Why are people so Excited about that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent Amanda Holden’s been on it for Years It was fun meeting handsome Tech backstage but I’M never quite sure Which One’s Supposed to be the funny one? Alicia laughing at least you’re not dancing Simon Reminds me a lot of my Dad He’s a cross dresser. He gets especially Cross When he can’t find his socks Was Really Worried for David Walliams When we Swung on the river Thames for Charity Because of All That Garbage Going in his mouth But Since I’m Watching Bgt I’m relieved it’S all coming out again Hello My name Is leo Littell I am 15 Years old and i’m single I’ve Been single Let’s See here pretty Much my Whole life Pretty sure it’s because i’m Unemployed i live at home with My parents and i don’t Have a car These are all Big red Flags It’s Why i don’t Get much Attention on i Do However have a Lot of Success on tinder where i am a Buff 28 year old Georgetown Medical student With a Portion a Trust fund Now i’m a teenager so i’m in that Awkward phase of life I’m Kind of a mutant creature Part Adult Part Child but i look back on the Early Years of Childhood Fondly you Know those Good old Memories like When you get in the van and turns Out the man doesn’t have any Candy Of Course nowadays Candy Won’t cut It we’re in the 21st Century you Need something Like free wi-fi to up the ante That’s Really all a kid Wants anymore speaking from experience And i want to thank my mom and dad for being so supportive of My Comedy My mom Helps me book Gigs and My dad Helps me write my Material So i like to think I’m Pretty far Along in the entertainment Industry Because i’ve Got Two Things that a Lot of People strive to have i have a Jewish writer and My Agent Is a Girl i used to sleep With So a Lot of People Around Here know me as a Pretty Friendly and outgoing Kid some may even Say I’m a little too Chatty and have this Thing Called? Adhd If you don’t know What that Stands for its Attention deficit Hyper oh hey hey hey, man that’s a rad shirt Now folks i might Be Only six but i think i know a Thing or two about girls an important Thing to know about Girls is that They Say One Thing but always mean another My mom for instance she Always tells me to call her and Mom and i come find out That’s Not even for her real name What an honor to be auditioning in front of the best Judges in the World Here at america’s got Talent But i have to Say Though It took me such a long time to get here in front of you When i first got here and saw the line of People waiting to Audition my father Said to me wow this is so much Longer Than i Expected it to be the last time i heard Those Words i Was in my doctor getting a Physical I have some exciting news i Just had My first date a Girl from My class came Over to my house the other day And As her mother Was leaving she told My friend remember you’re allergic to nuts all i can think I haven’t even Said the Joke yet yeah you have all i can think to myself is well There Go My plans for the afternoon For a long time i wanted to be a circus performer and My parents even sent me to circus Camp i learned how to Juggle How to ride a unicycle And i came home from Camp One day telling my mother i wanted to learn a New trick i wanted to learn how to be A sword Swallower she Said no way we’ll let you do other Things but we’re not gonna let. You be a Sword Swallower So i was upset and i want To talk to my dad about this he said i’m not surprised your mother hasn’t Been interested in sword Swallowing since We Got Engaged America’s Got Talent This is amazing i Wouldn’t Have Missed This for the World i even Turned Out a Really Big Job to be here Yeah Have You ever Seen Disney Channel Well i was gonna Babysit two little Girls that Really Like Disney Channel Talk about That for a minute i am not a high school, graduate i haven’t even Been to high school i don’t Have a Driver’s license i can’t even sit in the front seat I’m Still on Safety Scissors People Are going to leave Your Beloved Child the one who was carrying on your name to the next Generation with me The qualification to be a babysitter is that i used to be a baby Crazy That’s Like Saying hey you’re sick a lot you want to be my doctor The Host of a Reality show you want to be president of the United States Now then i went to open a fire station Recently Why is there one the Firefighters Was giving a demonstration on fire Safety he held a smoke detector Asked for Anyone Knew What It was for and i put my liver Said it’s What my dad uses to tell you whether dinner’s Ready I work with my Granddad Here today see one of his friends who Just celebrated His 90th birthday and Even though He’s blind he’s always wanted to do a Charity parachute Jump so his family Reg bid to do one on his birthday So i said how’d it go and he said oh It was Great but my guide dog Was absolutely Terrified Exactly Listening so i’m going to leave you one last Thing What if the Hokey-Cokey is what it’s all about Oh yeah know what you thinking Harry Potter The Nasty Quidditch accident? Do you know i can’t stand sorry Sorry Let me rephrase that do you know What i can’t stand Look on the Bright side i’ve never had to queue at Disney land Now Just I’m Just gonna Throw a disclaimer Out there if i do Get. Too energetic please Stop me i want to keep my Benefits at the Cinema Scene The new James Bond film the other day and then It Got me thinking you know maybe i would have liked to have? Had a Girl you know being James Bond But Obviously i’m a bit inhibited ah Mr bond i’ve Been Expecting you Know Lift But This isn’t the first Britain’s got talent event i’ve Been to i was actually a Live Tour in manchester Funnily enough Two Years Ago and The staff they couldn’t be more Helpful Moving People Out The Way getting us to a seat and then When we Finally Got there the view was Just fantastic And We Sat Down and My Sister she tapped me on the shoulder Turn Around and i’ll never Forget This as long As i live She said Jack We are so lucky are disabled you I’m not a queer anywhere Thank you Very Much i’ve Been get notable you


  1. Me too🤣🤣😂😅😆😆😄😁😃😀😅🤣🤣😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅😆😆😆😆😆😆

  2. that kid in the wheelchair reminds me of james from i funny the book seiries because he is a comedian in that book and disabled

  3. Did anyone else see the error when It said it was really fun meeting handsome tech but I’m not sure witch ones supposed to be the funny on

  4. It’s too easy not to laugh at all, because to me that’s not funny at all.

  5. If I were that first kids mom or dad I would give him away. And I would ask him who is the savage now.

  6. I didn’t get Simon’s joke like if you didn’t commend what it means if you understand

  7. The girl with glasses is from Bizaardvark the old show I'm talking 2012

    Ok I'll just leave

  8. That six year old kid is soooo savuge 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Nathan : my mom always says to call her mom
    Me: nope meh mum Andy
    Nathan: I come find out that’s not even here real name !!?
    Me: Wow I always wounded why every child said MOM
    Meh mom: WHAT ARE 6YOU DOING

  10. Omg I died cringing when that silence hit after the 1st boy said simon was a cross dresser…

  11. How did, "Hokey-Cokey" become, "Hokey-Pokey"? Oh, yes, we're stupid Americans who ruin English and think saying, " 'Merica" is a compliment (it's an insult, guys 🙄).

  12. That girls voice modulation was so terrific. How she just drops.

    "With ME. 😒"


  13. Any see Jack Carroll on Britain's Got Talent Global? He's so funny! Bless him for being able to laugh at himself.

  14. The girl in the glasses is Nick’s
    ex best friend from Not so good Nick

    👍🏻 if you noticed that


  16. When the first kid said meeting ant and Dec back stage was fun the words on the bottom said "Handsome tech"😂

  17. That first kid could be on cringe Tuesdays on pewdiepie

    Oh yeah he is cringe worthy he is the chosen one

  18. The fourth one had an awful delivery, it seemed like he looked up 'dirt jokes' on google and then just wrote them down. Lorie was outstanding.

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