Gale Literary Source

for this video we will be looking at Gale literary sources Gale literary sources is a great resource for literary criticism you're unfamiliar with literary criticism check out the literary criticism research guide at libguides dot pace edu slash lit crit to access the literary source you would first have to go to the pace library page which can be accessed from library dot paste edu now once there you should see a quick search tab to access the gear literary source you would go to databases and then the letter G and there would be the first link that you see on this page after you click on the link you should see a gear literary sources Advanced Search page which would be the default if you want to use the basic search feature that would be the default first-line now for an example I will conduct my own search for a theme which would be education in this case I would change the basic search tab into keywords and I'll also look up a name of a work in this case Harry Potter and conduct my search you can add an author's name in which case you would have to do it last name comma first name but for the purposes of this search I'm just going to search education and Harry Potter now something to note on the right side it lists content types and they will include literature criticism biographies topic and work overviews reviews and news and MLA international biography now you can scroll through this and if you find something of interest you can access the full text by just clicking on the title link once you're on the full text page some things to note are various tools that can be seen on the right side the tools to note are the citation tools which would automatically generate the citation and editor MLA APA or Chicago the print email and download tools and the option to send the article to a cloud service either Google Drive or onedrive now we can conduct a more broad search since education Harry Potter is a bit specific in which case I could just look up the work Harry Potter and note how there are many more results on the right side and a new option on their multimedia and primary sources and literary works now all of these content types except for the MLA international bibliography or full text for the MLA international bibliography you may encounter this search for item button now if you click on this button it will take you to a page that asks for you to select your home campus whether it be Pleasantville in New York City or the White Plains law campus now click on either link depending on your home campus to fill out the interlibrary loan process if you have any questions about the interlibrary loan process or even using the gale literary source feel free to ask any of the librarians at any of the links or numbers provided thanks

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