hello doki-doki literature club it's just like any other dating game thinking about knowing me get bigger hands don't make promises you can't keep it's a pleasure meeting you see always says nice things about that has to be you I'll never kill the atmosphere oh what a nice surprise welcome to the club why do kind of one of my nips show through this jag but definitely not the other one I think it's just how its Shadid Oh in that case damn looks like a fucking creeper now my favourites are usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds the level of creativity and craftsmanship behind them is amazing to me Twilight mostly you ever read Clifford the Big Red Dog and telling a good story in such a foreign world is equally impressive you ever read Clifford goes to school that was a real foreign world for him but you know I like a lot of things like Clifford makes a friend stories with deep psychological elements usually immerse me as well is it amazing how a writer can so deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination to completely throw you for a loop just like in Clifford tear The Revenge the truest form of writing is writing to oneself oh god I wish I was Clifford the Big Red Dog you must be willing to open up to your readers exposing your vulnerabilities and showing even the deepest reaches of your heart for example on the inside you might be a giant dog yeah hard to note with a big old dog heart maybe a red I don't know it was just off the top of my head so I picked out a book that I thought you were too Joe it's kluever the big road episode 4 I'll join the literature Club I'll rise one by one the girl's eyes light up one by one that girl's eyes light up first Monica's left eyes lighting right eye only a figure of expression I could feel her peering over my shoulder much more eager to begin reading than I am she takes a bite of my neck I bleed profusely but only from the one spot where her green tooth enters my my jugular it turns out her mouth is like a komodo dragon harmful bacteria that's why the truth is green and there's only one classroom just imagine oh this isn't boring for you know look at my eyebrows are doing above my hair the pay no attention to my goat eyes yeah oh man so cute even though you're just watching me read I'm fine with it if you say so no it's really difficult is breathing through this one tiny nostril like snorting through a coffee shop I'm not sure if C or E sees the full picture of my motive here I just want the cupcakes yeah then again I can't deny that she's part of the reason I joined did you just say a word about Monica like heads completely was a terminator like red grid of like her point of view like what she what she should do and like a through C is kill say hello so much going on in this game a noisy neighbor an angry boyfriend I'll never know I wasn't home I peer inside for a clue no I can't see I real blind like a film left out in the Sun but it's too late my retinas my human retinas already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image it's just a little hole it wasn't too bright it was too deep stretching forever into everything a hole of infinite choices I realize now that I wasn't looking in I was looking out and he on the other side was looking in and I was looking out but he was looking in at me looking out do you like the poem I Google I mean I am trapped in a logic loop so what do you think she was supposed to be the good one can't fight monkeys can't cut crickets can leave oh my god horses can race I love can see cheetahs can't he can fuck what do you think anything but that's bad it oh it's good it did the catching froggy music by the way we were only planning to do this and then Ross was like no keep playing [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] you took it way too far without warning that's so I can continue until I get home whereupon I'll find my emergency stash of home potatoes that Sookie snatches our own Pope for the desk and storms out on our way out she crumples up the poem with their hands and throws in the trash no my trash particular covered them in he pay for this leave it before it's actually gonna distracted me as if I can feel the warmth of yours face in the court my vision are you ready to turn the page yeah sorry on this relationship second that's over your face again her eyes mean I don't know how be able to keep up with it that's okay you're not as used to reading right I don't mind being patient if it takes a bit longer it's probably least I could do since you were so patient with me volition who can sit the first pitch for pence each page almost feels like an intimate intimate exchange my thumb gently let it go as a pitch letting it flutter over to her side she kids at home thumb hey Yuri this might be silly thought but the main character Karamazov you think so how does she I guess she's more blood in a lot of ways but she also said guess all the things she says it does like she's afraid she'll do something rot it's all I got you seen your head or anything but represents I see meanwhile back over here but you're always thinking about other people you need to think about yourself once in a while like how stupid you are and how dumb you look yeah you've gotten pretty passionate about this huh I hope you keep it up yeah just don't show me your poems ladies the best it's like magic I'm sure I'm nowhere near her level yet don't worry so much about that you do your own thing meanwhile I will be sucking the brain juices out of you while you sleep I mean running the literature Club the colors they won't stop bright beautiful colors flashing expanding piercing red green blue and endless cacophony of meaningless noise that noise yet won't stop violent grading waveforms squeaking screeching piercing sine cosine tangent what what kind of cue is that it's like the the symbol for female it's like an ankh like chalkboard on a turntable like playing a vinyl on a pizza crust an endless poem of meaningless load me whoa whoa I think she's actually a robot dude would be fucking awesome if we start the event and each put on a good performance powering down then it will inspire others to overheating core temperature nominal Sarah looks worried I guess that leaves me no choice [Laughter] [Laughter] potatoes that could possibly fit in the knapsack no longer expand through the pressure and weight of all these potato I mean I agree I stand up and step in front of the podium yeah everyone has their eyes on me making me feel tired this would be a hard point to start masturbating I recite my poem especially since two of them are looking like sort of disapproving like yeah come on hair bow girl and robot woman are into it since I'm not exactly confident in my own writing it's hard to put the energy into it sorry I was just punching my fists despite that once I finished I receive applause anyway sorry I'm not really so thank you sorry I'm not really as good as everyone else can you blame me for being paranoid I don't get people my manga every day now and you're always eating potatoes and potatoes in your sack so I thought potatoes Monica's a potato oh my fucking god there's a stool on the wall there that's clean it up if you want I can reach up there and hand them to you I can get them myself that Sookie grabs the stool from the wall and unfolds it it must have been a long one it's great how it's all still staying in one log it's hanging from the ceiling you think of two shorter scented I mean yeah I knew it well you know what just watch me that Sookie hops onto the stove which ends up being a little wobbly because of its collapsible design Oh careful netsuke shakes your head still looking down that sink you sobs again it's fine is there anything you want to talk about chicky shit let's see you shake your head just everything so hard I just cover the coven get schwifty I know all y'all are fuckin sitting there like when when's the gwyn's a good shit gonna happen I mean I it's been happiness getting close okay get real close your minds are full of troubles and fears that diminish your wonder over the years but today I have a special place a beach for us to go sure reaching beyond the walls in Europe each your escape you love yourself again Wow I'm drooling will gently lick at your foundations until you give in or will sudden we've said you crashing down in the blink of an eye question mark either way the outcome is the same yeah we still build sandcastles that's pretty profound actually kind of relate to that it's reading list in your head and you just hear that like that good don't worry about that I [Laughter] said where the foam wraps around my ankles for my toes squish into the sand the salty air is therapeutic the breeze is gentle yet powerful it told me to write about the beach but I really wrote about something else Yuri and I exchanged phone numbers okay then I'll be stopping by your house on Sunday Sunday what the fuck my house what about church problem no no no no I just thought that it would be the one going to your house since I'm the one helping you you know uh-huh I suppose that makes sense but if you don't mind I'd like to really rub this in your neighbours face I think I would prefer going to your house all right in that case it won't be a problem I decided not to press Yuri for a reason it's not like it should matter much either way so I'll just need to make sure my room is clean hope I managed to make myself useful in some way I spent the next two days scrubbing hardened jizz off of every surface of my room my god I got one of those luminol sprays and holy shit it's like Christmas in there I guess I got a black light I can see it from space they didn't get so we can accidentally express my feelings they didn't make that mistake then you wouldn't even worry about me at all you've come here can you look getting punished for being so selfish I think that's why the world decided to have you come over today it just wants to torture me I grabbed Sayuri by the shoulders shut up what on earth you saying are you listening to yourself right now I know something happened to you there's no other explanation for you to be like this so tell me already damn it until I know I won't be able to stop thinking about it Sara gives me an empty smile put me in a trap friend Aaron but you're wrong nothing happened to me I've always been like this dumb and weird you're just seeing it for the first time seeing what what are you talking about sorry no choice this time the thing is I've had a really bad depression oh damn it that's a I'd love you that's all yeah I wish I didn't give this character such a dumb voice or she started like pouring her heart out by the way we've this is episode 19 I believe we have recorded all of these in the same day so we are losing our minds right now oh yeah the thing is I'm kind of into knives what they're just so pretty and knives are kind of into you right now yeah I can't help it I don't know what it is the combination of craftsmanship and feeling of danger and the screams of my victims what am I saying please don't think I'm weird for this haha you're laughing at me no I'm laughing at I mean I'm not laughing at you it's just funny how nervous you got about sharing it's well it's an interesting thing to be into I guess I think it kind of suits you ah it's going it's going suits me yeah it's kind of intense besides it's really cool like a knife I can't deny that it is isn't it yeah you hurry relaxes your expression once again would you like to hold it with your heart sure I'll check it out Yuri carefully hands me the knife with the handle facing me I take it and turn it around on my hands feels having an extremely solid where do you even get a knife like this curious if it's sharpness I feel the point of the knife with my index finger Oh Fred why did you do that I just wanted to feel alive I didn't expect it to be that shine don't give a fuck if I come in I barely touched it at all without warning here he puts my finger in the mouth and licks the wart I feel her tongue curl around me what I start instinctively pulled my hand back oh I take yours hand and lick her index finger in return friend Aaron did you really just do that and now we're even that was an interesting window into what might be coming anything is a dildo if you're brave enough how much fun you were having how close you got to her it makes me really happy you've made such good friends that's all that matters to me tears start to fall down say or his face I'm getting expressing my true emotions yeah this would be so much better if I could just disappear say alright don't say that it's true friend Aaron if I wasn't here then you wouldn't have to waste your sympathy on me you wouldn't have to put up with me being selfish Monica Monica was right about what say re what I said before is true I'm not gonna let this continue caring about you like this isn't the burden your mind is making it out to be it's something that makes me happy it's something that I wouldn't trade for anything else so even if it takes an entire lifetime I'm gonna be by your side so you don't feel any more pain fuckin URI I'll be fucking URI by your side this week and I started to like you too much this is very sweet I do this to myself friend Aaron thank you so much that I wanna die that's less sweet Oh I'm gonna flip the animal crossing' box okay heads I love you tails you'll always be my dearest friend okay you ready yeah here we go it's I love you this would be the happiest moment for me away even now why won't the rain clouds go away I flipped to say orys poem it's different from the one she practiced it's one that I haven't read before oh whoa well there you go gonna read that times fifty I really didn't want to have to enter a room like this isn't it kind of a breach of privacy but she really leaves me no choice I gently opened the door sit what yes are you fucking serious no fuck you what oh my god is this a horror game I don't know Dan are you serious what the hell what the hell is this a nightmare it has to be this isn't real oh my god there's no way this can be real say or II wouldn't do this everything was normal up until a few days ago that's why I can't believe this is what happens in tokidoki literature club and now I can never take it back never never never yeah oh my god I'm actually are you it's not over again oh my god I see an annoying girl walking towards me from the distance waving her arms in the air like she's totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself that girl is God my neighborhood good friend since we were children you know the kind of friend you'd never see yourself making today but it just kind of works out because you know each other for so long just walk the school together a days like this but starting around high school she would oversleep more and more frequently and I would get tired of waiting up but if she's gonna chase me like this I almost feel better off running away however I just sigh and idle in front of the crosswalk in like ketchup um I'm really upset by this fucking playing PT after I thought we were doing Sakura spirit oh well you know I'll just need to make the most of my circumstances and I'm sure good fortune will find me okay and I guess that starts with writing a poem tonight I haven't locked a special poem god oh god oh god no got this no I don't want to play this anymore and I'm so upset oh my god I hope this isn't too overwhelming of a commitment for you making you dive headfirst into literature when you're not accustomed to it well go oh I do not like this already the room is tilted yeah I'm started being huh oh you know what it's slowly zooming into yeah yeah something something you're right oh it's making me a little sick oh my god what do you mean don't you share your mango with your friends could you not rub it in oh you don't have any mango that's a shame why don't you borrow some from all the friends you have I'm already kind of a loser so I guess I gravitated towards the other losers over time like you a loser but it's probably harder for someone like you a loser wait which part whatever the clever god hey Natsuki yeah suddenly Natsuki collapses straight into me oh hell yeah hey okay as hot as I wanted oh geez that's Sookie fuckin Christ here Monica reaches into her Monica reaches into her bag pulls out soak up that protein bar her eyes I don't know what the fuck its gonna do to her the mute the room begins to crinkle closing in on me the air I breathe dissipates before it reaches my lungs I panic there must be a way out it's right there he's right there swallowing my fears I brandish my pen that wasn't the one last time yeah also yeah yeah I'm scared of shit do you know your own insecurities on others like that and their tissue paper boobs you really act as young as you looking at Sookie whoa whoa pocket you wanna be edgy bitch oh my god edgy oh god this music is getting weird so I know my lifestyle too much is somewhat of your mental age to comprehend see just saying that prison oh my god most people there to get over the graduate let's go oh god I freaked out if you wanna prove anything to stop harassing others with your sickening attitude you think you can counterbalance your toxic personality just right dressing it acting cute oh fuck the only cute thing about you is how hard you try Wow be careful you might cut yourself with an injury oh my bad you ready dude talk to you did you just accuse me of cutting myself what the fuck is wrong with your head yeah go I'm over here everything you really think suddenly airy turns towards me as if she noticed I was standing here what's with all the fuzz friend Erin she's just trying to make me look bad that's at you she started it Fred whoa Natsuki Yuri I don't know okay I can't oh oh oh oh boy I think there's more truth to the fact that we gave her a robot voice then yeah I'm gay like I'm starting to get the sense that like she's like controlling everything or something's not right with her because I I think she's like every time the game like fuck's up she like just kind of butts in yeah and she's like oh look over here there's no big deal yeah tinkle tankles me too oh great let's do it together that's fun what if I did it up your butt would know what I look at the cover of the book and hit wonder what netsuke is doing over the book is titled portrait of Markov there's an ominous looking eyes symbol on the front cover basically it's about this religious camp that was turned into a human experiment prison oh that's relaxing yeah some nice light Fair and Pete and the people trapped there have this trait that turns them into killing machines that lust for blood very similar to Clifford the Big Red Dog his lust for blood I scooch one inch closer to her but the facility gets even worse and they start selectively breeding people by cutting off their limbs and affixing them – oh that might be a little bit of a spoiler I lightly bumped my arm against hers in a romantic manner Yuri no longer asks me if I'm ready to turn the page instead I just assumed that she finishes the page before me so I turn it by my own volition because a normal sentence we continue the first chapter in silence then we do the second chapter screaming even so eh almost feels like it into exchange no no I don't relate to this character at all definitely not really I was just thinking the way she's second-guesses thinks she says and all that that's what you were talking about sorry about the murder part oh boy I thought you meant something else about her something else never mind we didn't even get that for you I have the whole distant member embodies part oh right so I don't know why that came into my head ah areare you feeling all right yeah there's been a little fidgety ever since we started reading maybe it's because you can't resist the urge to slice off my hands you want to read my poem narrow I like the way this one turned out so I hope you do too whoa whoa this is definitely different save me the colors they won't bright would be super color oh boy flashing expand Reaper sig red blue the dead virgin endless cacophony of meaningless noise the noise it won't stop violent creature screeches creature piercing cosine sine tangent like playing a chalkboard or no turntable like playing a knife on a breathing red cage whoa endless of mirror worth keep scrolling down Oh delete her okay like that yeah sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision when that happens don't forget to save your game you never know when um Who am I talking to can you hear me tell me you can hear me what the family thing yeah that's my advice um thanks for listening when I save breathing gear bucks breathing bolt head breathing ship breathing portal breathing snakes breathing God breathing blood breathing people a holy state my god breathing human eyes breathing time breathing prayer breathing sky breathing wheel hi love it it's very relaxing short and sweet isn't it doesn't really matter what it's about still you shouldn't look over my palm you'll probably be able to learn something from it oh I love it oh my god oh no why didn't you come to read with me today I was waiting I was waiting for a long time it was the only thing I had to look forward to today why did you ruin it do you like your aim or I think you're better off not associated with her are you listening to me Yuri is a sick boy oh that would be obvious by now play with me and stuff okay you don't hate me Fred Aaron do you do you hate me do you want wait let me hear the music oh boy oh this is upsetting that's delightful it's your theme music yeah yeah do you want to make me go home crying the club is the only place I feel safe I don't don't ruin that for me don't ruin it please just stop talking to Yuri play with me instead it's all I have play with me play with me you even locked a special poem boy I hate this game oh hey Natsuki to fucking see you the hell is happening you don't stand it up I just I just want a place that feels nice to hang out with a few friends it's a problem with the club being that for me there aren't there aren't many other places like that for me and now Monica wants to take it away from me she's not taking anything away no friend Aaron it's not the same it won't be the same with the direction she wants to take it if I wanted that then I could have this chair stupid club but this one could you please not move your neck so quickly like that I'm still I'm so important up about that I'm kind of recovering nice Natsuki starts packing up her things potatoes fall out in droves I mean I like Mexico at the club is now it's kind of I don't know about the quiet or nice part I'm just happy with you here but still I'm the vice president it's not right for me to ignore my responsibilities like that Oh nobody would cry she killed herself oh boy oh boy thanks little hectic late they have it a friend Aaron I just wanted to make sure you're enjoying your time at this yeah why wouldn't I it's been fucking great I would really hate to see you unhappy oh but I feel kind of feel like I'm responsible for that that's pressure when the perfect grant goes to snow and I really do care about you you know cool I don't like seeing the other girls give you a heart too okay with how mean atsuki is and everything and Yuri being a little bit you know ah-ha-ha-ha sometimes it feels like you and I are the only real people here oh boy you know what I mean not really but it's weird because in all the time you've been here we've hardly gotten to spend any time together ah I mean I guess it's technically only been a couple days cycles sorry I didn't mean to say something weird there are just some things I've been hoping to talk about with you things I know only you could understand so that's why wait not yet no stop it oh boy how about oh dude oh I didn't like that no you didn't like that how about oh boy melody boop boop doki-doki graveyard yeah that's how you're feeling yeah giggle what the fuck was that I don't know tenacious kitty kitty yeah vanilla that's fun what's that noise it's coming from around the corner it sounds like breathing okay a sharp inhale like someone is sucking the air through her teeth are they in pain I reach the corner and peer around it oh dear God Yuri oh fuck oh no I'm back I'm back can I take a chocolate candy and pop it into my mouth then I take another chocolate and I hold it up – Yuri she doesn't even look away from the book she simply parts ellipses if this situation was completely natural so hot but that means I can't stop here I apprehensive Lee place the chocolate in her mouth just like that very closes her lips over me Yuri's expression suddenly breaks did did I just yuri looks at me like she needs to confirm what just happened friend Erik so sorry I guess I shouldn't have done that uh-uh Yuri starts to breathe heavily all right I can't for a darrid suddenly Yuri forcefully grabs my arms and jerks me to my feet oh my teacup gets knocked over this isn't gonna be hot is it friend Erin oh boy my heart my heart won't stop pounding friend Erin I can't calm down I can't focus on anything anymore I have to dance oh boy are those human eyes those are very strange eyes huh oh oh boy oh I don't like this at all she's just looking at us oh it's time to share poems ah holy crashes oh really carefully okay oh I don't know how else to bring this up but there's been something I've been worried about hearing it's been acting kind of strange you've only been here a few days so you may not know what I mean but she's not normally like this she's always been quiet employed attentive things like that okay this is really embarrassing but I'm forcing myself to suck it up the truth is I'm really worried about it but if I tried talking to her she'll just get mad at me I don't know what to do I think you're the only person that she'll listen to I don't know why but please try to do something maybe you convince her to talk to a therapist I've always wanted to try being better friends with you really I know I'm gonna hate myself later for me but right now I don't care I just feel so helpless so please if you could do something to help I don't want anything bad to happen to her I'll make you cupcakes if I have to just please try to do subsidies can run as I don't know why but she's been really dismissive about this it's like she just wants us to ignore it so I'm mad at her right now about this don't let her know I wrote this just pretending to give you a really good poem okay I'm counting on you thanks for reading oh boy dope oh I changed my mind there's no point in trying to do anything the Cherry's own fault that she's unlikable can you hear me for you boy you would just spend more time with Monica all these problems with your ear too messed up for someone as wonderful as you just think of Monica from now on just Monica oh boy show my palm to next good friend Erin I think you saw something earlier that you weren't supposed to see I didn't want to have to tell you this but I don't think I have a choice it's getting kind of dangerous for you to spend so much time with URI I don't know why but she seems pretty easily excitable when she's around you which shouldn't be a problem in itself but when you're he gets too excited she finds a place to hide and starts cutting herself with a pocketknife or isn't that kind of messed up she even brings a different one to school every day like she has a colon nor something I mean it's definitely not because she's depressed or anything like that I think she just gets some kind of high from it it might even be like a sexual thing but the point is you've been cut you've kind of been enabling her I'm not saying it's your fault though but I guess that's why I had to explain it all to you oh boy so I think if you keep your distance that would probably be best for her while you're at it don't be shy to spend a little more time with me oh boy this is starting to come together to put it lightly I at least have it together in the head and I know how to treat my club members anyway I worked really really hard on this poem so I hope it's effective here goes hi jeez that really startled me hi Monica um well I guess it kind of messed up at writing this poem I was just trying to never mind let's just move on I'm gonna take this home with me and keep it in my room all that makes you feel good when you think about me having it I'll take good care of it I'll even touch myself while reading it over and over holy shit I'll give myself paper cuts to your skin or who enters my bloodstream whoa oh it's so good whoa hello why oh Jesus do you like it I wrote it for you in case you couldn't tell the poem is about more importantly I've endowed it with my scent see aren't I the most thoughtful person in the club whoa okay it's getting hot in here I like when pop was too tired to notice me I like when pop was too tired for anything I like when Papa is too tired for anything cool I know fed up you're with these two by now we can just netsuke shut your fucking mouth and let him decide for himself you shut your mouth Jesus Christ this is never going to end just make the choice okay well I am NOT doing that Oh God it's going back to Monica just come to my house instead the whole day with just the two of us doesn't that sound wonderful ah wow there's really something wrong with me isn't there I told me friend Erin tell me you want to be my lover do you accept my confession oh she's fucked if you say yes I know oh boy I'm scared of what happens if you say either yes or no course I think Monica liked it if I say no yeah my yeah oh boy I don't know do whatever you want motherfucker no oh boy yeah that's uh oh no it's a bad time oh no oh god it's Clifford the Big Red stab I'm not even talking to that person anymore am i that you in the game whatever you want to call him I'm talking to you friendly oh fuck or do you actually go by oh my god that's scary no point in saving anymore Oh going anywhere oh boy I'm gonna go ahead and quit oh okay let's are you going into the files to delete her ass no do it fuck her I hate her where is it local files browse local files this is such a weird characters oh man oh man that's so crazy it's so crazy that you actually have to do that alright let's load it back up oh nice ah what's happening friend Aaron what's happening to me it hurts good yeah no fucking shit dude they're bad and she's go Monica's not there oh man what the fuck it's an ordinary I'm surrounded by couples and myself it's about time I meet some girls or something [Laughter] I can put into my head like anything what about my wiener no I already know it's just us now oh fuck no okay no I won't let you hurt him oh I'm sorry I was wrong oh shit there's no happier after all goodbye say or a goodbye friend Erin could buy a literature Club Oh God oh jesus fucking christ ah fucking dicks she's back that Monica she's back for more hi it's me hi so you know how I've been like practicing piano and stuff and not really any good at it yet like at all oh boy just to find that special day wow she's really good you know yay yay oh what a happy ending oh man dan salvato you fucking sick son of a bitch Wow file is missing our club please reinstall the game Wow congrats to Team salvato yeah you guys fucked with our heads nice and good thank you for fucking us yeah that was raw that was a Lube free mind fuck

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