seriously didn't see you she stood up and stared angry at Freddie please don't flirt with my man ha ha ha ho oh boy the fire is getting hard oh boy alright if freddie was human she would be sweating bullets okay I won't I'm gonna leave now she clearly right out the stage area may be returned to her pleasant self sorry about that I was protecting you wasn't that a bit overkill I suppose but don't worry I mean me and Freddie are still friends right she did this thing to me sure I understand you then realized that she was acting like what Veronica described luckily you her hear a familiar sound David Oh giggle OH flippity well I guess I should leave now baby grabbed you by the arm why not stay with me a little while longer she then once again put your face in her breast but more gentle this time after a few seconds a pair of arms managed to pull you off the reluctant baby you get to face Veronica purple gal to save the day I see I was like a baby but this is a few things that put me off so thank you very much for saving me there Veronica thank you very much are you okay I thought you were going to die I'm fine in fact baby seemed kind of general really that's unusual for an animatronic at this place so baby what is your programming like well me and my friends are like your animatronics we parable men but we're a bit more gentle and trusting hey dude maybe you leave you've got to rest you dressed and turned to leave when baby comes you hey we didn't finish come on baby you need to get back into the repair room before the customers see Oh baby hugs you tire Veronica sighs I have an idea but it would take a while you can watch but on one condition take off everything except your underwear or take off everything I don't care what the heck is happening not you too hey you're good at this mechanic thing Thanks I want to become a follow mechanic but despite the pay this was the better option also they wouldn't let me join due to my accidental Harley's uh what was that last part I said are can you hand me the stud synthetic skin all right for five minutes later she wipes her forehead almost done if you want to surprise and I suggest you dress and leave this room you walk out a minute later Veronica walked out with baby under a tarp I present to you baby 1 by 9 because 2.0 would suggest making a new animatronic hi how are you what randomly changed completely for some reason the undos baby and you couldn't describe your thoughts she looked exactly like a human as you could tell I made her more human-like and more attractive she whispers to you also I made a safer both in design and mind so what do you think her voice even sounded more human-like but you're beautiful huh thanks Veronica no problem that's what friends are for right she laughed a bit you catch a quick sad look in her eyes ah but we've already went to your room for a car don't be jealous we had fun of you first well see you two later see ya all right this is the end you maybe will get your power mean apparently it's not the end okay there's more fun to be had here even though we've had plenty of it this is a nice place thanks make yourself comfortable I have to go to the bathroom after you go to the bathroom you walk back to your room and see baby patting the opposite side of the bed I wasn't kidding about the TAT test come on alright okay to be continued apparently so we are going to end today's video here if you guys enjoyed this video definitely hit that like button if you guys want me to continue this game and want me to do more roots time in the comments section down below but most importantly guys thank you for even watching today hit like if you enjoyed and I'll see you in the next one

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