20 thoughts on “Gacha Memories: The Visual Novel – Teaser Trailer (Android/iOS)

  1. I like this game. Ya know why?
    IT CAN BE STRAIGHT… AND GAY! (lesbian..)

  2. What was lunis [gacha life] idea to make an inappropriate game for gay men and woman

  3. The Mitsuko ending was so pure and peaceful and wholesome it made me cry…

  4. Gacha World x DDLC!! Yeah!

  5. Ugh i dowload that on my phone , i destroyed sol but there was a glicht that made me a game over

  6. Hewwo! Can anyone tell me the original songs for Luni's home and at school?? Thank you! ^_^

  7. I cried during my experience for days straight due to how beautiful it is

  8. what i only cleared kugari's memories?! i better cleared all the memories and get two extras

  9. Who plays Gacha World but not Gacha Memories(me ;_;)/ plays Gacha Memories but not Gacha World or plays both?

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