Gabriel Okara: Nigerians pay tributes to foremost African writer/Poet

grello Kara's works echo the voice of reason truth and justice worthy of practical emulation this was how Nigeria's former President Goodluck Jonathan celebrated the first modern African writer and poet at a literature appreciation program where governor syriaca dixon highlighted the theme of culture and protection of the environment embedded in dr. O'Hara's works or via timid George has the details songs and tributes in honor of late dr. Gabriel Okara draws Nigerians from far and wide to you nagoya to witness the homegoing of the first modern African writer and poet first of justice and equality and we are through emulating when I read official man's invocation when you read piano and drums and he compares the rustic mystical Thrones and bomani to the concert – when you read the call of the lukanov and all these works including this one who just relaunched the voice with the entire life of service life of simplicity life of Amon was a great German great metadata but the gridline Julian a great Africa and the great citizen translated into several languages the late dr. Gabriel bang-bang Okara incorporated African thoughts religion folklore and imagery in vests and prose the connection with his environment influences the thematic preoccupation of his works appreciating the beauty of nature that has now been threatened by global warming modern African writer with his theories about the environment degradation environmental degradation injustice development and so on and so forth long before I became an issue not just in Nigeria but all over the world today that we are saved by by to dr. Carla is a good moment to call to attention once again we need to connect with culture they need to connect with tradition they need to connect with our language they need to also protect our environment his works will continue to form a big backdrop in promoting why was reserve environment so that the glory of this lab is preserved for all to see originally published in 1964 the voice was rieta 'td and launched on a day of tributes to the fallen literary giants from Piemonte in pratima Indiana Court console area of Fatima Gorge TVC news in Agoura by or sustained

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