Funny poem (English) *Grandpa’s Glasses* English poem recitation competition I Kids Lounge I

Hello friends! Today let’s watch a funny little
poem that is perfect for school poem recitation competition. Title of the poem is Grandpa’s
Glasses, written by Leroy F. Jackson. At the end of the video, do give a thumbs up if you
like it. If you like to see more such videos, you can subscribe to our channel. So, here
goes the poem……. Grandpa dropped his glasses once, in a pot
of dye, and when he put them on again, he saw a purple
sky. Purple fires were rising up, from a purple
hill, men were grinding purple cider, at a purple
mill. Purple Adeline was playing, with a purple
doll, little purple dragonflies, were crawling up
the wall. And at the supper table, he got mad as a loon,
from eating purple apple dumplings, from a purple spoon.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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