GAME MASTER – I’m the Game Master (Official Music Video)

I’m the Game Master
And YouTube is my town I can break in anything
And I don’t make a sound I stole their Sharerghini
And this girls’ Tonka truck They played my game to find it
Had nothing to do with luck You’re never gonna find me
You blame it on each other But let me tell you why you’re wrong
Cuz this dude ain’t my brother Now meet my hacker army
I know they may be thick But when it comes to hacking
My Chubbies do the trick You thought it was top secret
That laptop you took on But what I’ve got to tell ya
Is that that one’s just a pawn You’ve turned my tech against me
You’ve listened and you’ve watched Every time I’ve bugged you
My plans have all been botched You’ve tracked me down and cuffed me
You thought that I was caught Turn me in?
Collect a reward? Is that really what you thought?

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