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what’s your name my next door so just
tell me a little bit about you dawn I was am an apprentice jockey
a what an apprentice jockey no racing jockey
what’s the funny thing it’s just different I just I just can’t see you’re
righting wrongs sorry about that can I just look at their words yeah
absolutely and you can will it go in so tired of broken-hearts and losing
this game sorry I’m gonna Louie to leave the rural knowing just go and leave oh this isn’t going well is it
no just turn up the volume a bit off you go
so tired of broken hearts and losing Sharon Louie
leave the table please because she’s trying to say Madonna you know what you
two should just go next door and let this girl sing like being serious leave
the table she’s okay okay you judge the power line how would we know is that
better thank you should we just go to the chorus I don’t think we’re gonna get
there cherish the strength the power make me
feel good oh baby let here’sh the thought no it’s exactly this time Danny
you should leave as well so try it again oh no Hey look your eyeshadow oh thank you
what is your name my name is called viola viola and what brings you here
today I’m gonna be conceited oh I like that way of thinking you mean
you want to be on the show forever yes so did Larry good luck just the intro thank you and tell me something about
you can I say I’m a famous guy what what
were you famous for that big package I just can’t get you out of my head
voice more than I died to think about my friends a male friend
Seth Mayfair sup my friend
that man to stay forever fabulous
hi everybody what is your name mooch Aneta but my stage name will be lady or
favor lady a favor yes like do it’s a favor no like I’m
favored I’m special I’m a queen oh nice okay yeah and how old are you I’m 30
all right yeah yeah okay thank you much another Simon I felt
like I was being told off all the shit what’s not a baby what are you gonna sing today a horse
that’s like busted right good luck I hope stairs I like the way you dress
you know I hate to flat but a few much better prepare my Milan and you a love
letter I messed my pants H to the O to the end to the e to the
whites the G it’s honey G H to the O to the N to the e to the Y to the G it’s
runny G when I say honey you say gee honey gee honey okay when I say honey
you say gee honey gee honey check it’s a wreck it let’s begin party on the house if you get your nails done get a
pedicure get your hair dude yes yes so would you say guys I don’t does your mom think about this some of
my tracks have got swearing on them my mum doesn’t like that but apart from
that she’s down with me make her stop you know my having a
nervous breakdown over there I was so uncomfortable that shouldn’t happen you
shouldn’t be doing that come on guys you got filming did you say
we have to feel you yeah you don’t want to feel you I felt you and I don’t want
to feel you again Nicole did you enjoy Ewan yeah I was
really feeling I was feeling it thank you
I love it please please just end oh we go to vote Sean yes or no honey I’m
going to say yes thank you so much Simon I’m not included good make your own mind
up honey Jean because I love him so much
would you say I’m gonna say yes yeah see you’ve become CEO butch oh my god bless us awesome to the sound deep within you’re the best friends Lisa said
shocking in disgraceful you actually didn’t even try no attempt to sing you
hadn’t learned the word yeah but your attitude is so bad I actually quite like
you girls I mean if you totally unprepared for the audition just like
you just walked off the street really need me for something wrong with my
hearing I wasn’t hearing anything good trust me Cheryl what do you think about and
cheese for a laugh seriously girls embouchure I think this is a bit of a
joke honey okay we’re gonna have to vote here I think
Louis yes or no fun and cheese it seems I would have said yes then I can do where he found us believe
there’s nothing to thank you thank you you came in you called yourself
champagne you sounded like house wine I mean that sort of sums up the
performance there you are that’s the problem could you take the glasses up so
we can see what you’re all about that’s better you know there’s no point are
sitting here pretending that someone who is a bad sound alike is gonna do well
that’s the reality it’s a pity because the image is really good it looks like
he’s works in a poultry factory he’s got two pairs of sunglasses and a plastic
microphone how could you say the English in which is good it’s what it’s
different it’s doing looks like the deli counter it’s saying happy
wait no no honestly champagne it’s not good enough champagne champagne
champagne if we’re gonna say no okay Louis yes or no okay you’re not gonna
change my mind champagne champagne Oh in boa oh and boy Owen boin boin boin
boin boin boin boin boin window it’s go and go in my window enter window and lo
in my with a window in a window in a window a window with Joey we know it for him but with the window
with the window with a window in a window way yeah yeah you rather was I presume you’re not very
busy so is it popular it is at the moment on the website 45 members how are
you been running for only you yeah do you that’s for money yeah
guys you have to get some help in this poem is for you Louie no one can
understand I watch you on a Saturday I long to touch your hand I want to
stroke your Irish smile I want to comb your hair I’m screaming at the telly but
you don’t know that I’m there right okay so what are you gonna sing – Louie I’m
gonna sing my heart will go on by Celine Dion this is just for you look okay well
we’ll just take a step back on this one I think really let Louie heavy you just say you go every night in my dreams I see you I
feel you that is how I know you go on once more you open the door and you’re
here in my heart and my heart will go on then Oh Vicki that was very very good
very difficult song to sing and you did two very very well I think you sign from
the heart I don’t know where my fellow judges think oh I thought you were very
very good Thanks yes or no oh absolutely yes sermon shown any comment any comments no
no it’s your call little baby this is on your shoulders because this is for you
Louie we wouldn’t want to steal it from well Vicki you’re through to the next
round congratulations stand on the X please
your name is Debbie Stephens and Debbie why are you here today
because I’ve got the X Factor I know I can win and I’ve just got it
really yeah how good are you I’m amazing so Debra what are you gonna sing I’m
gonna sing when you believe by Whitney you sorta Mariah Carey okay
great song there can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail it’s
hard to kill who knows what miracles we can achieve when you believe somehow you
will you will when you believe Thank You Debra what she’d that good um
your voice is okay you’ve got no star quality about you there’s no charisma no
charisma yeah I agree with Sharon a bit pub singer ish I thought really yeah I
felt your confidence was slightly deluded Debra the reality is you’re not very
good now you know what you were the whimper one person I didn’t want to see
today because I really want to slap you now but you are not a good suit I’m not
a good singer that’s why I’ve been a singer since of a six year old and
everyone I’ve ever met people who don’t even like me have come up to me and tell
me I’ve got an amazing voice you can’t bloody see me I don’t want to
be a thing I don’t really care what you think you can’t sing
you have no telling get out all right Louis yes or no
absolutely 100% rubbish she’s got a really bad attitude I think it will
never be a star in the music that I know I like that I’ll never be a star
I’m already ever ever Sharon decides to remove her from the room but Deb is not
finished yet Debbie storms back in Louise sees what’s coming I saw it coming yes before she did it to
me you’re supposed to do that you can’t throw water over the singer she was
doing it to me she didn’t you sure over her she was turned to me know that
dreams are hard to follow but so many 100 and there will be tomorrow in time
you’ll find I’m gonna stop this
it is so way off way off Mariah Carey it is my voice is no you you do need to
help lime no my so when troubles come my I am Steve you raise me up so I can stand on
mountains you raise me up to walk on stormy seas I am strong when I am on
your show you raise me up so I can stand on mountains you raise me up to walk on
stormy seas me up to more than I can be you raise me up so I can stand on my raise me up to more than no no no no no
to sell you is a sleeping aid I’ve never heard anything more boring in my life
okay by the look in your eye I can tell you’re gonna cry
is it over me if it is save your tears for I’m not worth it you see for I’m the
type of boy who’s always oh no wherever I lay my hat that’s my home I’m telling
you that’s my home good well that’s the worst we’ve had
today one question David who was the person that told you you could sing some
somebody worked so we all got a good voice was it a bloke
yes it’s whining you are hi guys hi are you Jule oh this is your daughter-in-law oh you
don’t think oh nothing oh no and who goes Lorraine this is me oh why are you
with her I’m just support oh yeah
is she only good well I think it’s all really okay just stand over there okay
so Lorraine have you got the X Factor I have why are you going to say I’m going
to sing begin the beguine off you go thank you under the stars
and down by the shore and orchestras play even the palms seem to be swayed
when they begin the beguine thank you very much terrain what did you
think it was lifeless what did you think I liked it all
would you buy her right boys yes bit biased um okay look I’ve concentrated on
the singing lurid I mean there are other issues I mean you know lack of
personality performance all those things he just it was it was terrible okay we’re gonna sum this up I’m saying
no I’m gonna have to say no and I mean Simon yes I know
absolutely I’m afraid gonna have to say no Lorraine the competition’s over for
Lorraine but mother-in-law Edna isn’t happy with
Simon if this isn’t cause he laughed he laughed in this room left Edna can’t contain herself he shattered
dreams across the globe but this time mr. nasty has gone too far one of the
most powerful men in music is about to meet his match
Edna what have I done what have you do go on you laugh you know you don’t know
no you do no I apologize oh no Simon you want to all she wears
listen listen I remember this is really embarrassing
listen okay you think you’re better than anybody I think you was very ignorant
yes you were ignorant Simon sorry how are you thank you very much
good what’s your name sir J star Valentine it’s my stage a star my
name’s J star Valentine I’m 19 and I’m from West London the J stands for jr.
and under star is gonna have a star quality in I’m a part-time model I’m
gonna leave a hard footprint on that room so when I leave they’re gonna be
talking about me it was that guy Oh J star I think I could be the next
big thing and when did you start in music I was like 16 I start doing gigs
and you think you can win I’m sure I’m sure
let’s do that okay what you gonna sing for us my own version of Arizona Berk
hallelujah oh great okay good luck okay good voice easy the package major the barafu kid composing
hallelujah yeah hallelu ooh ah you to a kitchen
chair she broke a fob and she cuts your hair I’m from it’s not so one you see
the light it’s a call it’s a broker hello yeah yeah I’ve heard a lot of
versions of that song but nothing a stranger’s died you sang that song like
a ghost screams I couldn’t make mind out whether
it was strange or I mean it’s like really weird were you serious
no just nervous yeah we’re not connecting the dots it’s not as musical
as maybe you’re hearing inside of your head okay we’re gonna vote right now you
need three yeses it’s gonna have to be a no from me
it’s a no family it has to be a no from me when you’ve got four knows thank you
for coming was in itself and even when I walked in
UPS wasn’t myself yeah we didn’t expect that Percy two
year old Spaniard Penelope has been living in Ireland for the past nine
years very nervous what’s your name another
piece gummy you Spanish I am yeah from Bologna okay Penelope and what you’re
going to do for us today Oh a rainbow okay more with that over
the rainbow oh okay okay okay just just sing sing fields are you ready you remember me as there ways we move
upon the fields of barley you’d forget the Sun in his jealous sky as we welcome I’ll come back to Sharon Louie yes what
yeah she’s great fun different she entertained me it was great fun
great great fun same I’m gonna say no I’m gonna say yes

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