11 thoughts on “GAME OF THRONES PETITION LIVE! – For "competent writers" – To The Wii THemesong

  1. we all met up and had a fun live chat while watching. also, a few minutes in I add the counter petition to the screen. links to both are in about section so if you want to sign either one, you have the links ready 🙂

  2. The Queen of The Sea train crash in Sri Lanka.  In case you were wondering about the worst train wrecks in history.

  3. Obviously no matter how many signatures it gets it will never be re written but maybe it will shine a light on how badly D&D (Dumb & Dumber) stuffed up the writing & let fans down after 8 years. All character arcs destroyed in one episode & was a absolute tragedy & shocking piece of writing.

  4. What if Tyrion’s trial is for killing Dany not for freeing Jaime??🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Maybe start a go fund me to, hbo wants to bitch about how much it costs then let’s throw money at them till they make an actual ending to the story they have been telling for the last 7 years

  6. I doubt this will work. There was similar done years ago regarding their epic series Carnivale'…… And STILL waiting

  7. I blame HBO for being stingy. This season should have had 10 to 13 episodes. George R. R. Martin consulted regarding major characters, so I believe we're just getting the turbo version.

  8. oh, and i had to refresh over and over because the petition was rising so fast that it wasnt registering with the website counter

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